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Terror Attack at Charlie Hebdo in Paris kills 10 or 11 so far - BREAKING NEWS - January 7 , 2015

January 9 , 2015 Updates.....

06:16 GMT:
The search for the Kouachi brothers is underway in the Longpont commune in in Picardy, northern France. Police are now using helicopters.

06:13 GMT:
The search for the Kouachi brothers, suspects in the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo magazine, is continuing in northern France, French media reported.

06:10 GMT:
The two suspects behind the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris were on a US “no fly” list, US counterterrorism sources told Yahoo News. Cherif Kouachi, 32 and Said Kouachi , 34, were both logged in the US government’s Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) system, a database of names of people with terrorist ties.

03:10 GMT: Media reports citing US and European sources “close to the investigation” have claimed that Charlie Hebdo attack suspect Said Kouachi received training with Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen, an affiliate of the terrorist group.

Reuters quoted a Yemeni official “familiar with the matter” who said the government is investigating Kouachi’s possible links with AQAP.

January 8 , 2015 Updates......

Another terror attack by a gunman wearing  a bulletproof vest and using an automatic weapon ? This was not the two gunman on the run as they were north of Paris at the time. And what if the ID left behind was a decoy to throw police and other investigators off the trail ? That would be a clever twist by clever , well prepared and  trained assassins , right ? 

Two police officers injured in Paris shooting

Two Islamist gunmen feared seeking more targets after massacring 12 people at Paris satirical magazine: The… f

A female police officer, one of two shot in the second terror attack in Paris, Thursday, Jan. 8, has died after being shot in the back in the Malakoff district. There were two gunmen – one seen with an assault rifle and a bullet-proof vest  Police captured one shooter, the second escaped – one witness said he fled into the Metro and disappeared on a train, another that he was picked up by a car. He is still at large along with the two Islamist killers, Said and Cherif Kouachi, who shot dead 12 people at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris Wednesday. Unnamed sources say the brothers have been located in northern France, reported refueling their car at a gas pump. Elite French police unit in full combat gear is seen preparing for an operation. 

Policewoman killed in Paris shooting this morning, link to yesterday's attack is unconfirmed

Charlie Hebdo investigation updates........

Strange. No interviews of any who know Kouachi bros? | France deploys 88,000 soldiers; 9 arrested; manhunt still on.


French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced that 88,000 forces had been mobilized and that an international counterterrorism meeting would take place in Paris on Sunday. Cazeneuve also announced that nine people had been detained in connection with the alleged attackers, Cherif and Said Kouachi.
Helicopters were employed in the house to house search of the villages of Corcy and Longpont. But officers pulled back late Thursday as darkness set in without having pinpointed the location of the terrorists, counter to earlier reports.
"We have not found them, there is no siege," said an interior ministry source.

: Police appear to be closing in on Said and Cherif Kouachi thought possibly in forest larger than Paris

Classmates of 18yo suspect say he was at school at time of attack,alibi is being investigated - reports


Meanwhile, a popular topic of speculation on Twitter has been whether the IDs reportedly left in the attackers’ car were in fact a decoy.

BREAKING: Jihadist flags, Molotov cocktails found in car abandoned by Paris attackers: source

The attack suspects have reportedly fired shots while robbing a petrol station

Breaking News via Telegraph: Al-Qaeda plotting attack on ....
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Evening roundup of Tweets and news..... January 7 , 2015 .....


Hamyd Mourad was in his high school during the shooting in Paris according to his friends. He might have surrendered just to explain this

BREAKING UPDATE: 18yo suspect in attack ‘surrenders to police’ - reports

Thursday, January 8

02:31 GMT:
The 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad reportedly handed himself in at a police station in Charleville Mézières after seeing his name on the list of shooting suspects on social media, French media reports.

According to French channel iTele, Mourad claims to have alibi of his innocence, which is being investigated.

01:02 GMT:

Police have arrested one man following a raid in the northern commune of Charleville Mézières, local channel iTele reports.

However, the individual was detained for questioning as a relative of a shooting suspect, and is not a suspect himself, the French media outlet said.

Charleville Mézières is located within an hour’s drive from Reims, where one of the suspects reportedly lives, close to the Belgian border. It is believed that the gunmen managed to escape Paris in a stolen car.


BREAKING: Another major police raid currently ongoing in the Northern French city of Charleville Mézières.

UPDATE: Reims raid a ‘search operation,’ suspects in attack still at large

Some souces are are saying that suspect terrorists are surrounded others that 1 was killed 2 arrested

NBC encore…

Police have identified three suspects in Charlie Hebdo attack. Here's what we know and still don't know:

Charlie Hebdo cartoonist hid under desk to survive shooting...

Early Morning Tweets....

Just nuts !

Acc. to , witnesses saw 3 men inside the vehicle outside office, plus 2 outside = 5 ?

Experts in France saying attack was well planned, happening right in the middle of the weekly conference will most staff there

Cartoonist Coco: (Gunmen) "they spoke perfectly French… They said they are al-Qaeda affiliated...I hid under a desk"

"You tell the media it was al-Qaeda in Yemen" - reported words of attackers. Read more:

One cartoonist at being quoted as saying she was forced at gunpoint to let terrorists in. They then shot her colleagues

Lead cartoonists, inc.editor of killed in Paris magazine attack, Gunmen looked for specific people.

France 24, citing lawyer: "Four well-known French cartoonists killed by the masked gunmen: Cabu, Wolinski, Charb et Tignous."

Attack UPDATE: Cartoonists Cabu, Charb, Wolinski die - report


Cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier was critically injured in the attack (LeFigaro)

Police say there had been specific threats against Charlie Hebdo and other media recently.

Graphic: Video shows gunmen with automatic rifles during attack on in :

Another screen, apparently executing a policeman.


Terrorist massacre against French satirical journal (12 killed, 4+ critically wounded) shows that freedom,not policy,is the Jihadis' target

BREAKING: Hollande says 11 dead, 4 in critical condition' after media shooting


After attack, metal shutters down, 4 police onsite at Le Monde newspaper via :

Check this photo via journo . Alleged pic of the gunmen facing a police car near offices:


gunmen armed w/ kalashnikovs & an RPG while 3 policemen arrived on pushbikes, according to eyewitnesses


11 dead, including 2 police officers, and 10 wounded, President calls for cabinet meeting

PARIS SHOOTING: Hollande to hold emergency govt meeting, heads to the scene - pres office


shooters still at large ~Paris Mayor

Multiple gunmen armed with AK47 rifles & a rocket launcher (as per French official) have killed 11 people at Charlie Hebdo office, .

Horrific story coming out of Paris. 11 dead 10 wounded, 5 critically in shooting at offices of satirical magazine CharlieHebdo.

Around a dozen of people have been injured in a deadly attack on French satirical magazine and eleven killed.

BREAKING: 11 dead, 10 wounded of which five critically, in Paris shooting at offices – police


Charlie Hebdo's last cartoon on Twitter: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi saying "and especially, health!" (New Year's greeting)


Charlie Hebdo 'shooting': What we do and do not know


RT "Several men in black cagoules were heard to shout 'the Prophet has been avenged' - from .

French official says attack on Paris weekly was with Kalachnikov automatic rifles and rocket launcher. Unprecedented.