Friday, January 9, 2015

Paris Shooting ( January 9 , 2015 ) - New attack with gunfire and hostage taken in Porte de Vincennes - Breaking news that gunman involved in Paris was the gunman who killed the policewoman on January 8 , 2015 ! If accurate , this would now be directly linked to Charlie Hebdo attack as well as follow up shooting on Thursday January 8 , 2015....


LATEST: Police confirm man inside supermarket is Amedy Coulibaly, a suspect wanted in yesterday's Montrouge killing.

The three gunmen of attacks.


French police release photos of suspects in Thursday's killing of police officer.


Photo of man that is holding hostages in the second location in

update: unconfirmed reports that hostage taker is asking police to lift operation at Pix

According to : at least two people have been killed in hostage situation at kosher supermarket in eastern Paris:

AFP: FIVE Hostages at Grocery store

At least five hostages in Paris kosher supermarket: source

MORE: At least 5 hostages are reported held by gunman in eastern Paris kosher grocery store


The scene right now in eastern Paris, where at least one person has been injured in a shooting at Kosher supermarket.

JUST IN: A separate shooting and hostage situation at a supermarket in eastern Paris has been reported ... developing

Police confirm shooting at a kosher grocery store in East of Paris; Reuters reports one wounded /via

BREAKING: Hostage taken at kosher deli in Paris by gunman who killed cop yesterday

BREAKING: Gunfire at store in Porte de Vincennes, eastern Paris - reports


Armed man takes hostage in kosher grocery in Paris: source

URGENT: Shooting breaks out in eastern Paris details to follow

BREAKING: Armed man takes hostage in kosher grocery east of Paris