Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Financial Markets Report - Europe in Focus ( January 7 , 2015 ) - Brent falls below 50 but rebounds on rumors of the death of Saudi King Abdullah .....Greece remains under financial pressure as Grexit fears swirl - fanned by Germany....Economic concerns continue in Europe - Dec CPI Estimate -. 2% versus Nov +.3% ....Italy youth unemployment hits 44 percent ... Ukraine debt restructuring likely - 5 year default probability hits 81 % ..... Euro falls in central bank reserves , Swiss currency interventions continue ..... Ruble still under pressure , fall tied to Brent price pressures.....

Evening Tweets....

Why Grexit Would Not Help Greece: Yves here. While readers may take issue with an economist who comes original...

Despite Current Glut, Oil Producers Continue Game of Chicken: When the world gives you too much oil, drill for more.

"The ECB Has Lost Control" - Spiegel Asks If "Helicopter Money" Comes Next?


Morning Tweets...


Sell-off in accelerates: Greek 10yr yields jump above 10% for first time since 2013.

Chart: Swiss 10yr yield at 18bp. At this rate the whole Swiss nominal yield curve could below zero soon -

Brent dips lower than $50, lowest since 2009

Oh great... Greek 10-year bond yield climbs over 10% on Syriza fears


Citi is reporting that ‘official looking’ Tweets announcing that Saudi king had died were hoax by Italian journo. What a wag.

Oil turned positive as Twittersphere is awash w/ rumors that Saudi’s King Abdullah has died. Brent 51.52. (via Citi)

is getting paid to borrow money: Sold 2016 Schatz at -0.11%, new record low 2year funding cost at auction.

of continues: Dec CPI Estimate -0.2% Vs Nov +0.3% lowest since Sep2009, undershooting estimates of -0.1%

This is the making of a lost generation. 's Nov youth unemployment rate rises to 43.9%; New Record

New day, old song: 10yr German bond yield falls to fresh record low of 0.437%.

Debt restructuring is increasingly likely in : 5yr default probability rises to record of 81%.

FX reserves soar CHF 32.4bn in December on currency intervention - who needs ECB QE? (via )

Brent Crude oil falls below $50/bbl for 1st time since May2009

will not become reserve currency as drop marked turning point for central bank reserves.

Ruble continues to drop in sync w/ . Now 63.70 per Dollar as Brent has hit fresh 5.5yr low at $50.22/bbl.

Dollar index jumps to highest since 2006, but everyone loving raises correction alarm.

Chart: 3-yr Greek bond yield -