Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( December 16 , 2014 ) Political and battlefield items of note.....Iraq / Syria / Lebanon / Iran in focus !

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Report: US Ground Troops Clash With ISIS in Iraq’s Anbar Province

US Troops Joined 'Counter-Attack' Against ISIS Near Base

by Jason Ditz, December 16, 2014
It hasn’t been confirmed by the Pentagon yet, but reports out of Iraq say that US ground troops have engaged in their first combat against ISIS troops in the Anbar Province of western Iraq.
The troops, nominally advisers but “equipped with light and medium weapons” carried out an attack on ISIS troops in the al-Dolab area, near the Ain al-Assad base, expelling the ISIS forces.
Iraqi officials say that the conflict took place overnight on Sunday, and that they considered the offensive operation “self defense” because the ISIS troops were sort of close to the base they were stationed at.
ISIS suffered an unknown number of casualties, and withdrew its troops to nearby villages. There were no reports of US casualties, though the US seems eager not to report on its apparent involvement in the ground war in general.

Iraq FM: China Offered Airstrikes Against ISIS

Claims Chinese Officials Approached Them in September

by Jason Ditz, December 16, 2014
China has long avoided direct military involvement overseas, but according to Iraqi FM Ibrahim Jafari, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi approached him with an offer of airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq.
Jafari says Wang told him China’s policy of non-interference doesn’t normally allow involvement in internal conflicts, and that Beijing would not send ground troops to Iraq for the war.
China’s Foreign Minister did not confirm the offer, but did confirm the September meeting with Jafari, saying China backs Iraq’s effort to fight ISIS and has long backed them against terrorism.
China’s interest in Iraqcenters around major stakes Chinese companies have in Iraqi oilfields, including the West Qurna 1, one of the world’s largest fields.


Obama: No Safe Haven For ISIS


Grain of salt, but interesting | US-Iranian military cooperation secretly expands in Iraq:

Report: 66 journalists killed in past year as attacks grow more barbaric

government has stopped payment of tens of millions of dollars in salaries to "ghost soldiers", in an effort to tackle corruption.

Close to 200,000 people have been killed and one million injured in the 3-year conflict — U.N. chief for...

executes four of its prominent leaders in , accusing them with treason for disclosing information to security forces.

Minister to : 180 former members back in

authorities investigate returning fighters — nearly 40 people are believed to have fought with in .