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SPECIAL CRITICAL ALERT ! Prime Minister Maliki launches coup , threatens to arrest newly elected President of Iraq ( August 10 , 2014 ) --- Note the timing for Maliki's move - right after US President Obama publicly commits to Iraq as a " long term project " and commences air strikes , pledges to defend Irbil and Bagdad plus key infrastructure in Iraq ( Haditha Dam just being on example , though not explicitly stated by President Obama ) .... then right after Obama starts his two week vacation and leaves town , Maliki pounces with today's coup ! Once again , the US foreign policy is exposed as being run by not exactly smooth players because we just GOT PLAYED big time by Maliki !

Military Coup In Iraq: Prime Minister Maliki Refuses To Step Down; Security Forces On Alert, Encircle Presidential Palace

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Just days after the US launched a campaign that implicitly aides the current regime headed by the supposedly outgoing PM, al-Maliki, it appears that latest US intervention has already led to "unexpected" consequences, this time with the prime minister appearing to have just staged a coup overthrowing Iraq's president President Fouad Massoum moments ago.
Reuters reports that the prime minister "indicated that he will not drop his bid for a third term and accused the president of violating the constitution in a tough televised speech likely to deepen political tensions as a Sunni insurgency rages. Maliki, seen as an authoritarian and sectarian leader, has defied calls by Sunnis, Kurds, some fellow Shi'ites and regional power broker Iran to step aside for a less polarising figure who can unite Iraqis against Islamic State militants.
The days of Iraq's president appear numbered:

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: Security forces have encircled the residence of the Iraqi President - Sharqiah News

Iraqi army is taking security forces positions in "to be prepared for every contingency if the next PM is declared." - Source.

Bloomberg adds that Maliki says he’s going to federal court to sue President Fouad Masoum for violating the constitution, according to comments made to Iraqi state television. President Masoum in breach when he extended constitutional period for chosing a candidiate to form government and for missing deadline for new period, according to Maliki. Maliki adds that Masoum is in a "coup against the poilitical process” that would lead “Iraq into a dark tunnel.” Maliki warned Presidential council, parliament and federal court about Masoum.
The news has promptly led the WaPo Beirut chief correspondent Liz Sly to ask the question: did Baghdad just have a coup 3 days after the US conducted its fourth military intervention under as many US presidents?

A coup in Baghdad? Maliki announces he won't resign and orders security forces on alert. So much for bringing democracy to Iraq.

Others are inclined to agree:

Iraq in crisis. Maliki refuses to step down, attacks the President on live TV. Reports of forces massing in Baghdad, rumours of a coup.

And according to less credible sources, the army is already in play:

Eyewitnesses: More army enforcements and hundreds of soldiers are now being deployed across all of .

When we thought gathered more & more troops in to defend it against he was actually plotting his military coup.
Odd timing indeed. One thing is certain: the US will not let this crisis go to waste either.
However, what makes this particular development especially interesting is that a very organized ISIS is already doing its best to conquer the Iraq capital. A very disorganized army coup may be all that was needed to facilitate this goal, and to put the Iraq oil trade "in play" once again.
And the worst news of all: Obama two-week vacation on Martha's Vineyard is ruined one day after it started.
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Update: things are not looking good:

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| Iraqi analyst Ibrahim al-Somaidai: is under a full-fledged coup. 


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Tweets...... Syria and Iraq Regional War  items

Maliki coup ?

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Was there a coup in Iraq? What we know and what we don't know

Reports the deadline to choose a new Prime Minster in has been extended till 3:00 pm..

UNCONFIRMED: has issued a note to airports to block any politician or Parliament member from leaving

Eyewitnesses: militias cut roads leading to Green Zone with concrete blocks..

Two; others reported three explosions rocked entire west and north west of few minutes ago..

Series of massive explosions rocking now..

Intense air-forces activity over and specifically over ..

Our reporter in Baghdad says "people say the Iraqi president is in the US embassy". We can't confirm this at this time

US special forces are protecting the US embassy in Baghdad

US officials have left Arbil (Erbil)

Iraqi rebels fire missiles on Baghdad Airport

Al-Maliki's loyal forces have occupied al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad. Many bodyguards have been killed

Just in: Iraqi rebels have entered Baghdad International Airport. Heavy fighting at the main runway

State of emergency has been declared in 's , as dispute between PM Nouri al-Maliki and President Fouad Massoum causes unrest

A war is raging in Baghdad over Maliki's Twitter feed. But he retains full control of its Facebook page. h/t

Massive security deployment around Baghdad 'green zone': officials

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Tanks&heavy machines in most of Streets specially in where resident of president&resident of Ammar_alhakim

Qasem Soleimani is on high alert!

forces surrounding the office of Shia cleric Mahdi al-Karbalai in ..

Many |i politicians & parliament members are now trapped inside al-Rasheed hotel & can not leave it after troops surround it

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Reports of Badr Militiamen deployed from Baquba to .

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According to unconfirmed information there are clashes between forces loyal to PM Nouri al-Maliki and President Fouad Massoum

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May our Peshmerga forces keep President Fuad Massoum safe from 's coup currently unfolding in

So.. will an Iranian-run Shia militia square off against Maliki's security guard to remove him?

What does the IRGC do now?

is now fully in the hands of army and militia..

When we thought gathered more & more troops in to defend it against he was actually plotting his military coup.

Eyewitnesses: More army enforcements and hundreds of soldiers are now being deployed across all of .

Reports orders security forces to arrest Fouad Masoum..

Massive explosion rocked now..

Reports of intense gun fire near Sadr city in ..

Sources: declares is a closed city..

army storms and control the state TV and Radio buildings in .

HUGE! Reports ordered his militia; army & security forces to surround key governmental sites in .

declares he will not step down.. Reports of a military coup in ..

: I will present a formal complaint to the Federal Court against the president for violating the constitution.

: The violation of the constitution by the president will have dire consequences.

Iraq PM Nuri speaks live. Maliki accuses the Iraqi president of violating of constitution.

: so apparently has lost it and is staging a coup against the president in

: the is massing near Haditha, planning to take the town, I expect a big offensive to capture remaining government areas of

: planning major offensive against the and is f*cking things up in , where did the find this idiot?

Iraq's Maliki remains defiant on third term as insurgency rages

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Unconfirmed information claims that Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki ordered the arrest of Iraqi President Fouad Massoum

US is evacuating State Dept. personnel from Erbil and Baghdad, moving them to Basra and Jordan.