Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Libya Updates ( October 7 - 8 , 2014 ) - While the focus is on ISIS rising in Syria and Iraq , ISIS also rising in Libya ! Politica updates and overall state of play !

10/8 tweets......

Egypt says it will "deal only with elected government"

Libya and Egypt pledge closer security partnership

EU High Foreign Policy Representative says Libya could be next to fall to extremism

Constitutional Court delays ruling on HoR legality

10/7  Tweets.....

Former envoy Tarek Mitri: Political power is centered in one part of while military force is in another

9 dead & 30 wounded from the Libyan army is the outcome of two days battles in Pnina.  

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Video: Libya’s Islamist militants parade with ISIS flags: Libya’s Ansar al-Shariah have pledged...

Benghazi killing continue unabated

Derna's rival Islamist militias fall out over Caliphate allegiance

Benghazi Violence: Benina clashes continue into fifth consecutive day

Thinni expected to go to Cairo for talks with President Sisi tomorrow