Monday, October 13, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( October 13 , 2014 ) -- In spite continued US Coalition Airstrikes , ISIS advance in Anbar continues / Kobane battles rage on in Center of town as well as at crucial Turkish Border ..... Turkey allows use of bases by US Coalition to fight ISIS ( or maybe not ) but otherwise still on the sidelines ( until its buffer zone and no fly zone demands are met ) ......

Late Day Tweets.....

Will the take ‘last-minute’ steps to save town of from advance?

Sr Kurdish official, Idris Nassan, tells ISIS is not in control of . report incorrect.

PT: Proliferation of weapons provided externally to FSA in is a proven serious issue. Both & -supplied arms now in

More house cleaning by PM Abadi fired another 150 officers yesterday

Fed Police abandoned their headquarters in Hit because were out of supplies

Insurgents take ISF base outside of Hit ISF indiscriminate shelling of Hit city forced 50% of pop to flee

" can’t pursue a buffer zone alone. It would only be possible as a result of an international effort."

John Kerry says ’s fate not key to counterterrorism strategy

-bomber blow up -barriers "Ain Amygdala" in

Morning  Tweets....

Turkey says has no deal with the U.S. on the use of US air base in southern Turkey, says talks are still under way.

suicide bomber detonates near Syria-Turkey border

BREAKING: Saudi FM says Bashar al-Assad cannot play any role in ’s future

intellectual and author Bernard Levy says if falls, should not remain a member of .

supporters behind Tripoli attacks on Army: Rifi

, jihadists in heavy fighting near border

Horror. ISIS admits of selling &enslaving Yazidi women in their latest edition of English language "Dabiq" magazine

National Security Adviser Susan Rice says the U.S. is not considering the proposition of a no-fly zone

Allows U.S.-Led Coalition to Use Its Bases Against

Erdogan risking potential civil war in by allowing to fall -

President : will continue to combat threat, however our demands remain as it is

Despite two days of meetings with US officials, Erdogan has offered no steps to help Syrian Kurds in -

More reinforcements arrived in -airstrikes hit "Security square" which is dominated by IS

Today very fierce street battles in

take control of 'i army camp near (also under control

3 airstrikes on in this morning & 8 others during night

operational range for fighter jets extended massively after open its Incirlik Airbase

Coalition forces reportedly bombarded an |i army convoy near Ayn al-Asad base in by mistake..

declares the fall of camp and the seizure of loads of weapons; ammunition and tens of armored vehicles..

EVICTION NOTICE: Islamic State displaces 15,000 in northern Aleppo

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