Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oil Price Crash and related items Updates - December 16 , 014 - Russia equities remain under pressure , EM currencies remain under pressure ...Brent falls below 60 , WTI falls below 55 as oil remains under pressure ....Bank of Russia 650 BPS sudden interest rate hike stems ruble fall - for now ( or maybe not ? ) .... Gulf Markets remain under pressure ( Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Saudi and Qatar markets quaking once again ) ......

Operative Words for the Day - Under Pressure !


"The USDRUB Pair Will Be Discontinued Due To Recent Instability Of The Russian Ruble"

Turmoil Spreads: Ruble Replunges, Crude Craters, Yen Surges, Emerging Markets Tumbling

USDRUB back to 72

Rouble hits 80 to the dollar and 100 against the euro !


RUB in free-fall ..... now USD > 68

While everyone is talking about Ruble, Krone is down vs. US dollar. Dramatically.

Oil sinks, Russian moves fail to quell nerves: LONDON (Reuters) - A plunge in oil below $60 and the failure of...

Russian Stocks Plunge on Rate Rise, Resumed Ruble Falls: Russian stocks plummeted on Tuesday after the Central...

( from 58 after interest rate hike last night back to 66 today ! ) 
Rouble hits new all-time low despite rate hike

Rouble just hit 66 to the dollar, bad day ahead


GOOD GRIEF! Rouble slides to new record low despite massive overnight rate hike

Rouble is tumbling again after briefly holding up, and signs of elite battle breaking out. Kudrin criticising Sechin, Rosneft criticing CB.

Russian Market -5.6% Gazprom -9.7% Lukoil -8.6% Vtb -6.3% Sberbank -9.7% Rosneft -9.6% Surgut -10.6% Sistema -18%

Turkish Lira vs $: 2.3389
Canadian Dollar vs $: 1.1656 Indian Rupee vs. $: 63.43 Brazilian Real vs. $: 2.6958 Ruble vs $: 62 - Ouch

Whoosh! Ruble is strong after the last night affair. - Elvira, don't be shy next time. See you on January 30.

All the interest in the ruble appears to have crashed the Moscow Exchange website, , this morning.

OPINION: Declining oil prices: vs. (future) Shale? Columnist Afshin Molavi writes:

Brent crude trades below $60/bbl for 1st time since Jul2009. WTI below $55/bbl.

Central Bank's decision to raise key rates to 17% in current conditions necessary, correct - Kudrin

No comments on sharp rise in key rates by Central Bank, Central Bank is independent - Kremlin

still reviewing legislation for harsher on

Hong Kong offers Russia to use clearing settlements in yuan