Monday, December 29, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Update ( December 29 , 2014 ) - Status of fighting at various fronts in both syria and Iraq ...... Status of political situations , cooperation to fight terrorism and peace talks for Iraq / Syria ....

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Iranian General Killed by Sniper Fire in Iraq


— Five people killed and 21 injured in a suicide-bomb attack, which targeted a funeral tent in .

Dozens of citizens that have joined have been killed while fighting forces in , al-Hayat reports.

premier visiting oil-rich for crucial talks

's Prime Minister held a meeting in , and plans to increase the authority of the governorates.

pledges 300 tanks to the army, strengthening its defence — Iraqi MP Majid Gharawi reveals.

Suicide bombers attack gas facilities

militants down warplane in , capture pilot – reports

Iraq defence Minister to visit Iran on Monday 29 Dec to discuss 'Military cooperation'