Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MENA Report and Global War on ISIS Updates ( February 25 , 2015 - focus on Iraq / syria Regional War ...... Updates on Iran And P5 + 1 Talks .... Yemen in focus .... Libya in focus .....


Israelis Say Saudis Willing to Help Them Hit Iran

ISIS Captures 150 Syrian Christians in Raids

US Weapons Pour Into Iraq Ahead of Mosul Invasion

White House Denies Reports of Breakthrough in Iran Talks

Series of Bombs Torment Baghdad; 197 Killed Across Iraq

In Libya, Will Misrata Be the Kingmaker?

Libyan PM Criticizes US, UK, and EU for Failing to Supply Weapons

Rights Group Calls for UN Arms Embargo on Syria Over Barrel Bombs

Spain Claims 'ISIS' Busts in Ceuta and Catalonia

Hadi Reclaims Stake as President to End Yemen Chaos

Evening tweets......

More moderate Syrians ready to battle Islamic State than expected: U.S. official

U.N. envoy de Mistura en route to Syria

US Embassy warns of threat against "high-end malls" in Jordan's capital

parliament proposes to lead army

Coalition fighter jets targeted bulldozer, attempting to build a road near Tel Aswad, Khazir frontline.

seize Special Forces camp west of capital

: making moves to establish alternative govt in Aden, by

Morning tweets..

BREAKING: Four French lawmakers meet Assad in Syria: MP

ISIS, Nusra Front gearing up for major Lebanon push

Yemen Houthis take over special forces army camp in Sanaa

France says it will begin arms shipments to Lebanon in April

Jumblatt plays down ISIS expansion into Lebanon

France says World Bank employee kidnapped in Yemen

Lebanon needs unmet by record $2.2B eurobond issue

HEARTS, MINDS AND BLACK FLAGS: Jabhat Al-Nusra’s data dump takes aim at the Islamic State

is committed to fighting , Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani assured President Obama in his first visit to the .

Iraqi deputy finance minister: 250 billion Iraqi dinars is ready to be sent to KRG. But its been delayed due to lack of private jet.

BREAKING: Two bomb blasts near a terminal in killed at least 20 and wounded 100 others.

IS’ leader assassinated from within

Syrian regime and allies lose decisive battles in

6000 centrifuges + 500 kg LEU = 1 year breakout says David Albright talks  via

Even in Hezbollah, many didn’t know that their military commander topped world's "most wanted" lists