Friday, October 10, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( October 10 , 2014 ) - As ISIS Gains Mount, Growing Doubts on US Strategy ( Air strikes becoming ineffective , ground war looms ) ..... Tweets of the day - battle of Kobane in focus !

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As ISIS Gains Mount, Growing Doubts on US Strategy

Kerry: US Will Press on With 'Long-Term' Strategy

by Jason Ditz, October 09, 2014
Large portions of the key Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani fell today, and much of theIraqi Anbar Province has fallen as well. Months of US air war hasn’t stalled ISIS’ gains even a little.
That’s fueled growing doubts about the US strategy against ISIS, to the extent that there even is a strategy. The losses are palpable, and that’s got the hawks pushing for even further escalation.
Former State Department adviser David Kilcullen warned that if anything, the US airstrikes were “going to improve the enemy’s quality by killing the stupid and unlucky ones and bringing more talented and savvy guys to the fore.”
The White House has insisted that the airstrikes aren’t going to work without a “viable” ground force, which in Syria isn’t going to exist for at least a year under optimal conditions.
Secretary of State John Kerry echoed the sentiment of other officials, that the strategy is a very “long-term” one, and that the recent ISIS gains aren’t going to change the strategy.
The reality is that the US knew it didn’t have a winning strategy when it entered the war, and sought to substitute an end-game strategy with an open-ended timetable and a huge coalition of hangers-on that don’t intend to actually do anything.

ISIS Seizes Large Parts of Kobani as US Increases Strikes

US Strikes Not Stopping Continued ISIS Advance

by Jason Ditz, October 09, 2014
The situation in the Syrian Kurdish border town of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab in Arabic) continues to favor ISIS today, and the latest reports are that the Islamist faction has now seized more than a third of the town outright, and is continuing to take more all the time.
The latest ISIS push toward Kobani spans weeks of fighting, and has seen ISIS take over 350 Kurdish villages in the surrounding area, before finally forcing the Kurdish YPG militia back to the town itself, along the Turkish border.
Though the US maintains that the situation in Kobani is “not a priority” for their air war in Syria, indications are that US airstrikes have increased against ISIS around Kobani today.
The US has been striking ISIS forces around Kobani for quite some time, but Kurdish forces say it has been to little effect, and that ISIS continues to move forward irrespective of the bombardment.
The fall of Kobani has been seen as an inevitability for days now, and ISIS seems to believe the same thing, with reports this evening that some of the invasion force has fanned out around Kobani, trying to cut off the escape route of Kurdish fighters back into Turkey, believing those fighters would wind up crossing back into Syrian Kurdistan near Hasakeh and fight ISIS there.

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Tweets of 10/10/14 ....... Kobane in focus - despite numerous airstrikes ( too late perhaps ? )  , ISIS advancing today.

Defense Secretary says would like access to 's air base

White House says need to accelerate Turkish help in Iraq, Syria

UN: "We would like to appeal to the Turkish authorities in order to allow the flow of volunteers at least, and their equipment" (1)

7 airstrikes in today.Destroyed: 2 training facilities, 3 vehicles, 2 small units+tank.Saudi+UAE helped

FSA Groups Fighting against ISIS in Appeal for Help

Best piece I read! "A Kurdish Alamo: 5 Reasons the Battle for Kobane Matters"

[1] Turkey shuts off Twitter in southern Turkey for "national security" purposes, Turkish troops pushing away journos from the border, etc.

[2] Turkey is continuing to stall re: Kobane, still keeping the gate b/w & Mursitpinar closed, blocking military & humanitarian aid.

: Sky News Arabic reports ambushes Kurdish fighters in East , kills 125, kidnaps 12. Monitors estimate 40% control

I've been calling Mr. Answar Moslem for a week now for updates from inside . His tone is down today. Says "we'll fight till death"

I spoke again to chief Anwar Moselm who is in city. "If we dont get help now, is indeed under threat of falling to ISIS"

Acc to Chief: "there are btwn 1000 to 3000 civilians in . Many more on border. Corridor needed to get them out"

Chief inside city tells me Kurds urgently need following: "Airdrop weapons now, evacuate civilians, more airstrikes"

Kobane Chief Anwar Moslem, tells me over phone from : "Security zone (police bldg +court) has fallen into ISIS hands."

DETAILS: SOHR claims advances, controls 40% of , captures Kurd HQ


: has send 9000 of their best fighters to , if they loose they dont only loose their best fighters but also credibility

Reports from inside Kobane say that IS have resupplied and that some of yesterday's gains by Kurdish militia may be at risk.

battle NEW MAP on Oct 10, 2014 : heavy fighting in city center btw &

set on fire tire factory in - for cover against air strikes

declaring control of prison in city center of

Despite other claims- advanced in tonight

PT: Mistura also pressed for to open routes for Kurdish volunteers to enter to fight ISIS in Kobane. [Very unlikely

UN Special Envoy to , Staffan de Mistura, suggests more local ceasefires = positive way forward. [Not if you speak to the opposition].

UN Syria envoy says 500-700 people, mostly elderly, still in . 10,000-13,000 stranded in border area btwn Turkey &Syria.

interior minister portrays grave cost of unrest: 31 dead, more than 1,000 detainees

To Stem Extremists, to Reduce 's Power - our story today on long-standing calls for .