Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hong Kong Democracy Protests Update ( October 9 , 2014 ) -- Protesters talks with Government loom for Friday , Protesters re-gearing as they attempt to show strength at this critical point , counter protests and affected businesses strike back against protests by lawsuits .......


LIVE: Carrie Lam cancels talks after students call for show of strength at Admiralty

Protest leaders call for show of strength at Admiralty tomorrow to pressure government before talks

Democratic lawmaker Alan Leong: we are preparing to impeach .

Protest leaders call on public to meet at Admiralty at 3:30pm tomorrow to pressure government ahead of talks

Alex Chow: There's no reason for anyone to ask us to retreat

Tour agency sues Occupy Central co-founder Benny Tai for lost business during protests

Ordinary Hongkongers share their thoughts on the pro-democracy protests

In Causeway Bay, protesters are told to take their demonstration 2,000km north to Beijing

Protest leaders say they'll announce 'new wave' of civil disobedience movement at 5pm HKT

Check out our interactive map of road barricades in Hong Kong

In Causeway Bay, minibus drivers demand an end to road barricades, saying they've lost 75% of their business

Peter Lee: Dirty War for Hong Kong Democracy Heats Up

Hong Kong tries talking, not gassing: With the Hong Kong government and the city's students agreeing to sit do...