Sunday, January 4, 2015

Iraq / Syria Regional War ( January 5 , 2015 ) - Battlefield and political updates , additional focus on Lebanon.


cracks down on five confirmed cases of among fighters: official

BAGHDAD, Iraq – The Islamic State (ISIS) incinerated the corpses of five militants who were suspected of contracting Ebola, an Iraqi health official indicated.
Faisal Ghazi, member of the Health Committee in Iraq’s council of ministries, said the five were incinerated in Mosul, the ISIS stronghold in Iraq.
“The Islamic State organization incinerated five militants infected with Ebola to prevent further spread of the disease in Mosul,” he said.

“ISIS had proof that these militants were infected with Ebola,” he added, without giving details of whether the fighters died of the disease or were killed and incinerated by the group.
The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) had been investigating cases of Ebola in Mosul, following reports that some militants with Ebola symptoms had reported to a hospital in the city.
ISIS volunteers have poured into Iraq and Syria from around the world, including countries in Africa.

Over 1,000 fighters hide in Lebanese mountains on Syrian border - security chief

Incredible: 76.6% (428/559) of ALL US/coalition airstrikes in in 2014 were in :

deputy chief acknowledges party busted spy

Rebel group seizes suburb from rivals: monitor

Keep politics out of hostage crisis: grand mufti

Politicians to blame for Sunni-Shiite strife: Maliki

Reports of more 'unidentified planes' delivering supplies/arms to ISIS positions in South East Tikrit while ISF conduct key operations

Al-Sistani issues fatwa 'forbidding taking or damaging property of areas liberated from terrorist control'