Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional Long War Updates ( October 8 , 2014 ) -- Death dealing in Iraq continues unabated , ISIS wages strategic battles to control flow of water and dams in Iraq ..... Syria - Pentagon: US Won’t Shift ISIS Campaign Over Kurdish Town Kobani One of Many Targets Under Attack by ISIS Right Now ....... Despite airstrikes , pressure still seems to be applied on Kobane by ISIS -- Tweets of the day !

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169 Killed Across Iraq As Bombs Return to Baghdad
by , October 07, 2014
At least 169 people were killed and 55 were wounded across Iraq on Tuesday. Also,Canada‘s parliament has authorized airstrikes in Iraq.
The strategic value of water in Iraq has made it one of the favorite weapons of the Islamic State. Not only do they continue their attempts to control the Mosul and Haditha Dams, they have also been diverting water away from villages that refuse to come under their control. And, they also are demolishing levees in order to flood villages and fields.
In Baghdad, a car bomb killed 13 people and wounded 31 more in Mashtal.
Twelve civilians were killed in an airstrike in Rabeaa.
A couple of explosions killed 12 volunteers near Baquba.
In Mosul, a roadside bomb killed a civilian and two militants. Militants executed four young men.
In Hit, militants prevented the delivery of food to residents and chased many of them out of town. A suicide bomber killed three volunteers and wounded three moreSeven militants were killed in a clash following the bombing.
Militants killed a woman and are holding seven more in Saidiya.
Gunmen in Muqdadiya killed a civilian.
Peshmerga liberated a few villages in the Zumer area.
An airstrike in Khalis killed eight militants.
Security forces killed eight militants in Jurf al-Sakhar.

Pentagon: US Won’t Shift ISIS Campaign Over Kurdish Town

Kobani One of Many Targets Under Attack by ISIS Right Now

by Jason Ditz, October 07, 2014
Pentagon officials say that the imminent ISIS takeover of the Kurdish border town of Kobani, despite getting a lot of publicity, won’t actually change the US military strategy against ISIS in Syria.
“Kobani is horrible but right now there’s a lot of horrible in Iraq and Syria,” the unnamed official said, saying Kobani was just one of many targets of the ISIS offensive across the nation.
Though Kurdish officials have tried to present the loss of Kobani as a humanitarian calamity leading to some sort of slaughter, virtually the whole population had already fled to Turkey in the past weeks.
Indeed, with the attacks on Hasakeh yesterday, Kobani isn’t even the largest Kurdish city being sieged by ISIS in Syria. The US airstrikes around Kobani clearly aren’t changing the situation on the ground, but US officials don’t seem to have any alternate strategies anyhow, and are seemingly attacking ISIS for the sake of attacking ISIS.
While Pentagon officials are likely to be criticized for their unwillingness to change strategies in Syria, the absence of a real end-game strategy for what some are now calling a “thirty-year war” is a problem well beyond the fate of Kobani, and reflects the new conflict’s status as an unwinnable war.

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14 US strikes at Kobani today. 4 in the 2+ weeks ISIS took to reach the town. Could it be because of this?

Kurdish activists are the last activists I would believe regarding situation on ground. Lies are lies, gents

Fierce clashes in center of ; Sky News reports Head of Security in Kobani Police Station killed in fight with ..

Neither the US nor the UK can seriously think about challenging the ideology of ISIS if they maintain status-quo relations with Saudi Arabia

most active front-lines on Oct 8 2014. Red = Loy. Green = Rebels, Black = IS, Blue = draw

Frontline update: ISIS advanced a bit in East, retreated in South & West. Coalition is bombing right now in East: Source Premier of

Weird. reporting "ISIS took full control of ". Nonsense. I just spoke to 2 Kurdish defense chief in city: he laughed it off.

detains 'around 265 Kurds' crossed from , , on suspicion of links to : Report

If Turkey doesn't allow kurdish reinforcements now, gonna fall, NOW'

Most of the center of is in daesh hand. Ypg need reinforcements asap and ammos


A US airstrike on an target in . The situation is such that these strikes now might not make difference

blows up police station in downtown Kobane where YPG were holed up.

تنفذ عملية استشهادية بشاحنة مفخخة داخل المربع الأمني لمرتدي الأحزاب الكردية وسط عين عرب.

live: As airstrikes limit tank movement in , the terrorist group uses suicide bombers to target defenders

Listening to the sound of continuous street fighting in east of . Machine gun fire, rifle shots, occasional grenade.

and counter-terror police foil an -linked terror plot, which reportedly could have involved...

Coalition planes continue 2 pound . YPG spokesman tells me Kurds force ISIS 2 retreat 3kms in industrial Zone NE Kobane.

Esp in the West, ppl very easily say: why isn't Turkey then helping by opening border so Kurdish fighters &ammo can enter town? 1/2

But many in Turkey say: Hey, why would we support Kurds in who are aligned with PKK, which has been fighting us for decades? 2/2

Some ask why Kurds not sending support thru ? See map! surrounded from 3 sides by ISIS. No corridors

Why are Kurds protesting in turkey? They want turkey to open border 4 Kurdish fighters & ammo. Kurds don't want turkish troops in .

So those saying Kurds want Turkey army 2 enter Syria &save have no clue. Kurds mainly want turkey 2open border 4 Kurd fighters &ammo

Tensions really high in --> RT : Curfews declared across 6 Turkish provinces for the first time in 22 years.

ISIS orders arrest of all candidates in mosul who participated in both the local council and the Iraqi parliament elections, source in city

PT: So far, Ahrar has led the capture of Al-Adnaniya, Kashouta, Fawqani, Bashakwey & Tahtani en route towards Al-Safira.

MORE: Official says Islamic State militants used shoulder-fired missile to take down Iraqi military helicopter:

The awesome explains why US helps Iraq's Kurds but ignores Syria's Kurds. Moral/strat failure all around