Thursday, January 8, 2015

Greece , France and Europe Outlook ( January 8 , 2015 ) - Alexis Tsipras interview with Paul Mason to discuss his view on leading Greece forward ..... Franc update Wednesday shocking terror attack at Charlie Hebdo ........Data points and news of the day for Europe


Greece ....

Opinion on Syriza debt restructuring plan softens, even amongst FIs, as Greek elections approach

68% of Germans reject a Greek debt haircut while 28% are in favour (ARD-Deutschlandtrend poll)

61% of Germans in favour of if Greece does not stick to terms (ARD-Deutschlandtrend poll)

Greek Default Risk Soars As "Independent" ECB Dictates Greek Policy... Or Else

Tsipras - taking on the oligarchs: long version of my interview with Syriza leader

's Athens HQ was also attacked on Wednesday followed by 30 (likely random) detentions

Exposure to Greek debt

France ....

Another terror attack by a gunman wearing  a bulletproof vest and using an automatic weapon ? This was not the two gunman on the run as they were north of Paris at the time.

Policewoman killed in Paris shooting this morning, link to yesterday's attack is unconfirmed

Classmates of 18yo suspect say he was at school at time of attack,alibi is being investigated - reports


Meanwhile, a popular topic of speculation on Twitter has been whether the IDs reportedly left in the attackers’ car were in fact a decoy.

BREAKING: Jihadist flags, Molotov cocktails found in car abandoned by Paris attackers: source

The attack suspects have reportedly fired shots while robbing a petrol station

News and data impacting Europe broadly...

Breaking News via Telegraph: Al-Qaeda plotting attack on ....

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EU's Juncker proposes €1.8bn Ukraine aid package. Bonds rally hard despite strings...

- we will pay our bailout $ back - we know that this is no present. We are responsible.

: We have no corrupt oil oligarchs, we are buying gas openly and transparently, with help from Germany.

: We will carry out reforms in Ukrainian economy - Bring down deficit, fight corruption.


My thoughts are in France, but there are other news: supply convoy crosses UA border devalued its Ruble talks in Kiev

Back to square one: trades at $1.1771 near its first fix back on Jan 4 1999, at 1.1789. (Factoid via MNI)

Why reform when yields that low: sold 10yr bonds at 0.79% at auction, secure lowest financing costs ever.

RBS cuts 10yr Bund yield forecast to 0.13% from 0.42%. "Bunds yields are going to get Müller-ed."

Soros urges giving $50bn of aid to foil as Kiev faces severe cash problem.


MF mission to continue discussions with Ukrainian authorities over multi-billion loans

Ukraine, Germany sign deal on 50 million euro loan to Kiev

maintains at 0.5% and the size of the Asset Purchase Programme at £375 billion

Market Wrap: Evans' "Catastrophe" Comment Blasts Overnight Futures Into Overdrive, 10-Year Rises To 2%

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