Friday, December 26, 2014

Libya updates - December 26 -27 , 2014 - Big story of the day - Oil Tanks ( 7 now ) at al - Sidra burning after attacks !

Burning Storage Tanks , metaphor for burning country ....


Hmm,BRENT RT Reports:7th tank is now onfire N Al-Sidra oil terminal 5more togo&Libya largest oilport wld be decimated

Fire at 's Es Sider port destroys 800,000 barrels of crude oil: National Oil Corp | Reuters

Libya's Islamist coalition pushes to control the oil resources. Fighting has engulfed the largest oil terminal, Sidra

Libya asks for international help to put out blaze at oil terminal

Dawn forces were given 72 hours to end their offensive on the oil terminals or face consequences, ultimatum ended yesterday.

Pro-Dawn Observer news outlet reports pro-Tobruk forces bombed military, port & industrial sites in Misurata

BREAKING: air force strikes Misrata airport for the first time in current conflict: Al Arabiya sources

BREAKING: Fajr Libya has restarted the shelling with rockets at Al Sidra oil installations.


Cairo (dpa) - A massive fire at Libya‘s largest oil terminal could take at least a week to extinguish, an official said on Saturday, two days after the blaze started at two tanks in the al-Sidra oil export facility.

"Firemen and emergency service personnel are doing their best to put out the fire and stop it from extending to other tanks in the terminal amid hard circumstances," Hamid al-Habuni, a senior official in the state-run Ras Lanuf Oil Company, said.

"The extinguishing process requires a week non-stop, provided the necessary equipment is available," he told independent Libyan news site al-Wasat.

There are 17 tanks at the terminal in eastern Libya.

Ignitions in 4 other tanks in the port of Sidra; to reach the number of tanks burnt to 7 so far # Libya

Fire spreads across largest oil reserve in Libya as soldiers die in clash between rival rebels

Firefighters are unable to combat the flame as fire spreads to another two oil tanks in El Sidra oil port. Libya

asks Italy to help stop fires caused by Dawn fighters at 5 oil storage tanks at al-Sidr

Christians killed, daughter abducted in via



| Fire spread to more tanks in al-Sedra oil port. 1st one was hit by a Grad missile fired by Misrata militias

If Fajr can't have it, no one will: Fire spreads to more tanks at port