Saturday, January 3, 2015

Global Oil Report ( January 3 , 2014 ) - One of big stories of 2014 was falling oil prices. Round up items touching on global oil !

Job cuts...


: Heavy clashes in Bin Jawwad between Misrata militias and 's Oil Facilities Guard.

Russia boosts 2014 oil output by 0.6% to post-Soviet high of 526 mln tons

Clashes resume at oil terminal between Dawn militias & Oil installation guards. Grad rockets fired by militias fall near tanks

: Indiscriminate shelling by Misrata militias against oil port using Grad missiles.

Es-Sider (Sidra) - 's largest oil terminal, where the tanks were on fire last week - has been evacuated this morning due to clashes

Firefighters put out Sidra fire after 9 days

Chart: Broad commodity indices take another leg down -

Chart: Brent crude futures at $56 -

Another socialist paradise lost: is world’s worst bond as Oil continues to sinks.

Banks Are Holding Trillions In Commodity Derivatives That Could Blow Up On The Oil Price Crash

Alaska runs on oil...and the massive drop in oil prices is causing new Governor Bill Walker major budget headaches.

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Those who stand to lose out from the oil rout:

Chris Martenson: The Crash Course - Shale Oil. Can We Survive This Energy War?

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