Monday, December 29, 2014

Greece Political Update ( December 29 , 2014 ) Greek Parliament fails in third round voting to elect a President - Snap Elections set for January 25 , 2015 !


EU says Greece must commit to Europe, back reforms

'Moment of truth has arrived," says deputy PM

FinMin Hardouvelis: Troika was supposed to return to Athens next weekend. Now we'll see...

Athens market now at -7.47%, financials -12.33%.

's 10-year yield falls to record low 0.563%. 10-year yield rises above 9%.

According to BofA the Greek Vote Impact on Euro-Area Limited as ECB Drives Markets. Central-planning works!

Greek Assets Tumble, Global Santa Rally Briefly Halted As Renewed Threat Of Grexit Looms

ECB SAYS GREEK ELECTORATE MUST DECIDE ON FUTURE OF GOVERNMENT. But it will send a few confidential memos just in case

Poll by Palmos Analysis puts Syriza 6.5% ahead if true, enough to form govt on their own

Guide to foreign MSM covering Greece election.Chaos,catastrophe & apocalyptic are all Greek words. Make sure all tweets include at least one

PM : "it is time for democracy and responsibility, not lies, populism, and political terrorism"

Now we'll have a campaign based on fear and terrorising Greek voters into retaining status quo. Re-run of 2012.

: "Today is a historic day for . Majority of Greeks determined to end austerity policies & MPs have to respond"

Palmos Analysis: Syriza 29.9, ND 23.4, Potami 7.1, GolDawn 6.5, KKE 3.8, Pasok 3.3, IndGreeks 2.6, Greens 1.2, undecided 11.7

Greek PM confident of victory as snap polls planned for January 25

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras says he will ask for Parliament to be dissolved tomorrow & snap elections to be held on Jan 25

Greek Parliament fails to elect president. Gov't candidate Stavros Dimas gets 168 votes in final round, triggering snap elections