Saturday, January 3, 2015

Greece Election Update ( January 3 , 2014 ) Party Leaders on the campaign trail - and the comparison between Samaras and Tsipras appears stark ! Is the true opponent in the Snap for SYRIZA - Germany ?

Greece items of note - on the campaign trail !


Europe very much involved in Greece's Election...

Ifo’s Sinn Says Only Euro-Exit Can Prevent Greece Bankruptcy: HB

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Olli Rehn wants to reduce Greek debt - Ehemaliger EU-Währungskommissar: Rehn will griechische Schuldenlast reduzieren

I don't see how Grexit posturing works for Europe. Acrimony palpable. At least Jürgen Stark admits restructuring is best option.

Interesting to me Spiegel mentions Ireland and Portugal contagion and not Spain and Italy. Why? Sounds like Spain/Italy seen as red line

If you read Spiegel article, no mention of Spain or Italy. Why? I believe it's because Germans know EZ fails with contagion there

Grexit: "The danger of contagion is limited because Portugal and Ireland are considered rehabilitated" - German govt official

Tweets - Teacher Dude et al....

"It's been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will"


REFILE-UPDATE 1-Greek leftist Tsipras says ECB cannot shut Greece out of ... - Reuters

Today Tsipras spoke in a stadium, Samaras spoke in a hotel , Venizelos spoke in a cafe - state of play in Greek elections


Palmos poll for : SYRIZA 29.4 New Democracy 22 G. Dawn 5.7 KKE 4.3 Potami 4.1 Ind Greeks 3.2 PASOK 3 Others 8 Undecided 12.1

Greek timeline of events

Very powerful speech by Tsipras, he and SYRIZA have come a long way in the last few years

Tsipras speech will energise the party base, since it shows party not willing to compromise to win power.


"We will break the triangle of corruption between political parties, oligarchs and banks"

The rule of law for everyone, even for ministers - Tsipras

The difference between Tsipras and Samaras is so huge, difficult to put in just one tweet. 2015 Vs 1955

Only 10 ministries - getting rid of those govt structures that are a hothouse of corruption - Tsipras

We recognise the problems of the Greek public sector and patron-client relations previous govts have created - Tsipras

The Gloves Come Off: Germany Says Grexit "Manageable" As Tsipras Demands Greek Debt Writeoff

We will put an end to mass sackings, re-instate collective bargaining - Tsipras

We will put a stop to the auctioning off of primary residence confiscated by got - Tsipras.That alone will win election for Tsipras

The ENFIA property tax will be abolished, Public Development Bank to be created for SMEs - Tsipras

Outstanding debts to Greek govt more than 70 billion euros - Tsipras

Says these measure will be implemented no matter what happened with negotiations with creditors

Free health care, free public transport for weakest social group, the abolition of the govt tax on heating oil - Tsipras

Free electricity and food stamps to at least 400,000 Greeks - Tsipras

Tsipras says there must be a moratorium on debt payment to allow Greek economy to recover from crisis

When German govt routinely breaks its own rules concerning govt spending, why can't Greece, gripped by humanitarian crisis? - Tsipras

We guarantee the bank deposits of the Greek people - Tsipras

Austerity is irrational and destructive - Tsipras

We need to put an end to this vicious circle of borrowing money to pay off debts - Tsipras

Tsipras - it's not a break between Greece and our partners but a break with barbarity

Tsipras - the dilemma on 25/1 is austerity or growth

Tsipras - corporate press said that the communists would take away your homes, but govt has voted measures 4 confiscation of main residences

After seeing Tsipras and Samaras speak today , no wonder SYRIZA is 7.4% ahead

Tsipras accusing New Democracy and Troika of having a shared agenda which promises even harsher austerity measures, if they're re-elected

"Unfortunately, for Mr Samaras, Mrs Merkel and Mr Schauble will not vote, but Greek men and women" - Tsipras

"SYRIZA is not the enemy of the future of Europe" - Tsipras

Tsipras now saying both FT and Der Spiegal have favourable view of SYRIZA's policies

Tsipras name checking Spain's Podemos and Ireland's Sinn Fein

Europe is threatened by the rise of fascism, not the Left - Tsipras

Tsipras says they (govt) are with the zombies, whilst SYRIZA is with the living. After seeing the PM's speech, I have to agree.


Seen as Grexit is a thing people are talking about again, this really is worth reading on the technicalities of that

Papandreou launches party, aims for post-election role

Talk about chalk and cheese. Tsipras now speaking to audience about 50x times bigger than that of PM. Hell, I can even see young people.

Greek PM couldn't even win over party loyalists in his Larissa speech, very lukewarm response at the end. V.bad for New Democracy

Absolutely nothing new in Greek PM's speech today, if he doesn't up his game, New Democracy going to get crushed at the polls

Greek PM just finished his speech, to say the audience's response was lacklustre is understating things. This with party loyalists

I remember the time when a Greek PM could attract crowds numbering 100's of thousands and have them eating out of his hand.