Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dog Day Afternoon Scenario ?Update : Hostage situation in Belgium also ? Jihadists engage in siege in Sydney Australia - December 15 , 2014 -- Up to 40 hostages held in Cafe in Martins Place - Specific Perps / Actual alleged Jihadist Group , motivations , demands presently unknown.....

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RT : BREAKING: identifies Sydney cafe hostage taker as Sheik Haron Monis


Belgium has a hostage situation as well - coincidence ?

Hostage situation at Dampoort officialy over, as confirmed by prosecutor's office.

Belgian hostage drama: Armed police storm building after man is 'taken captive' by gunmen

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Picture from the scene in Ghent as hostages reportedly taken by armed men in Belgian city

Sydney , Australia ....

Just one hostage taker ?


- Entering 14th hour - At least 15 hostages - 5 hostages 'escaped' - Police negotiating are ongoing - 1 gunman - demands made

12hr UPDATE: Gunman holds unknown number, lights off in , 5 hostages escaped

Sydney siege: unknown number of hostages still trapped cafe as police provide update on crisis – live

Police negotiators have now had contact with gunman. We will take our time police say.

Three hostages run out of Sydney siege cafe: report

": This is the exclusion zone currently in place in Sydney's CBD. "

Sydney no.
MT 2 guys have arrived,swigging from bottles of wine. This is a hostage situation

Scipione: "We're not dealing directly with (the hostage taker)." -

Breaking: 2GB radio confirm that they have received a phone call from inside the cafe. Live update:


Reuters: Commonwealth Bank, Westpac & ANZ Banking Group say have shut their branches.

Hostage-takers carrying 'suicide belts' take up to 13 hostages in Sydney, demand to meet with Australian PM: reports

Up To 40 Hostages In Sydney Financial District Coffee Shop, Jihadists Suspected; US Consulate Evacuated - Live Feed