Saturday, September 9, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views .......September 9 , 2017.......Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Hurricane Irma Track Shifts After Hitting Northern Cuba - Florida Keys Then SW Florida In Crosshairs Now. 2) Hurricane Jose Updates - Looks Like Jose's Eye Will Pass North Of Already Battered Barbuda. 2) US Politics Round Up : Hurricane Irma , Harvey Damage & North Korea Certain To Be In Focus As Trump Cabinet Begins Weekend Meetings ; Key Additional Political Matters In Focus Including Healthcare , Foreign Policy , Equinox Breach , Mueller Probe. 3) North Korea - Foundation Day Celebrated , No New Nuclear Test Or ICBM Launch , UNSC Session Monday With Harshest Sanctions Yet Poised To Be Imposed On North Korea. 4) Syria - SAA Regains Deir Ezzor Airport And Ends Years Long Siege At Airport , SDF Making Progress In Deir Ezzor Governorate. 5) Odds & Ends !


Florida governor holds dire news conference ahead of Irma: "You need to evacuate right now"

Tampa is hunkering down , ports being shutdown by Coast Guard...

No water/ice at this Publix near Orlando Airport. Customers were there picking up last minute items.CentralFl stores close early today

SW Florida Coast bracing for 10-15 storm surge....

Great news: essentially just sounded the all clear for landfall near Miami.

The latest (11am EDT) message from . " is expected to make landfall in Florida as an extremely dangerous major hurricane."

No matter the exact track, will be a heavy rainfall and inland flooding threat to the FL peninsula and the Southeast. Prepare now!

NHC 11am track Peak winds Sunday Miami-Dade & Broward 75-85 MPH Upper Keys 85-90 MPH Middle Keys up to 130 MPH Lower Keys Up to 170 MPH

There is a high probability of Tropical Storm Conditions throughout the entire Florida Peninsula.

193 miles S-SE of FLA , 130 mph now but > winds after passing Cuba , landfall first in lower FLA Keys - Tampa More likely than Miami ?

Irma hits N coast of Cuba hard , max winds have weakened to 130 mph , but strengthening expected after passing Cuba.

1 hour ago
Our experimental* Deep Thunder model indicates Major Hurricane 's eye will directly pass over prior to landfall over SW FL.

1 hour ago
The Florida Keys, SW Florida, and Tampa will likely see the core of Hurricane . Time is up to the south, and you better be off the keys

Here is the latest Keys Tourism Advisory regarding category 4 Hurricane , as compiled and transmitted by .

The eye of has just re-emerged back over water.

Cuba has been raked by 's eye all night. Recon data indicates Irma has weakened some as a result, but remains extremely dangerous.

The interaction between & Cuba is likely a factor in change of forecast track. Newest Cal. ECMWF EPs shows Cape Coral/Fort Myers hit

Replies to this tweet are heartbreaking. Keys are likely to get a direct hit & some don't have the means to leave.


Hurricane Jose track still a mystery - too far out for accurate forecast , but something to keep in mind...

While all eyes are on , there is some concern Major Hurricane approaches the eastern seaboard. Still early, but a wait and see.

Women and children first to flee St Martin as Hurricane Jose bears down on devastated Caribbean islands

After being slammed by Irma, Caribbean islands brace for Hurricane Jose, a Category 4 storm

This is great, great news.

US Politics....

Chief ObamaCare architect comes out in support of single-payer healthcare system

US stops surveillance of ISIS convoy at request of Russia

North Korea threatens to make US "pay dearly" for Nikki Haley's "tongue-lashing"

US, Japan conduct joint air exercises over East China Sea as tensions remain high with North Korea

Equifax will no longer force customers to waive right to sue after outcry

Mueller gives WH names of 6 aides he expects to question in Russia probe

Trump owns an estate on the French side of St Martin, Château des Palmiers. No reports on how well the 5-acre property weathered Irma.

US calls for UN vote on stricter North Korea sanctions

North Korea....

As UN prepares to vote on possible full oil product embargo, fuel prices spike further in Pyongyang

1 hour ago
Today is North Korea’s “Foundation Day”--but what exactly happened on that day?

1 hour ago
Why is North Korea following such an intensive testing schedule?

ICYMI, as further sanctions loom, Beijing insists it is "strictly" implementing UNSC measures

North Korea isn't getting ready to war contrary to online speculation. North Koreans celebrate their foundation day.

North Korea’s anniversaries: not linked to nuclear and missile tests, data suggests

Replying to 
KJU himself has called the ICBM tests “gift packages” that the North was delivering to the “US bastards”.

Rodong Sinmun (NK media), said the US would continue receiving “gift packages in different shapes and sizes”

The US government will vote on Monday on an UN resolution that would impose the toughest-ever sanctions on North Korea.

Japan says jet fighters conducted drills with U.S. aircraft over East China Sea.

Fuel prices are on the increase in Pyongyang, ahead of a possible oil embargo.

The rumours of an Earthquake in NK are false.


Syrian Arab Army broke the siege on Deir ez-Zor Military Airport Map:

Replying to 
The control of Allouch and Rabiaa hills ended the battle around Deir Al-Zour airport where the flag replaced the one of .

Replying to 
weeks r counted n : lacking 2push forces towards borders/Qaem will be left w/ escaping terrorists

Replying to 
escaping from around the military airport, hunted down by attacking forces: access to the airport puts almost an end to this battle

Another victory against : & allies break the perimeter of Deir al-Zour airport and meet the defenders after years of siege .

1 hour ago
Syrian Democratic Forces captured Al-Ruwayshid and reached the Deir ez-Zor Industrial Zone Map:

1 hour ago
Replying to 
Intense clashes and airstrikes in cemetery area + area between Panorama roundabout & Thayyem oil field. SAA very close to reaching Airbase

1 hour ago
Replying to 
Once SAA reach the Airbase, IS will be besieged inside DeirEzzor city (they control ~60%) as well as on Jabal Tharda

Replying to 
After Thayyem oil field, SAA capture Maliha village on Sholah - DeirEzzor road and from this axis they are 7km from reaching SAA in Airbase

Replying to 
SAA & allies led by 17th Division capture Rubay'at hill & Khaim al-Difa' west of Liwa al-Ta'min, from this axis they are ~1km from Airbase

Odds & Ends....

Saturday's News Links

[Bloomberg] China’s Factory, Consumer Inflation Pick Up, Exceeding Estimates

[Bloomberg] China to Ban Sale of Fossil Fuel Cars in Electric Vehicle Push

[Bloomberg] Worst Florida Damage From Irma Could Be From Storm Surge

Russia not playing around...

Latest bitcoin rollercoaster ride...

Be Mindful of Traditional Curve Flattening: US 2s/10s yield spread has dropped below 80bps, lowest since 2016.

'Everythings seems to be bubbling to the top & we're reaching boiling point.' An intriguing conversation w/Kyle Bass

Bond bubble keeps inflating. Value of global bonds hit a fresh high of almost $50tn in risk-off move on DC chaos, dovish CenBank talk.

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