Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Asia Air QZ8501 Updates ( December 30 , 2014 ) - Wreckage found ( Caution - some graphic images ) ? Official word appears to be yes - "Confirmed that it is debris from an aircraft bearing red & white colors,” Indonesian Civil Aviation Head. #QZ8501

Please keep the families of the victims in your prayers.....

Tragic set of circumstances but they at least will get closure.........


Mysterious Chinese blogger seemingly predicted catastrophe two weeks ago

More than 40 bodies retrieved in search, Indonesian navy says.

DETAILS: Indonesian rescue team discovered 6 bodies floating in the Java Sea most likely from flight

Anger grows over lessons not learnt from as debris is found

BREAKING : Navy says helicopters sighted people at sea surface, near debris, checking if they are still alive

BREAKING: The victim of

": "The body seemed bloated," helicopter search co-pilot tells after spotting debris " they could have been rescued

WARNING Graphic: Image on TVOne.

: BASARNAS press conference - depth of the sea where the debris were found is 25-30m

from : Indonesian officials tell local TV 'victims' spotted near site where AirAsia plane disappeared.

: Indonesian officials confirm citing of life jacket and emergency exit door

Debris field for has been found six miles from it's last known radar spotting.

Deepest condolonces for all the families and next of kin of flight God be with you all

Indonesian navy spokesman:Helicopters spotted people on sea surface, checking for signs of life.

BREAKING NEWS: A navy chief spokesman says "crew had visual of people at sea surface, not far from debris".

Here is quite good detailed technical info about events
Something seemed to go wrong at 23:17 UTC (06:17)

says navy found objects underwater resembling plane

URGENT: AirAsia Wreck Found Under Java Sea (Raw Video)

Navy spokesman says crew on choppers had visuals of people on the sea surface, not far from debris. (1/2)"

The Crisis Centre is crowded with distraught friends and relatives of those on board , with some...

‘Wreckage’ found is from flight : Indonesian Civil Aviation Chief

US military sends a warship to help find the missing Indonesia AirAsia

NST_Online: : Red and white debris probably from jet: Indonesian official

URGENT: Indonesian Air Force pilot spots body in search zone - local media citing pilots

Debris one official says might be the "most significant" yet has been found in the search for AirAsia Flight 8501

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BREAKING: Body found where alleged debris spotted - Media cite Indonesia Air Force

 Top news story

Debris found 'is from AirAsia flight' says aviation chief as local media report bodies in the sea

Two objects in Java Sea as shown on Kompas TV.

With debris confirmed, underwater locator beacon search can commence using passive sonar.

Anxious relatives at Crisis Centre in as news breaks that debris found