Friday, December 26, 2014

Russia - Ukraine Situation ( December 26 , 2014 ) -Critical items of the day touching upon both the political dynamics impacting Ukraine , as well matter impacting economies of both Ukraine and Russia.

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explosion kills one man – reportedly the one carrying explosives

Southern blasts: One person was killed in an overnight blast in

Having made a pro-European choice, had hardest year in its history. Russia's war, GDP contraction and more:

Russian Minister Alexei Ulyukayev says U.S. against are problem for decades

Alternative to Visa, MasterCard to be found before tourist season - Crimean leader

No data on next Contact Group meeting - Donetsk republic envoy

Russia ready to supply 500,000 tonnes of coal to Ukraine every month - vice-premier

Yes to ! Russian ministry says quasi-money ban may endanger banks, retailers



Report of unprepaid fuel supplies to Ukraine from Russia was hackers’ hoax

Russia to supply coal to Ukraine without prepayment - Ukrainian ministry

Turchinov got extended powers 2 days ago, now favours martial law in . Stage set for dictatorship, more war

On the non-bank market on Friday, physical persons, trading currency, are willing to buy the dollar 17,00-19,50 UAH, sell - at 18,00-24,00 UAH. This is evidenced by the application posted on the portal .

Compared with Thursday US dollar exchange rate fell slightly - by an average of 17 cents. December 25 offered to buy the dollar on 16,20-21,00 UAH, and sell - at 18,00-24,00 UAH.

The official rate of the National Bank, established on December 26 was 15.77 UAH / USD.


The negative balance of the consolidated balance of payments in November totaled $ 2.6 billion.
This is stated in the report of the National Bank.

In November, the current account deficit narrowed to $ 414 million, compared with $ 515 million in October, which is due to a decrease in trade deficit due to the excess of the rate of decline of imports over exports of goods.

Exports of goods decreased by 4.1% compared with October to $ 4.1 billion, mainly due to a decrease in prices for the main export commodities: foodstuffs by 6.1%, iron and steel production by 4.2%.

In January-November exports of goods decreased by 12.6%, primarily in Russia by 32.3%, whose share fell from 23.6% to 18.3%.


Russia will not require Ukraine early redemption of debt on bonds of $ 3 billion, the finance minister told reporters Anton Siluanov.

He added that Ukraine is the second coupon Russia in the amount of $ 75.5 million due time and in full.

"The Ukrainian government regularly pays (for bonds), they are on time and in full in accordance with the schedule of income paid on the second coupon of $ 75.5 million," - said Siluanov.

The Minister stressed that Russia does not intend to require early repayment of the Ukrainian bond issue.

In September Siluanov told journalists that the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation does not exclude that the covenants on Eurobonds Ukraine will be violated in the third quarter.
"According to the calculations, taking into account the devaluation of the hryvnia, the level of 60% debt-to-runway passed" - then said the minister. He said that the advent of covenants not automatic. "This will be our political decision. The decision of the Russian Federation. We look after the covenants and to determine how to proceed, "- said the Minister.
In late 2013, Russia decided to invest in Eurobonds Ukraine to $ 15 billion. He was soon bought the first tranche of $ 3 billion with a maturity of two years with a coupon rate of 5% per annum coupon payments once every six months. The remaining $ 12 billion Ukraine were not allocated.

The current year has passed for Ukrainian exporters under the slogan "Reorient or die." For those companies that are about to sign an Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union as early as 2013, this process was the least painful. But these were few. In many cases, the reorientation was forced and unplanned - due to the loss of the Russian market. Therefore, the Ukrainian business is mainly was not ready to enter the European market. For unprepared to European standards of business process geographic "conversion" may take at least a year, if not longer. And while many of Brussels provided opportunities for deliveries to the EU has not been claimed.
Unilateral trade preferences which the EU granted Ukraine from April 23 until November 1, at first, and then by the end of 2014, have not been able to compensate for the loss of our economy, the Russian market. According to the State Statistics and estimates of "Capital", in January-September 2014 Ukraine's merchandise exports to Russia plummeted by 27%, or $ 3.3 billion. At the same time, exports to the EU increased by 11%, or only $ 1.3 billion. And only nine European member States of the EU have increased the purchase of Ukrainian products to more than 20%. And eight countries and at all diminished it.



Poroshenko expects arrival of IMF mission January 6, and hopes for survival injection end of month


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60 Prominent Germans Appeal Against Another War In Europe: "It Is Not About Putin. What Is At Stake Is Europe"

Two weeks ago, as the S&P was preparing to surge on the latest round of all time highmarket-goosing algo trickery by the FOMC, 60 prominent German personalities from the realms of politics, economics, culture and the media were less concerned with blinking red and green stock quotes and were focused on something far more serious to the future of the world: the threat of war with Russia. In a letter published by Die Zeit, numerous famous and respected Germans including a former president and former prime minister write "Wieder Krieg in Europa? Nicht in unserem Namen!", or, roughly translated, "War in Europe Again? Not in Our Names!" As the signatories note: "It is not about Putin. Heads of state come and go. What is at stake is Europe."

Pressure Is Intensifying On Russia's Banking Sector via Nice overview on Russian Banks travails.

"Russia’s government imposed informal capital controls this week, including orders to large oil and gas exporters Gazprom and Rosneft" -Rtrs

Russia braces for sharp recession as finance minister says GDP to shrink by 4% in 2015 also said Ruble crisis is over

Troubled Russian retailers pay rent in USD and euros to Austrian property giant, problems (link in German)

Russia trebles Trust Bank bailout to $1.9bn


MORE: Russia's new military doctrine lists NATO as major external threat to security

MORE: Latest against harm residents - Russia's EU envoy

Russian Finance Ministry prepares 2015 budget amendments over forecasted oil prices of $60 per barrel, ruble exchange rate of 51 to 1 USD.

Moscow will have to dip into Reserve Fund to cover extra expenditures of $9.5bln in Russia's 2015 budget – Finance Minister

Russia’s revised military doctrine lists foreign private military firms among threats

World’s rating agencies to affirm Russia’s sovereign rating in mid-January — minister

Russia may develop Northern Sea Route project jointly with Asian countries — deputy PM

China to launch yuan-ruble swaps from Dec 29

RT : Russia's reserves drop to lowest level since 2009