Friday, January 9, 2015

Hard News Updates ( January 9 , 2014 ) - Latest breaking news regarding Charlie Hebdo Manhunt as third day begins ,without success ...... China preparing to buy Latin America - starting with low oil price financial weaklings first ........Ukraine also looking to China as Russian market has withered away......French websites hacked by ISIS - coming after Al Qaeda of Arabian Peninsula alleged to be involved in Charlie Hebdo terror attack ...... Financial data / reports from China and Europe for consideration....... Friday Job Reports looms - Outlook ahead of the report from Goldman....... Oil related items of note..... Update regarding Bitstamp loss of bitcoin - confirmed theft of 5 million worth of bitcoin , site still offline.

Breaking News .....

URGENT: Al-Qaeda in warns , , of more ‘backfire’ at home - reports


After 22 weeks & 1,706 US and allied airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, the latest who-what-where


Update - French prosecutor says hostage-taker killed four people in the kosher grocery in eastern when he entered the building

No hostages killed during assault on kosher supermarket, current info suggests - French prosecutor


Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah: Extremists Harm Islam More Than Cartoons

AlQaeda in Yemen claims responsibility for attack, says their 'leadership directed the attack'

Local officials to there may be an additional 5-7 hostages inside building per local mayor, witness

French media report 'very close link' between suspects and pair arrested over subsequent shooting– live

UPDATE: French authorities confirm one hostage inside print workshop building

Paris policewoman killing linked to massacre brothers: police

11:33 GMT : Charlie Hebdo massacre and police woman shooting in Paris on Thursday are linked, a police source reportedly said, adding that it appeared all the attackers were in the same terror cell.

French official: Phone contact made with terror suspects holding hostage northeast of Paris

French authorities now suggesting no deaths in shoot-out, negotiations underway in hostage stand-off NE of Paris


Flights into Paris Charles de Gaulle airport being aborted as heavily armed Charlie Hebdo terrorists hold hostages nearby.

| Prosecutors deny reports of casualties in hunt for Paris massacre suspects ~

MORE: Police entering negotiations with shooting suspects - reports

Le Parisien reporting 2 dead and 20 wounded in shootout with suspects before hostage situation. /via

MORE: Big police operation underway in Dammartin-en-Goêle, Interior minister confirms


Confused reports are coming in from French media about shots fired in the Seine-et-Marne area in northeastern France, and also a possible hostage situation and a car chase.
The reports are currently unconfirmed. RTL radio reported the gunfire was heard in the Dammartin-en-Goêle commune in Seine-et-Marne, which is only two-and-a-half hours drive from Villers-Cotterets where police are looking for the Paris shooting suspects.

Also gunfire was allegedly heard near Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in Paris, according to an unconfirmed report from the Air News agency.

RT French interior min Bernard Cazeneuve confirms operation ongoing at Dammartin-en-Goële

At least one hostage taken from a company in Dammartin-en-Goële, northeast of Paris


At least one hostage taken from a company in Dammartin-en-Goële, northeast of Paris

INTENSE GUNFIRE HEARD NEAR Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle AIRPORT - airplanes currently over CDG airport



Northeast of Paris Now



Tweets...... January 9 , 2014....

Fitch cuts to Step above junk on Oil Drop, Sanctions and much lower standard of living

China to boost investment in Latin America to $250bn within decade

seeks trade growth with amid losses on Russian market

World’s Best Forecaster Targets -Dollar Parity.

Looks as if 2nd largest econ will become exporter of deflation. PPI slumps most in 2yrs

Markets already treat as junk as default probability >30%.Will rating agencies follow?

Guardian front page, Friday 9 January 2015: Manhunt for the Paris killers

Paris massacre: Latest updates as manhunt enters third day

Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp Confirms Loss of ~18,886 BTC (~$5 million USD) from Hot Wallet


Bitstamp CEO Nejc Kodrič has confirmed in a statement that “less than 19,000 BTC” was stolen due to a Bitstamp operational wallet being compromised. CCN has previously reported on this Bitcoin wallet, which seems to hold 18,866 BTC that was clearly siphoned away from Bitstamp hot wallets during the alleged timeframe of the Bitstamp hack.  Notably, Kodrič does not use the word “hack” in any of his statements to reassure users that their personal information is safe.
It could also lend credence to Jackson Palmer’s theory that a weak RNG attack is responsible for the lost funds; though, server backup migration has also lead Palmer to speculate that the Bitstamp hack could have been a server compromise. 18,866 bitcoins is currently valued at around $5 million USD. ~18,866 BTC represents at least 12% of Bitstamp’s total BTC stash. Bitstamp is currently offline.

January 8 , 2014  ....

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Goldman's Payroll Preview: Labor Market Softened In December, Expect Slower Earnings Growth

Goldman Sachs expects nonfarm payroll job growth of 230k in December, slightly below the consensus forecast of 240k. Labor market indicators continue to point to a strong pace of employment gains, but softened on balance in December. In particular, jobless claims rose modestly and the employment components of service sector business surveys weakened somewhat. With respect to wages, we expect a softer +0.1% gain in average hourly earnings following an unusually large gain in November. On balance, labor market indicators looked somewhat softer in December, but remain consistent with a solid trend rate of employment growth.

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"Europe Can't Afford A Greek Exit" German Opposition Warns Merkel Is "Playing With Fire"

The mainstream media narrative - that Germany is ready and prepared for Grexit and that it is no longer a threat to financial stability -is all hype, according to German opposition finance minister Joachim Poss. As Bloomberg reports, all that is mostly posturing for an electorate tired of the aid and angst Greece has demanded since 2010. Simply put, the potential for Euro instability from a Grexit is a detriment to Germany's massive benefits from the single currency - "Europe can’t afford a Greek exit," Poss concludes, complacency by Merkel is "playing with fire."

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How Bad Is It For Shale Companies: The Cost Of Resolute Energy's New Second-Lien Debt: 25%!

Over the weekend, we saw the first casualty of low oil prices as WBH Energy went into bankruptcy. Today, Bloomberg reports,Resolute Energy Corp. has been forced by low oil prices to borrow at distressed levels. The Denver-based company, which we previously highlighted as having a 4.5x Debt/EBITDA (there are a lot higher), managed to procure a new $150 million 2nd term loan from Highbridge Capital (mostly used to roll old debt). The cost of funding: 11% coupon plus 5% upfront (and a guaranteed 25% return for the lender if Resolute pays it back early). At that cost of funding, it is no wonder that Resolute's bonds remain, to borrow a Charlie Evans phrase, catastrophically priced.

Editors' pick: What oil traders have to say about crude oil price's freefall


NEW YORK/LONDON, Jan 7 (Reuters) - Oil traders can agree on only one thing about when the second-biggest price rout on record will be over: not yet.

Crude oil's freefall from more than $100 a barrel last summer to a near six-year low under $50 a barrel has been unrelenting, shocking traders and baffling analysts who have all but given up trying to pinpoint the bottom of the market.

is not that strong: $678 billion in foreign debt, recession, Soviet mentality