Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Middle East / North Africa / Pakistan Alert - January 27 -28 , 2015 - Notice how Iraq / Syria Conflict has drawn the Regional Powers from proxy involvement into even closer involvement ! Each place you look , ISIS / Al Qaeda fingerprints can be found ! Very close to spiraling beyond design plans for original strategies of proxy puppet masters ?

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MORE: If prisoner exchange goes ahead, it will set a precedent for negotiating with

MORE: audio message was distributed on Twitter, has yet to be verified

Fiery ISIS preacher gives voice to radicals

Imprisoned terrorist must be at Turkish border by sunset Thursday or Jordan pilot dies, Japanese hostage Kenji Goto Jogo says in new audio.

Jordan's foreign minister says there's no proof its pilot is still alive & made no reference to the Japanese hostage.

Mosul deteriorates under IS occupation

Syria border town in ruins after Kurds drive out ISIS

Survivors say Iraqi forces watched as Shi'ite militias executed 72 Sunnis

Jordan still holding prisoner demanded by Islamic State: govt spokesman

: Netanyahu says Lebanese govt. and Syrian regime responsible for Hezbollah attack

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CIA’s Syria Rebel Arming Program in Tatters

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security situation deteriorating; continuing attacks on and military

leader Abdul Malik al Houthi called for 1/30 tribal meeting in capital to discuss

ISIS / Iraq / Syria / Lebanon / Israel .....


Attacks South After Hezbollah Targets Army Convoy, After Israel kills Hezb mbrs in targeted strike

BREAKING: FM Lieberman tells Chinese counterpart Israel should retaliate Hezbollah's attack in a "forceful and disproportionate manner"

's Channel 10 release a photo of the destroyed IDF vehicles following 's attack. (Via )


Ynet: IDF strikes targets in Syria after 2nd red alert in a day

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strikes with at least 15 shells in response to earlier attack

Iran tells Israel via American officials that strikes in Syria "crossed all red lines" & should "await consequences for their act" - IRNA

Syria: saw Kobane battle as “prophetic,” made strategic miscalculation – lost over 1,300 fighters w/in 3 months


uses some of our data () to make this info graphic of foreign fighters going to Syria.

Clashes ensue as Hezbollah foils infiltration attempt

ISIS ‘defeated’ in Ain al-Arab, Diyala

Kurdish leader: It is necessary to establish a Kurdish federal state in Syria

US State Dept Spokeswoman Jen Psaki tells a Rudaw reporter that the US Govt will "continue to support" Syrian...

MP Ahmed al-Jarba: If the foreign countries would not assist , it can be defeated in 24 hours.

People in Diyarbakir celebrate after forces took full control of


At Least 8 People Killed After Pro-ISIS Gunmen Storm Hotel Used by Foreigners in Tripoli, Libya

Islamic State's 'province' claims responsibility for attack on hotel in Tripoli

Corinthia attack, death toll may be 13: report

Geneva dialogue delegates plan new government "in two weeks": report

BREAKING NEWS: Explosion at Tripoli's Corinthia hotel, deaths reported.

Saudi Arabia....

King Salman and stressed the importance of fighting terrorism and extremism: Royal Court

Royal Court: King Salman stressed on the importance of resolving Arab-Israeli conflict