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Economic News , Data & Views......October 1 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Sunday -1) Catalonia's Independence Referendum Is Underway , Amidst Harsh Attempts To Prevent Voting By Spanish Riot Police - Including Shooting Rubber Bullets , Manhandling Voters & Use of Batons. 2) US Political Round-Up : Ongoing Aftermath From Hurricane Maria & 36 Agency Response To Aid And Restore Puerto Rico Continues ; NFL Protest Continues & Does Controversy Surrounding Same ; Swampland News. 3) Marseille - Knife Attack At Train Station Leaves Two Dead , Attacker Dead As Well. 4) Germany - Political Updates , Local News To Consider. 5) UK - Politics Updates For Sunday , Sunday Political Show Highlights. 6) Odds & Ends - Kurdistan , Syria , Libya & North Korea !


1 hour ago
"Yes" vote wins on independence with 90% out of 2.2 million ballots

Independence is in play if "Yes" wins tonight.....

"We have earned the right to an independent state," says Catalan leader

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont: "Catalonia is no longer an internal affair. Catalonia is a European affair"

Spanish Democracy.....

Injured voter toll up to 844.....

Rajoy still trying to figure out what to do....

LATEST: Rajoy says today in Catalonia "democracy has won, because the Constitution has prevailed".

Catalonia will ignore him too.

Wait Rajoy - I thought you said a Referendum didn't occur ?

I think Rajoy must have taken a baton hit to the head today....

Batons bashing head , rubber bullets smashing voters = democracy to Rajoy !

Message to Rajoy from Opposition will be - Resign....

Number of injured voters up to 761- what a political disaster for Rajoy !

Catalonia will ignore him too.

LATEST: Rajoy says Catalan leaders knew "holding a referendum was illegal, not the right thing, and impossible". But they did it anyway.

The Guardian cover Catalonia Referendum live today....

THIS ! I had a feeling this was coming......

- President Carles Puigdemont says "We will declare independence within 48 hours of announcing results of "

Replying to 
"If there is a day when it makes sense to vote, it's today," says Catalan spokesperson as polling stations near closing time

As 319 polling stations have been closed, the Catalan government calls citizens to continue voting in different polling places

LATEST: Catalan government spokesman Turull says "Spanish state is an embarrassment to the whole of Europe, world leaders are worried".

Courts investigate Catalan police for not stopping ; meanwhile, Spanish police violently crack down on voters

So , Spain about to Arrest Catalan Police ?

Guy Verhofstadt pans Spains actions today....


Spain looks like Egypt during Mubarak or Turkey repressing protesters at Gezi Park

Only 92 polling stations closed out of 2,315. Riot Police actions are an epic fail so far.

Spain by its conduct has already lost Catalonia , referendum vote irrelevant after today.

Confrontation between Civil Guard and Catalan Police today .....

BREAKING: National Police trade unions issue joint statement announcing legal action against Catalan Police (Mossos). More shortly.



People with their arms raised in front of Spanish riot police, including Catalan firefighters

Crackdown may have backfired...

Today is a black eye to Spain's reputation...

Too late for this ....

Catalan Gov't to seek sanctions against Spanish Gov't...

Spain (Catalonia): Indy Ref Turnout Today (13:00): 39,4% Last referendum (13:00): 22,1%

Spain (Catalonia): Indy Ref 90%+ of ballot stations now open.

BREAKING: Catalan government says 337 people injured in clashes with Spanish police

Spanish democracy or thuggish bullies ?

Extremely heavy handed response against voters today...

Not a good look for Spain at all....

Spanish vice president praises police for crackdown on referendum and blames the Catalan government for the situation

Breaking: to play upcoming game against Las Palmas behind closed doors as violence continues.

Tensions hit football as Barça match played behind closed doors

After this morning's violence, Catalan separatists make an "urgent call" for "everyone to go to polling stations", "no one should leave".

Catalan justice minister: "Today the Spanish state has decided to attack its citizens. It is state violence".

⚠️Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau demands Mariano Rajoy's resignation in response to police actions

Spanish riot police preventing elderly Catalan woman from voting for independence.

US Politics......

Puerto Rico

"Lack of power & persistent commodity distribution problems on island are major focuses right now. [S]till an urgent situation"

very important update....

Very important update....

Analysis: Puerto Rico’s tragedy was years in the making via

T-Mobile ofrecerá crédito y no cobrará recargos - Sin Comillas
Translated from Spanish by ?
T-Mobile will offer credit and will not charge surcharges - without quotes

Here's a snap shot of CBP's Hurricane Maria response efforts. We will continue to work tirelessly, assisting those in need in Puerto Rico.

Recibiendo la información de los municipios que ya han recibido los suministros y los que se impactarán hoy.
Translated from Spanish by 
Receiving information from the municipalities that have already received supplies and which will impact today.

NEW: Power outages place thousands with kidney disease at risk in Puerto Rico

On Fox FEMA Administrator Brock Long says hurricane relief for Puerto Rico is “the most logistically challenging event the US has ever seen”

. on relief: If mayors decide not to be a part of relief effort, the response is fragmented.

1 hour ago
La Junta pide al Congreso de EE.UU. máximo apoyo para Puerto Rico - Sin Comillas
Translated from Spanish by translation?
The Board requests the U.S. Congress maximum support for Puerto Rico - without quotes

1 hour ago
NEW: Officials scrambling to push aid through gridlock in Puerto Rico

1 hour ago

1 hour ago
Llega la luz a algunos sectores, abren más gasolineras y continúa la distribución de suministros - Sin Comillas
Translated from Spanish by 
Get light to some sectors, open more gas stations and continues the distribution of supplies - without quotes

Puerto Rico: 7 trucks full of food and water on their way to Juana Díaz, Peñuelas, Guánica, Cabo Rojo, Sabana Grande, Anasco & Rincon

Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner requests that reactivate White House Working Group on Puerto Rico. (Dormant for several years)

From San Juan says biggest obstacle in Puerto Rico is transporting supplies from ports to the people.

Federal govt has leapfrogged Puerto Rico govt & made direct connection with 78 municipalities. Central to powerful supply chain & relief.

. continues to help with relief efforts in the Caribbean:

, , continue to support in areas ravaged by :


Top GOP senator breaks with Trump: I wouldn't have attacked NFL players for kneeling

NFL players back in the spotlight for second week after Trump attacks

Former CIA Director Brennan on the recent NFL protests and the crisis in Puerto Rico.

Very important that NFL players STAND tomorrow, and always, for the playing of our National Anthem. Respect our Flag and our Country!


GOP preparing to shoot themselves in the foot again !

Republicans ignore Trump’s bipartisan Dreamers deal

1 hour ago
Google, Facebook may have to reveal deepest secrets

Silicon Valley all in on tax reform

Price was never a player on Obamacare repeal


BREAKING: French police say 2 killed in attack at Marseille train station; authorities open counter-terror investigation.

Two dead in Marseille station knife attack: French official

Developing: French police say situation at Marseille train station is over, perpetrator has been neutralized


How the far-right crept into 's left-wing strongholds

Germany's Greens party willing to explore Jamaica talks with Chancellor Angela 's CDU and the FDP

German police say supermarket food poisoner suspect has confessed

German man admits poisoning baby food

Poland tasks lawmakers with estimating German war reparations

Merkel's Challenge: Can Germany Make an Unwieldy Coalition Work?


Why is she still talking about this though ?


1 hour ago
Hardliners push May to walk away if there is no deal by Xmas...

On the other hand, government's case on student fees articulated well by :

UPDATE Tory Leadership Polling and Focus Group Results

We watch the Sunday politics shows so you don't have to. Highlights here:

Odds & Ends....


and militia conduct military drills using weapons

Region is ready to enter talks with , with the support of the international community

Referendum Council to convene following mounting pressure


| targeted Al-Lataminah, Bidama and Sukayk

| Fierce clashes between and in Al-Qaryatayn

Will the U.S. Abandon the Kurds of Syria Once ISIS is Destroyed? by , & Steven Simon


Clashes erupted b/w Haitem Tajouri and Nawasi brigades in Gurji road . Both brigades are under the PC. Coastal road blocked.

North Korea......

Diplomacy not going anywhere....NK not interested.

Was not far off at all. Just learned that the USS Ronald Reagan will make a quick port call in sometime this week.

Italy to expel North Korean ambassador.

Replying to 
North Korea vows to become a 'state nuclear force' and call sanctions and pressure 'futile'.

KCNA: North Korea hold In-depth Talks with Russia

Ouch. October never fails to deliver. But hey, pumpkins are cool too. 🎃

Replying to  
"Keen attention will be paid to whether the supercarrier will cross the inter-Korean sea border during the upcoming mission."

Replying to  
Such a maneuver would be one of the largest provocations the has launched in the region to date.

USS Ronald Reagan is currently operating in the SCS; perhaps underway for her deployment in the Sea of Japan

Replying to 
Carrier's strike group will also be in tow; including nuclear submarines and a variety of surface vessels.

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