Thursday, August 3, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....August 3 , 2017....Quick Hits For Thursday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Friday , Market Moving Data And News , Geopolitical Developments ; US - Dow Up For 7th Straight Day But S&P / Nasdaq Finish In The Red , Currencies And Treasuries Roiled By Political Uncertainty With Afternoon News Special Counsel Mueller Is Impaneling A Grand Jury. 2) US Political News : Special Counsel Mueller Impanels Grand Jury ; West Virginia Rally May Give Signals As To How Trump Will Respond To Mueller , Governor Jim Justice Switching From Democratic Party To GOP ; Swampland News ; New Set Of Leaks - This Time Calls Between POTUS & Leaders Of Mexico / Australia Embarass POTUS ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) WannaCry Hero Researcher Busted By FBI For Kronos Malware Campaign. 4) UK - Political News Of The Day To Consider. 5) Venezuela News De Jour. 6) MENA Updates - Dubai , Libya , Syria & Gulf Rift In Focus.



Former BOJ Kiuchi: 2% inflation goal is unachievable in foreseeable future

Former BOJ Kiuchi: BOJ cannot continue to purchase JGBs forever

PBoC Fixes USDCNY Reference Rate At 6.7132 (Prev 6.7211)

BOJ on a JGB buying spree again.. someone take away kuroda's credit card.

JN Labor Cash Earnings (Y/Y) Jun: -0.4% (Est 0.5% Prev 0.7%) JN Real Cash Earnings (Y/Y) Jun: -0.8% (Est 0.1% Prev 0.1%)

Reuters with more on PBOC could widen yuan band

(Overnight) RBA's Harper - AUD recent surge threatens to hit the economy hard

Toyota, Mazda Set to Announce $1.6b U.S. Assembly Plant: WSJ

Economic data due from Asia today - RBA Statement

Typhoon watch for South Korea..

China - US dance on NK..

Something to keep in mind..

38 North's Joel Wit highlights the enormous human and economic consequences of war with Korea--are we really ready to pay those costs?

Any theoretical strike on would inevitably require the removal of defenses around their harbors and other infrastructure.


Its NFP day! Preview from Goldman Sachs

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: USD/JPY dips to seven-week low

1 hour ago
US dollar lower on report Mueller is setting up grand jury for Russia probe

1 hour ago
The Dow closes higher but the broader indices in the red

USDJPY falls to new day lows on impanel of grand jury

US Political News....

Rut Roh...

Special Counsel Mueller Impanels Grand Jury...

Actually , I think Congress would have to pass a Special Prosecutor Law first. Prior law expired years ago.

Interesting. ...

Top FBI officials could testify in special counsel Mueller's Russia probe: report

1 hour ago
Trump atty Dowd tells colleague John Roberts "we have no reason to believe President Trump is under investigation"

1 hour ago
Prior to grand jury news, Sen Coons found it noteworthy that senators filed 2 bills to try to protect special counsels

2nd bill unveiled today by Sens Coons/Tillis would allow special counsels to appeal their firing to a 3 judge panel

1 hour ago
If Trump fires Muellar-it will be a knee jerk reaction before end of the weekend-if not this weekend-never will.

John Dowd, one of Trump's private lawyers, tells me re: WSJ report: "We have no reason to believe President Trump is under investigation."

"Grand jury matters are typically secret," Ty Cobb said. WH adds that Comey said 3 times Trump is not under investigation.

Notable location choice: DC would be the venue for obstruction of justice and related crimes that occurred in the White House.

Replying to 
Other issues venued in DC: Flynn's FBI interview (took place in WH), SF-86 filings, FARA issues. Lot of post-campaign things to examine.




JUST IN: Trump blames GOP-led Congress for “all-time low” relationship with Russia

Pov from Rosneft CEO... a certain amount of goading and ridicule being directed at Trump from Russia.

West Virginia Rally..

Trump's WV rally has concluded - no big announcements to impact FX

1 hour ago
W.V Governor Justice: I Am Switching To Republican Party

Trump unperturbed by Grand Jury news..?

"What the prosecutor should be looking at are Hillary Clinton's 33,000 emails," Trump says to a ROAR of happy screams from the crowd.

"I just hope the final determination is a truly honest one," Trump says of the Russia investigation.

Trump has arrived at rally site in West Virginia, where sound system is at LEVEL 11 blasting classic rock. Whole place smells like popcorn.

"When you hear the word Russia let's keep in mind...same people pushing this crazy story" predicted election wrong, Lara Trump says in WV.

Traveling w Trump to rally: John Kelly Eric & Lara Jared Ronna McDaniel Kellogg, Scavino, John McEntee, Hope Hicks, Bill Stepien, Joe Hagin.

Also on Air Force One with Trump: West Virginia Sen Shelley Moore Capito

1 hour ago
Here's 's January profile on Jim Justice, the governor said to be switching from Democrat to Republican

NEWS: WV Gov Jim Justice is expected to change parties, become a Republican tonight at the rally with Trump >>

North Korea...

O point in any talks presently ..

New U.S. sanctions against the DPRK: A North Korean perspective

Lavrov and Tillerson discussed the situation on the Korean Peninsula, agreed to meet in Manila🇵🇭, August 6-8 ➡️

Problem w/ "No Regime Change "statement-stems from fact what Tillerson said yesterday could refuted by POTUS today.

Swampland News - Healthcare , Debt Limit , ...

Senate unanimously blocks Trump from making recess appointments

1 hour ago
House and Senate now out for rest of month:

Senate got clearance from all 100 senators to confirm dozens of nominees today. But the nomination of Callista a Gingrich didn't make cut

Anthem, Aetna exit Obamacare exchanges

WH budget chief Mulvaney says he & entire administration now on board behind "clean" debt limit increase - no longer seeking spending cuts

McConnell: The Senate has confirmed more nominations this week than the Senate has confirmed all year combined.

He will have his hands full. Kelly needs to get Trump to commit to checking with him before tweeting.

Looks like press event pulled by Mooch...

Leaks briefing set for Friday from AG Sessions ODNI Chief Coats.

White House staffers were high-fiving Stephen Miller after his combative exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta, aide Seb Gorka says.

H.R. McMaster has concluded Susan Rice did nothing wrong on unmasking, reports

This going to come a head quicker than I thought...

Sanctuary City news update..

Leaks Embarrass POTUS

Deputy Press Sec Lindsay Walters on AF1 gaggle: "It's not beneficial to anyone to have these documents leaked out."

Will Trump apologize to NH for drug den remark? "I am not going get into commenting on that (leaked) conversation," Lindsay Walters on AF1.

Interesting. ...

Corker on WH leaks: To have people leaking..these people should be fired. There is disloyalty

Graham on leak of foreign ldr transcripts: It's a disservice that this can't have people picking and choosing what to leak

Hopefully people understand , like Trump or not , leaking transcripts of calls with world leaders hugely dangerous.

This !

Keep in mind , the leaked calls referenced in WaPo - were from January 27th and January 28th...

POTUS must be at the point of sitting everyone down and having lie detector tests administered..

WannaCry Hero Researcher Busted By FBI For Kronos Malware Campaign

WannaCry attack hero Marcus Hutchins arrested in US

FBI detains researcher who stopped spread of damaging malware program

Whoa ! If you recall WannaCry, a researcher fairly early on stopped the hack. Now allegedly arrested !


LISTEN Ken Livingstone: Failure to "Kill All The Oligarchs" Caused Venezuela Crisis [AUDIO]

1 hour ago
Labour Hawks Want Corbyn to Renounce Maduro

1 hour ago
Recap Lib Dems call for drug policy change after record number of deaths in 2016

1 hour ago
ICYMI Prisons not given ‘sufficient attention’ by Government, says Tory former minister

Michael Gove confirms foreign trawlers will have continued access to UK waters


| Millions of Votes “Manipulated” in Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly Election.

Chilean Embassy in Offers Protection from Regime to New Judges.

| European Union Denounces Illegal Constituent Assembly Vote in Venezuela.

| Organization of American States to Hold “Urgent” Meeting Over Venezuelan Election Fraud.

Why you should care about the crisis in Venezuela

Venezuela is bracing for protests as the gov prepares to open contentious new constituent assembly

Venezuela attorney general's office asks court to block new assembly

| The Attorney General will launch an investigation into the accusations of alleged tampering with last Sunday’s vote |



1 hour ago
Another Towering Inferno !

BREAKING: 's torch tower is AGAIN on fire.

Woke up to the crazy sirens in the neighborhood - yet another fire at the Torch tower in Marina. Hope everyone is safe.


's navy enters Tripoli & Italian air force does missions over . Libyan parliament & LNA condemn/reject.

LNA, HoR and PC deputy al-Majbri condemn 's deployment of its navy to . Surely, will have to pull back now?

Italian Gov't Sources: Haftar's threats are mere propaganda.. No real danger.

South Korean Amb: 's security situation has improved, an encouraging sign for the return of foreign companies

Will wait and see how this plays out..

Egyptian army statement on CoS Hejazi-hosted meetings between Misratans & east Libyans. No mention of LPA/UN process

Al-Bonyan Al-Marsoos Operation sets next Monday a day for the selection of Libyan Army leadership

meetings have begun in , with eastern- figures.


Former Ahrar al-Sham commander and defector to HTS "Hamoud Rahal Abo Malik" was assassinated outside his home in Ma'rshamarin village, Idlib

Army destroys positions and heavy equipment for ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor: Local sources in al-Mayadin city...

Deir Ezzor update..

After Coalition Raids ISIS Terrorists Attack Civilians in Deir Ezzor

Blockaded north countryside joins Russian-backed de-escalation zones today. "Pleased with the agreement."

ISIS running out of fighters , it would appear. Had to resort to forced conscription.

UNPRECEDENTED -- ISIS declares forceful conscription for all military-age males in Deir Ezzor (for now from 20-year-olds to 30-year-olds)

: US Embassy in Turkey denies reports of sending “tanks” and “hundreds of truckloads of weapons” into for

Gulf Rift....

Information ministers from Anti-Terror Quartet countries discuss Qatar crisis

Compensation panel urged to help stranded workers in siege countries

1 hour ago

Qatar says Turkey helped blunt effects of Quartet blockade.

The latest updates on the Qatar-Gulf crisis

Arab quartet reinstates 13 demands to talk with , which include: stop terrorism financing & cut ties with Iran

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