Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Libya Update - January 27 , 2015 -- Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli attacked by gunmen , attack results in numerous deaths . Disturbing as this allegedly was one of the most secure locations in Tripoli. Corinthia very popular with foreigners ( at least five dead foreigners , of at least 11 dead in total due to the attack .) ISIS , Former Gaddafi " dead - enders - not clear who sent the killers just yet .


1. security employee of Tripoli's Corinthia hotel tells us they received a threat "few days ago" telling them 2 "empty the building"-

2. Situation still murky, multiple sources tell us gunmen r still inside the hotel, an interior ministry source says "one arrested"

3. there was a shooting by gunmen in hotel reception hall, some ppl escaped through back acc. to one civilian at scene.

4.Multiple sources confirm 1 woman, a national of the Phillipines, injured. After shooting there was an explosion in hotel car park.

5. area around corinthia hotel sealed off. motive of latest attack not verified/clear. Corinthia has offices of foreign c/o's

6. only deaths we confirmed so far: 3 security guards who died of wounds in hospital - total of 15 injured from security+hotel staff

7.Acc. to 1 sec. source in interior ministry- the 2 remaining gunmen in hotel blew themselves up w/ grenades+killed 1 hotel security

gunmen kill nine in IS-claimed attack on hotel, including five foreigners. via

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Security official in Tripoli tells me one American,one Frenchman,2 Filipina women among 11 dead in hostage crisis at Corinthia Hotel

Social media linked to IS claim responsibility for today's attack on Tripoli's Corinthia Hotel. Claim rejected by authorities here

Today's audacious attack on a hotel considered one of most secure in Tripoli (favored by foreign visitors) a new departure in Libya's crisis

Tripoli’s rulers blame ex-Qaddafi Revolutionary Guards and assassination squads for Corinthia attack

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UPDATE: Corinthia Hotel attack

BREAKING NEWS: Explosion at Tripoli's Corinthia hotel, deaths reported.