Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bitcoin a NSA - CIA project ? ( August 10 , 2014 ) -- Have to say , when I first worked on this post , I merely considered this as a seemly " odd duck " type story . If this wasn't a article in the IBT or some other major media outlet , the amateur tone and non existent sourcing ( hitting the link for the alleged WikiLeak document does NOT link to a WikiLeak document , the existent of which I can't find by a Google search anyway ) ....... Upon further reflection , the fact that this has been put out there at all is probably very good for Bitcoin - because floating crap like this shows Bitcoin is terrifying some one real bad !

( Editor note : DO NOT TAKE THE POSTING HERE AS AN ENDORSEMENT OF AUTHOR's VIEWS !!!  As noted in the Headnote , this appears to be a crock of crap piece. But why was this even put out is the question in my mind ???

Disinformation maybe from CIA - NSA to discredit Bitcoin - that this article has been floated actually might be a sign Bitcoin is scaring someone big time !  Might this be a factual and a warning from a previously unknown Group - to me timing is odd , the Group seems odd looking at the website for a minute , links don't work ? FWIW piece to consider - note  my personal though is this is BS , but I put this out as information and the reader can at least see what's floated and make his / her own mind up .... )

Bitcoin Suspected to Be NSA or CIA Project

The creator of the digital currency bitcoin remains a mystery.(Reuters)
Popular digital currency bitcoin is a project run by the US National Security Agency (NSA), according to a group that tracks the activities of government organisations around the globe.
The group, named CIA Projectclaims evidence that the cryptocurrency is made by the NSA or the CIA.
It claims that the name of bitcoin's alledged creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, is a sign that bitcoin is run by some 'central intelligence'.
white paper on bitcoin was released in 2008, and it was reportedly written by Nakamoto, which roughly means "Central Intelligence" in Japanese.
The team added that Bitcoin Forum, a bitcoin community where Nakamoto used to communicate, usually removes posts connecting bitcoin with CIA.
Raising suspicions about his identity, Nakamoto has never left even a single personal identification clue in his numerous posts on Bitcoin Forum over the years. CIA Project alleges that this shows 'intelligence training'.
In addition, Gavin Bell (aka Gavin Andresen), who is the public face of bitcoin, claims that he has been communicating with Nakamoto for many years. However, Gavin has neither met Nakamoto nor spoken with him on the phone even once.
The group added that the common program used by most cryptocurrencies to create secure keys is suspected to be back-doored by the NSA.
It noted that a recent WikiLeaks document exposed the NSA's connection with the program used by most cryptocurrencies.
The fact that bitcoin did not use the most popular program to create secure keys shows that the NSA already had full information about bitcoin, according to the group.
"While bitcoin believers portray bitcoin as a new decentralised currency, the command structure of bitcoin core development is 100% centralised," CIA Project says.
( Discussion on the subject - Again , just FWIW but no smoking gun here  ) 

August 09, 2014, 02:56:21 PM

Whats the newest and/or best info supporting the claim that BTC is NSA or CIA created/supported etc.

The best ones according to me, so far (none of them are conclusive) are these:

1) The fact that there is a "leaked" (unclassified i don't know) document about electronic currency similar to bitcoin written  in 1996 by scientists connected to NSA, so the nsa was at least aware of the concept.
2) Satoshi DORIAN Nakamoto (according to his daughter and brother) (if the news article didn't make the statements up) used to work with government on classified projects and was quite paranoid of government (so he had to know something about whats going around)
3) The Newsweek or what magazine article claimed that Dorian Nakamoto told the reporter that he isnt connected to BTC anymore (implying he worked on it before), the statement was later denounced as misunderstanding, but everybody can lie... The original statement ("Im not connected to it anymore" (or something like that) was on the other hand "verified" by the police officer who was with the reporter (but who will verify that he isn't lying, doesn't remember it correctly etc.)
4) There were 2 algorithms that could be used to "encrypt" btc, one was most used the other one wasnt used practically at all and nobody knows why Nakamoto used the second one (the almost not used encryption algorithm), then it came out, that in the 1st algorithm there was a backdoor (or something) so its good Nakamoto used the other one, but that might also imply that he was aware of the backdoor in the first one, which might imply he was some NSA connected guy.  (i don't understand the programming behind bitcoin at all, I'm not a programmer so i might be misinformed on this one)

and maybe the fact that

also there is some front CIA business  company which has some links to BTc i think, IQ Tell or something like this.

Are these all the "biggest" clues, or are there some new ?

Is WikiLeaks blasting Bitcoin ?? Seems unlikely in light of the article below .....

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