Friday, December 26, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Report ( December 26 - 27 , 2014 ) - Round of news and views touching on Regional War ..... Persistent report ( which might be dead wrong , but for what it's worth ) involves US accused of repeatedly dropping supplies and arms to ISIS positions in Iraq ( Iraq MP Hasan Salem ) ...... US withdraws advisors / personnel from Al Assad Airbase in Anbar Province ..... Jordan pilot ejected over Syria after technical failure , not hit by ISIS operated weapons ..... Special Focus on Aleppo , Syria battleground......


ISIS Has Governing Woes, But Retains Territory

US Massing Thousands of Vehicles in Kuwait for ISIS War

Syria Kills 50 in Airstrikes on ISIS-Held Towns

Rebels in Syria's Aleppo Announce 'Total Merger'


Iraq: Salah Jamal Taha al-Kurdi the Mufti of Tuz Khurmato who was assassinated by Badr militia local Kurds claim.

Iraq: Some of the vehicles belonging to the Badr militia set on fire by Kurdish locals in Tuz.

Iraq: Tensions rising in Tuz Khurmatu -

ready to meet opposition in Moscow, says govt source ~

At least two dead in clashes between , in southeast

The wives and children of senior members have fled to from — KDP official.


Iraq: US withdraws it's advisers and personnel from Al Asad Airbase in Anbar province.

; Reported footage of a US helicopter that dropped aid to positions in Yathrib

Iraq MP Hasan Salem confirms reports that US planes have 'repeatedly' delivered arms & supplies to ISIS areas

Pic shows 'arms & supplies' dropped on ISIS controlled areas near by US helicopters as locals claim

pilot ejected over after 'technical failure'

targeted in 31 strikes by U.S., allies: Task Force