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Interesting thoughts on WMDS ( October 13 , 2014 ) - Turkey, Saudi Arabia giving terrorists WMDs, Syria claims ....... Ebola -- NIH: ‘We May Have to Vaccinate Whole Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak’ /

Turkey, Saudi Arabia giving terrorists WMDs, Syria claims

Published time: October 12, 2014 19:38
Reuters/Umit Bektas
Reuters/Umit Bektas
Syria’s UN envoy has accused Turkey and Saudi Arabia of giving weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) to terrorist groups fighting in the country. The charge precedes reports Kurdish fighters battling ISIS militants have been attacked with chemical weapons.
Bashar Jaafari told a UN committee on Friday that Turkey and Saudi Arabia should examine their own involvement in the Syrian conflict before leveling “null and baseless accusations [against] the Syrian government."
In comments delivered to the UN’s First Committee on Disarmament and International Security at the UN General Assembly, Jaafari accused Ankara and Riyadh of being “directly involved in providing these terrorist organizations with chemical weapons,” RIA-Novosti cites a source as saying.
He further accused the countries of helping finance groups attempting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad. He singled out Turkey in particular for allegedly supporting over 100 militant organizations currently active in Syria.
Rather than lend “a helping hand” to help Damascus put a halt to the crisis currently engulfing the country, the Turkish government has become “one of the main support bases for these terrorist organizations,” the Israeli- daily Haaretz cites Jaafari as saying.
The report comes nearly a week after US Vice President Joe Biden was forced to apologize to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after alleging he had allowed foreign fighters allied with the so-called Islamic State (IS) to cross into Syria.
A livid Erdogan said if Biden in fact had made the comments, the US vice president would be “history to me.”
During the phone call with Erdogan, Biden “apologized for any implication that Turkey or other allies and partners in the region had intentionally supplied or facilitated the growth of ISIL (IS, ISIS) or other violent extremists in Syria," the White House said.
On October 2, Biden blamed America’s allies in the region – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates – for allowing the rise of IS, saying they supported extremists with money and weapons in their eagerness to oust the Assad regime in Syria.
Reuters/Hosam Katan
Reuters/Hosam Katan

Hallmarks of a WMD attack

Meanwhile, photographs obtained by the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA Journal) which were published on Sunday appear to support accusations IS militants have deployed chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters, who have been under siege in the northeastern Syrian city of Kobani since September 16.
According to the documentary evidence, which cannot be independently verified, three slain Kurdish fighters were inflicted with “burns and white spots” while not bearing any visible wounds or external bleeding.
The reported injuries could indicate that a chemical agent, potentially mustard gas, was deployed, MERIA said. The experts said, however, that more evidence would be needed to conclude the Kurdish fighters had died due to a chemical attack.
Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, one of the world's leading chemical weapons experts, told RT that if the MERIA photos are genuine, the injuries depicted would be “consistent with a blister agent, like Mustard [gas].”
“We know that Islamic State have already used chlorine in Iraq against the Iraqi army,” he added.
The journal suggests IS may have obtained the weapons following the seizure of the alleged Muthanna chemical weapons compound.
The journal cites a 2007 CIA report, which stated Muthanna was used to produce chemical agents, including mustard gas.
Reuters/Hosam Katan
Reuters/Hosam Katan
The report follows accusations from Washington last month that the Assad government had broken the chemical weapons treaty it signed earlier this year by deploying chlorine gas in several Syrian villages in Hama.
“We believe there is evidence of [President Bashar] Assad’s use of chlorine, which when you use it – despite it not being on the list – it is prohibited under the Chemical Weapons Convention,” Kerry told the US House of Representatives. “He’s in violation of the convention.”
Kerry added that Washington is studying ways to hold Assad to account.
Last week, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said findings from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) “corroborate allegations that the Assad regime is continuing to use chemical weapons in Syria, in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention” the UK Independent cited him as saying.
Responding to the accusations, Jaafari told the UN Damascus “condemns in the strongest terms the use of chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction, and considers it an abhorrent crime and an impermissible, reprehensible and unethical act,” RIA cites him as saying.
He added that “a small number of governments had used this report to slander Syria.”
Jaafari further warned against politicizing the OPCW’s September report, saying that it had not assigned blame for the attacks.

NIH: ‘We May Have to Vaccinate Whole Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak’

Has the endgame been revealed on the Ebola outbreak?
Two days ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told The Canadian Press that it’s “quite conceivable, if not likely” that fast-tracked Ebola vaccines may have to given to entire countries to get the viral outbreak under control (via Modern Healthcare):
“It is conceivable that this epidemic will not turn around even if we pour resources into it. It may just keep going and going and it might require a vaccine.”
“As the epidemic gets more and more formidable and in some cases out of control it is quite conceivable, if not likely, that we may need to deploy the vaccine to the entire country to be able to shut the epidemic down. That is clearly a possibility.” [emphasis added]
The article did not specify which country in particular Dr. Fauci — whose institute just so happens to be currently working on an experimental Ebola vaccine (the first to begin human clinical trials) with Big Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline — was referring to. Was he talking specifically about Sierra LeoneLiberia? Guinea? Any place where Ebola has taken hold? The entire continent of Africa? Other countries, should it break out there includingSpain or America?
The prospects of “countrywide” vaccination for Ebola with a rushed-to-market vaccinationare absolutely horrifying.
Recall that some 800 children in Europe are now suffering narcolepsy thanks to the rushed swine flu vaccine. Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper wrote:
Some people may say, “Oh, that was an experimental drug, rushed tomarket to fight an epidemic.”
The thing is, if you look at it that way, every flu vaccine is “experimental”.  Each year’s batch contains something different, because it has to be ever-evolving as viruses mutate. Despite this, people are terrified and guilted into receiving the vaccine. If the fear factor doesn’t work, they are forced to take it in order to work, go to school, or stay at daycare.
That’s not to mention a 4,250% increase in fetal deaths linked to the shot when given to pregnant women as well, amounting to thousands of miscarriages among a lovely menagerie of other awful adverse events.
And for what? What was revealed later to be a global hoax tied to grand financial motives, as Aaron Dykes reported back in 2010:
Drug firms collaborated with WHO officials to deliberately create a “campaign of panic” and a ‘false disaster’ over swine flu pandemic fears when one was not evident, top European health official Wolfgang Wodarg has indicated.
Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, claims that the threshold for alert was deliberately lowered at the WHO, allowing a “pandemic” to be declared despite the mildness of the ‘swine flu.’ Thatdesignation would force a demand for the vaccine, which was subsequently purchased by governments or health facilities and pushed on the public through a full-scale fear campaign in the media.
Rest assured that whatever Ebola vaccine they come up with now will be even that much more rushed than the N1H1 vax. Why rushed?
As Truthstream Media reported, check out what Dr. Ben Neuman told Bloomberg this past summer in an interview on why no vaccine for Ebola currently exists:
“It’s not just one drug we need for Ebola. We need a cocktail of drugs and perhaps a nice vaccine that could be used… These all take a lot of moneyand right now in the history of what we know at least, there have been fewer than 5,000 people who have been infected with Ebola. It sounds scary, but I don’t know that there’s enough…uh…panic or enough people who are potential customers for these drugs to warrant a company — a private company anyway — putting the money it would take to develop this.” [emphasis added]
Well there is definitely enough panic now, wouldn’t you say?
Dave Hodges, over at The Common Sense Show, has already penned an articledemonstrating how the CDC has positioned themselves to profit financially should Ebola spread throughout the U.S.:
The CDC has ulterior motives in the diagnosing and subsequent treatment of Ebola. First of all, the CDC is traded on Dunn and Bradstreet. This fact makes the CDC a for profit corporation. Secondly, and as I have pointed out before, the CDC owns the patent on Ebola and all variances up to 70% of the variance. This means that because the CDC owns Ebola, they will receive a royalty every time a treatment is provided because of the alteration of their intellectual property rights.
These two facts mean that if the CDC moved to block the spread of Ebola, they would cut into their profit motive.  On this point, there can be no argument. Are we supposed the humanitarian nature that the CDC would forgo their profit motive in order to serve the public good? Should we trust the CDC? What are the implications?
That might explain why the CDC is so against banning air travel from West Africa and even continues to change its basic stance on how the virus is even spread.
The World Health Organization’s latest figures on the current outbreak show that over 8,000 people have been diagnosed with Ebola as of October 5th, and nearly 4,000 people have now died.
Either way, I think I can speak safely for the staff here at The Daily Sheeple: we will not be rolling up our sleeves for any nationwide Ebola vaccination program any time not just soon, but ever.


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