Monday, December 29, 2014

Greece Special Report - Paul Mason covers Greece as No One Else in the UK Does !


Greece for bond geeks - running the numbers on a government:

Greece's next government, whatever its political hue, will face a devastating debt baggage -

Pro-Syriza Kontra newspaper: Alexis (Tsipras) is coming - end of Samaras. (And blames the Troika for the shipwreck..)

Greece (1/5): Syriza’s lead narrow; last time faded bcos Athenian m/class switched to ND fearing chaos. This time its program more realistic

Greece (2/5): Compared to 2012, lot of Greek young ppl now live abroad. Polls not capturing their views, but suspect will vote left

Greece (3/5): Watch reax of *politically appointed* central bank chief; private pressure to avoid more loose-cannon comments re liquidity

Greece (4/5): This is massive for Europe. If EC/ECB institutions seen to intervene in democ election - as already did ...

Greece (5/5): The winner gets to run a weak recovery, a police force with rogue units, a state that struggles to exist above interest groups

Here’s my primer on Greek debt: who owes what, and why ECB sees a balanced budget as not austere enough via

Crunch time for Europe: can the EU institutions, and the Greek state tolerate a leftist government? Blog:

And here’s my primer on the Greek social crisis: - with and

Watch : Crucial moment for Europe as Greece’s government falls -

We need to confront outside forces putting into question our sovereignty, says

My report on the fall of the Samaras government in Greece: