Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ukraine situation ( February 7- 8 , 2015 ) - Even as Ukraine's financial situation spirals further downward , the War with its Eastern Regions goes on ( if poorly ) ....... Different perspectives and points of view !


Ukraine financial situation hits the crapper......

"Echoes of the 1990s in Ukraine as financial crisis bites" -

was stable this month until floating the exchange rate on Thursday caused a 30% drop in value.

Chart: Ukraine inflation rate -

Sending weapons even more reckless considering this news/ Ukraine's currency just collapsed 50 percent in two days

Civil War not going well for Kiev and neither are the Peace talks.....


THE POCKET OF DEBALTSEVE REMAINS CLOSED THIS MORNING - Y Butusov Read my article on how it could happen:

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Huge explosion at chemical plant, Ukraine MP says military ‘don’t know what they hit’

Europe Fractures: France Pivots To Putin, Germany-US Splinter On Ukraine , , ,

Lots of discussion of Putin's "escalation dominance" in Ukraine. How do your expect him to escalate if US arms are delivered to Ukraine?

Yes, Putin will escalate if Ukraine obtain U.S. arms. Ukrainians surely understand this. Why do we always forget about their preferences?


Biden says Europeans questioning Russia sanctions 'inappropriate, annoying' – Spiegel — RT News

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Is Colonel Cassad Accurate? Reader Q&A; Huge Trap? via

Lavrov, Steinmeier end talks in Munich

Minorities in Transcarpathia and Bessarabia refuse to fight for Kiev; flee abroad or tear up call-up papers


US Biden calls for 'deeds not words' from Moscow over

While is in the center of attention, regroups its forces on RU territory near Derkul, Ushakovka