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Economic News , Data & Views.....September 30 , 2017......Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Catalonia Referendum And Fierce Pushback From Spanish Central Gov't Almost At An End- Big Day Is Sunday. 2) Kurdistan - With Airspace Blockade Imposed By Iraq / Turkey / Iran And Other Nations , Impasse Over State Of Affairs Between Kurdistan & Baghdad Continues , France Offers To Assist In Resolving Standoff. 3) UK - Political Round Up For Saturday - Catch Up On Key News For The Week On UK Politics & Brexit. 4) Global Markets - Overview Of Past Week For Markets. 5) US Politics - US Response To Puerto Rico Disaster Panned By Some Politicians Here In US And Puerto Rico & POTUS Responds - Efforts To Restore Hurricane Devastated Island Continue , Swampland News , North Korea Items Of Note. 4) Odds & Ends !


5am:citizens are called now to go and peacefully defend their polling stations.Some people join the ones staying overnight.Will police come?

Here we go.....

Catalonia Referendum almost here....

Carles Puigdemont calls for mediation to resolve referendum crisis and calls for supporters to keep the peace !

Barcelona demonstration.......

Does Catalan have a "Plan C" - will they just declare independence ?

Probably too late in the day for this....

Unionist protest against Ref in some Catalan towns....

Catalan Gov't slams move to thwart its referendum...

Catalan Gov't secret electronic plan for voting halted - does Catalan Gov't have a "Plan C " ?

Catalan Gov't gearing up for its Referendum....

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The 29 database and census applications are also related to this business of sending ID numbers and dates of birth to find polling stations.

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Shut down of 29 database and census apps today is related to arrests on Sept 20 and private complaints filed by Vox and Durán in February.

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Over 100 international observers will be following tomorrow's referendum in Catalonia

Counter demonstrations ( against the referendum ) occurring in various Spanish Cities today....

Citizens sleep in centers to guarantee voting stations aren't sealed off...

Commentary against the referendum..

Almost over....


urges to engage ‘constructively’ in dialogue with in post-referendum phase

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, Iran to conduct joint military exercise on KRG-Iran border

- After over 2 years of not paying citizens their salaries, government announces it will step in to pay after securing oil from political officials in the KRG.

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Govt states all tariffs & oil revenues previously taken into personal bank accounts of officials will return to the people of as is their right under constitution

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On : How does one “revoke” the democratically expressed will of an entire people

1 hour ago

How long can the balance its relations with and ?

10,000 Peshmerga wounded in defense of world security stranded due to by neighboring Iraq

minister: No Iraqi authority allowed in airports without talks, agreement

Iraq’s PM denies his visit to France is for talks on Kurdish referendum

KRG transport minister attends a special session of the Kurdish parliament to discuss measures imposed by Iraq

- "The in Northern Iraq took steps despite our position, they will suffer consequences" President Erdogan

- Our correspondent to has confirmed absolutely no "Blockade" on region of . Border will be manned by Federal forces replacing which collects illegal tariffs with no transparency on funds.

: Iraq’s Prime Minister to attend talks on situation in on the invitation of France’s .

UK Politics.....

Might Boris take over from PM May ?

Other politicians revealing their ambitions....

PM May assures Merkel on EU citizen rights....

What will May do if talks with EU go nowhere ?

Saturday morning catch up - for everyone busy during the week !


No missive this week from Doug , just the underlying facts ( data & news ) from the week that was

Bond bubble continues to deflate as reflationary theme drives mkts in wake of more hawkish CenBanks. Value of glob bonds drop $184bn this wk

We've never had it so good: Global equities now worth $84.8trn, highest value ever in history. Equals to ~110% of world GDP.

Macron’s reform plans represent turning point for , says Economist. Country has fallen behind Germany, UK, US

Good morning from Germany which could have no working govt until the end of the year. FDP's Kubicky says Merkel govt won't be ready this yr.

China Sept. Manufacturing PMI at 52.4; Est. 51.6: compliments of the congress

US Politics.....

Puerto Rico...

excellent roundup of PR recovery data here.

Starting to get a better picture of hidden death toll. Interesting-Public Safety Secretary Héctor Pesquera , seems to have changed stance.

Very important to read Colonel's Valle's words to grasp one huge issue....

1 hour ago
Teamsters organize truckers to move supplies in Puerto Rico via


Puerto Rico: "Navy was in control...has done a phenomenal job, but was working from offshore and now it is more a territorial operation"

We must all be united in offering assistance to everyone suffering in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the wake of this terrible disaster.

My Administration, Governor , and many others are working together to help the people of Puerto Rico in every way...

Puerto Rico's Coop Bank has supplied cash to PR's +100 credit unions. They are working to get banking systems functioning and open branches.

Puerto Rico municipalities of Fajardo and Rio Grande have 100% phone restoration

Keep in mind , "ACE" is dealing with restoring power to an entire Island who had its electric grid destroyed. Doesn't happen in a day.

To upgrade distribution of gasoline Puerto Rico Treasury is granting provisional licenses to operate gas stations.

President of Puerto RIco water system said they have already implemented the emergency plan to contain the Guajataca dam failure.

Important Item - Free WIFI being set up in various parts of Puerto Rico. This should be a big help in communication there.

10,000 personnel & 36 Agencies involved in restoration of Puerto Rico....

Comments from the Governor of Puerto Rico on FEMA operations.....1

El acuerdo es sacar todos los contenedores hoy y enviar los camiones a los puntos de distribución a los municipios.
Translated from Spanish by 
The agreement is to remove all containers today and send trucks to points of distribution to the municipalities.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection response and recovery efforts with partners continue in Puerto Rico after

Tronadas sobre las aguas del Caribe se mueven hacia municipios del suroeste de PR.
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Tronadas on the waters of the Caribbean move towards southwest of PR municipalities.

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Just spoke w/ . He confirmed his personal commitment to deploy + resources to PR. Very pleased & hopeful for island’s future

Issue of death toll in Puerto Rico is unresolved in my opinion. PR govt states that death toll is 16 but multiple sources saying otherwise.

Employees of Puerto Rico credit union regulator, organizing to clean up

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations delivering supplies supporting response efforts in Puerto Rico

Right now on St. Thomas, working w/ to canvass island with boxes of food to feed impacted residents.

Excellent thread-for those really interested in understanding the complications presented with efforts to restore Puerto Rico. 10f 13 tweets

JUST IN: Lin-Manuel Miranda blasts Trump for Puerto Rico attacks: "You're going straight to hell"

Puerto Rico: Antennas for cell service increased from 96 to 163, according to governor

In Furious Tweetstorm, Trump Slams San Juan Mayor, Democrats, "Fake News" Over PR Disaster Response

JUST IN: San Juan mayor responds to Trump attacks: My focus is on saving lives

General overseeing Puerto Rico response breaks with Trump: We don’t have enough troops or equipment

JUST IN: Trump attacks Puerto Ricans: 'They want everything to be done for them'

Puerto Rico: Water service restored to 72% of customers in the south but in the west only 20% so far says Governor.

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The Fake News Networks are working overtime in Puerto Rico doing their best to take the spirit away from our soldiers and first R's. Shame!

Fake News CNN and NBC are going out of their way to disparage our great First Responders as a way to "get Trump." Not fair to FR or effort!

FEMA: 100 camiones de combustible llegarán el lunes -
Translated from Spanish by 
FEMA: 100 fuel trucks will arrive Monday -


NSA warned top Trump officials not to use personal email accounts: report

Trump VA secretary went sightseeing, shopping with wife on taxpayer-funded government trip: report

Mueller begins interviewing current White House staff in Trump-Russia probe: report

Trump quietly reconsidering role of family members on White House staff: report

THE MEMO: Trump's promise to "drain the swamp" tested by Price controversy

1 hour ago
Oklahoma blames rising ObamaCare premiums on Trump admin missing key deadline

North Korea....

Statement from the on recent comments from Secretary Tillerson on .

1 hour ago
BREAKING: US in contact with North Korea, probing willingness to talk.

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"We once again warn the old psychopath of America against his hysteria." say NK.

North Korea reiterating again tonight that they will turn U.S. into 'sea of flames' if the US carry on with hostile policy toward NK.

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South Korea's military is maintaining a high state of alert against any provocation by North Korea during the 10-day Chuseok holiday,

Several North Korean missiles are on the move within the country (Reuters)

Several missiles moved from North Korea’s Missile Research and Development Facility at Sanum-dong - a facility dedicated to ICBM production.

Odds & Ends .....


Turkish police in Bursa arrested killer of Opp activist Oroubeh Barakat & daughter Hala who were murdered more than a week ago in Istanbul

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Guy who was arrested "Ahmad Barakat" was the nephew(?) of Oroubeh and fought with FSA in Wadi Barada & fled to Turkey after evacuation

| retreated from Al-Shoula, Kabbajab, Al-Sukhanh, Al-Hail gas field, Mounts Al-Tuntur and Dahiq.

| captured Jafra oil field from

Syrian Army preparing to liberate Al Mayadin (ISIS new capital & major stronghold which homes ISIS commanders & their families)

ISIS launched its massive "Abu Muhammad al-Adnani" offensive hoping to occupy this entire area & reach Hama pocket & Al Qaryatayn. It Failed

Palmyra-Deir Ezzor road has been reopened

SAA has the corpses of 52 ISIS terrorists killed near Sukhnah including Tunisian leader Many more ISIS dead near Kobajeb, Shoula, T3, Thaym


Haftar willing to help fight illegal migration but also wants military assistance to prevent incursions in South Libya.

Elders engaged in reconciliation efforts to end localized conflicts being targeted. 2 from werfalla & 1 Tebu assassinated in 2 days.


JCPOA reverberates into NK crisis - and vice versa.

1 hour ago
Iran threatens to abandon nuclear deal if US withdraws from it

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