Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oil Price Crash - December 13 , 2014 ..... News and Views - Global Perspectives !


IEA cut its global demand forecast as prices are down 46% this year, and predicted oil will reach $55 next week.

Brent Crude $61.43.... and going down. Thank God for No!

Bahrain to press on with $2bn airport upgrade despite oil decline: Brent crude settled at $61.85 a barrel on F...

's price fell this week to approximately $53/barrel, but and refused to report exact statistics on Friday.

Oil Wars: Why OPEC Will Win via Another important article to read for the weekend.

TUC faults devaluation of naira, questions fixed fuel price despite oil price ... - WorldStage

The Collapsing Periphery Definitely a must read for the weekend !

GUINNESS GLOBAL ENERGY: Fund is over a barrel as price of oil plummets towards $50

WA's Red Fork Energy, shale gas company going bust Huge debts put shale companies and their bank lenders at risk.

Airlines taking wait-and see-approach before lowering fares based on jet fuel price drop

Default Not Part of Venezuela Economic Strategy, Maduro Says.

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Trending: Why has the oil price fallen by more than 40% since June? The Economist explains:

Oil price crash means £55bn of projects face axe (in Europe alone)

Why the world missed the oil price crash by

"This $550 Billion Mania Ends Badly," Energy Companies Are "Shut Out Of The Credit Market"

The oil prices drop translates into a $117 billion loss in revenues for Saudi if low prices hold for more 6-8 months