Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebola Updates ( October 13 , 2014 ) News from around the globe on the Ebola crisis

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CIDRAP: "We Believe There Is Scientific Evidence Ebola Has The Potential To Be Airborne"

We believe there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks...  To summarize, for the following reasons we believe that Ebola could be an opportunistic aerosol-transmissible disease requiring adequate respiratory protection: i) Patients and procedures generate aerosols, and Ebola virus remains viable in aerosols for up to 90 minutes; ii) All sizes of aerosol particles are easily inhaled both near to and far from the patient; iii) Crowding, limited air exchange, and close interactions with patients all contribute to the probability that healthcare workers will be exposed to high concentrations of very toxic infectious aerosols; iv) Ebola targets immune response cells found in all epithelial tissues, including in the respiratory and gastrointestinal system; v) Experimental data support aerosols as a mode of disease transmission in non-human primates.

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Late Day . evening tweets....

BREAKING: KS patient at risk for Ebola: In strict isolation at KU Med Center in Kansas City

Hazmat crew swarms Emirates flight at Boston’s Logan Int’l in scare

Health officials want a dedicated Ebola hospital in all 50 states:

Spanish nurse with Ebola struggling to breathe - reports

NYC Has Already Investigated More Than 80 Suspected Ebola Cases — Here's How They're Getting Ready

Ebola impact on food security a topic as West African officials attend World Food Prize via

About 70 Hospital Staffers Cared for Ebola Patient - ABC News via

Morning  Tweets.....

Am I getting this right? S. Mukherjee seems to advocate airport blood tests for pre-symptomatic Ebola detection. Fun!

Dr. Nancy Snyderman spotted at New Jersey restaurant during Ebola quarantine, draws health department crackdown 

Doctors and nurses beware: as with SARS, respiratory intubation may pose a particular infection danger in Ebola cases

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Ebola protocol breach raises questions about where to treat patients.

Russia says Ebola vaccine may be ready in 6 months. More in our capsule:

Why caretakers are catching Ebola

suspect wrapped in plastic bag at Prague railway station (VIDEO)