Friday, October 10, 2014

Hong Kong Democracy Protests ( October 10 , 2014 - With Friday Talks with the Hong Kong Government called off , can the protests once again fill the street of Hong Kong ? How will the Authorities react ?



Student leader Agnes Chow steps back from Occupy spotlight citing 'exhaustion'

Occupy movement is "definitely not" a colour revolution, student leaders tell Xi Jinping

LIVE: Students issue open letter to Xi Jinping as thousands remain at protest camps


LIVE: Students urge Hongkongers to occupy 'every inch of the streets' in renewed call for democracy

Newlyweds have wedding march through protest site in Admiralty

Volunteers are setting up tents at the protest site in Causeway Bay

Hong Kong leader CY Leung's daughter threatens to sue several media outlets, including Daily Mail

Jackie Chan criticises economic cost of pro-democracy protests, calls on Hongkongers to 'love the country'

Protests are taking an emotional toll on Hong Kong police, causing them to cry: psychologists