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Economic News , Data & Views....September 4 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Labor Day -1) North Korea Situation Updates : UNSC Emergency Meeting Set For 10:30am ; Anticipation Of NK ICBM Launch Perhaps Into Pacific Ocean Stokes Tensions ; China Warns NK Nuclear Brinksmanship Risks Disaster But It Has Poor Options To Deal With NK ; SK & US Deploy Military Assets But No Tactical Nuclear Weapons Deployed. 2) US Political Updates : Hurricane Harvey Clean Up & Recovery , Congressional Funding Items ; DACA Items ; Swampland News ( ACHA & Other Healthcare Items , Russia , Additional Items ) ; Political Odds & Ends. 3) Grab Bag : Hurricane Irma Showing Westward Slide , Definitely something To Watch ; Syria - ISIS VS SAA & Its Allies Fiercely Battling , Siege Not Lifted Yet Despite Premature Reports Sunday ; Gulf Rift Updates.

North Korea ...

US wants the UNSC to vote next Monday to impose “the strongest possible” sanctions on North Korea due to its 6th nuke test - H-Bomb.

South Korea's top security officials lean towards military measures vs dialogue w/ North Korea-increases pressure on Moon to change course.

Note "planning" for possibility of mass evacuation - not bring 60,000 citizens home. But still , something to note.

China talks a good game , but at the end of the day , China continues to enable NK.

If off today , UNSC meeting will be televised at 10:30am..

Would be pretty wild to launch an ICBM so too, but I guess we shall see..

Trump & Moon set to discuss North Korea over the phone shortly

Chinese state media


has no good options on dealing with ; some options would cause severe impact so China can't implement it easily: Analyst


ICYMI: The August 29th IRBM launch wasn't a surprise. If they test an ICBM into the Pacific in the next hours, it won't be a surprise.

All testing will come to an end until the solid fuel ICBMs, 2nd generation SLBM, and canisterized ICBMs/IRBMs are ready for testing. 😬

The South Korean government is *not* requesting the deployment of US tactical nuclear weapons. (Contra a few reports in last 24 hours.)

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South Korea to deploy four more THAAD launchers

US & SK to deploy aircraft carriers & bombers near North Korea - CNN


US Politics....

AP fires back at Trump's EPA: We stand by our on-site reporting on flooded toxic waste zones

Bush Commerce chief: If Trump ends protections for "Dreamers," it will be a "permanent blemish" on US

NEW: Rising gas prices after Harvey may deal economic blow to Trump

Arkema officials giving update on chemical plant fire and lifted evacuations in Crosby

Ex-CIA chief: Trump has made "imprecise" statements on North Korea that "could lead to great danger"

Most Dems remaining silent on support for Sanders' single-payer bill

Russia: US shutting down diplomatic compounds is "state hooliganism"

1 hour ago
Trump to end protections for Dreamers, with six-month delay: report

1 hour ago
Mexican aid for hurricane victims set to arrive in Texas

1 hour ago
President Trump's decision to end DACA, with a 6-month delay, is likely to shore up his base

1 hour ago
How do you relocate a town? Louisiana residents chased inland by rising waters, flood insurance prices

1 hour ago
Water began to flood parts of W Houston last Monday. Homes S of I-10, W of Gessner , N of Briar Forest & E of Reservoirs were impacted.

80% of Texans don't have flood insurance; governor says state will need federal relief in excess of $125 billion.

Death toll attributed to Harvey , just for Texas , reaches 60....

Convoy of trucks deliver food, supplies from Boston

Only one road open in and out of Vidor

Texas Army National Guard dropping life-saving supplies to communities still surrounded by water:

Neighbors adopt neighbors who don't have flood insurance

Woman kayaks more than 30 people to her home

Look at this! From city hall plaza in all the donations on their way to . Thank you ❤️πŸ™πŸ½

River and bayou levels are slowly receding. More details here:

Ryan on hurricane victims: The House will be with them every step of the way..this package is our first step of keeping that promise.

No spending offsets called for in initial emergency spending bill to help with Hurricane Harvey

Initial spending bill to cover Harvey is an emergency suppkemental spending bill. 12 annual spending bills fund the gov't. This is a 13th

Text of initial emergency spending bill does NOT include language dealing with raising the debt ceiling

Initial emergency spending bill for Harvey is just several billion. Expect additional emergency spending bills 4 Harvey above $100b or more

None of the funds in inital Harvey are subject to sequestration or other budget caps because the spending will be deemed an emergency.

Grab Bag....


Get ready Florida....

Keep an eye if you live of the East Coast...

Hurricane Irma Satellite Image...

Some ensemble members have been kinda doing a Hurricane Donna thing with : hard N. turn + brings storm up coast. So, not unprecedented.

06Z gfs run is pushing further west. Ensemble doing same. Will have to see what next run does. Could be an outlier

Here are the 5 am AST Sep. 4 Key Messages for Hurricane :


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Mission of Tiger Forces: connect to 137 brigade (formally lift the siege).Full lifting siege will from Shulah toward Airbase.

MAP:Syrian Army liberates Kabajeb and advance towards Shulah.

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The advancing forces are expected to make contact with forces in DEZ in the next hours: the moral is very high in DEZ city & defenders.

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and injected over 3000 forces (freed from ) in DEZ battle, liberating key mountain of Bushree, advancing quickly +

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There are 5000 & inside DEZ and 120,000 civ waiting to be liberated. AF is bombing all positions around base+

Replying to 
is trying to break into the surrounded military base while reinforcements are coming from 3 fronts towards eastern DEZ

The battle of Deir al-Zour is red hot with fierce battle between and the 137 battalion based at DEZ outskirt +

| Reports about fierce clashes near the 137th base. makes a giant progress in lifting the siege. Current military situation.

Gulf Rift..

Not at top of news cycle , but Qatar - Gulf Quartet Rift continues.....

1 hour ago
conference may end up increasing pressure on

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