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Economic News , Data & Views.....August 2 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Wednesday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Thursday , Market Moving Data & News , North Korea Situation Updates ; US - Stock Indexes Have Another Mixed Day With Dow Crossing 22,000 While S&P & Nasdaq Close Near Unchanged , Spot Gold Down A Tad , US Crude Rises Relatively Close To 50 Bucks , Not A Whole Lot Shaking For US Treasuries Today , Fed Speakers Williams & Rosengren Hold Forth ; Europe- Major Indexes Red Today , Additional Financial News Of Note , BOE On Deck Thursday Morning. 2) US Politics : Swampland News ; Foreign Policy Items - Non Russian Related ; Russia Catch All - Probes , Sanctions ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus : Tuesday's Key Items To Consider - Poland May Seek WW 2 Reparations Against Germany ; STX Shipyard Still Splits France & Italy ; EU / Italy Migration Mitigation Actions Stir Controversy In Libya And With NGOs ; Qatar Buys 7 Ships From Italy As Gulf Rift Not Stopping Commerce ; A Key Brexit Note To Consider From Wolfgang Munchau ; Quantifying A Cyber-Attack - Lloyd's Of London Presents On Estimate ; Additional Items Of Note. 4) Odds & Ends - MENA Highlights , Brazil & Venezuela Items Of Note.



HK Nikkei PMI Jul: 51.3 (Prev 51.1)

JN Nikkei PMI Composite Jul: 51.8 (Prev 52.9) JN Nikkei PMI Services Jul: 52 (Prev 53.3)

Japan - Nikkei/Markit July PMIs: Services 52.0 (prior 53.3 ) & Composite 51.8 (prior 52.9)

New Zealand - ANZ Job Ads for July: -1.0% m/m (prior +1.3%)

On 's recent test of what appears to be the Dong Neng 3 (DN-3) anti-satellite missile

Interesting. ...

NEW: Chinese People's Liberation Army Rocket Force Staged a Massive Missile Drill Against a THAAD Mockup Target

Australia - Services PMI for July: 56.4 (prior 54.8)

Australia - July PMI CBA/Markit Composite 56.7 (prior 57.2) & Services 57.0 (prior 57.0)

Gold lower - stops triggered in thin early Asia trade

Economic data due from Asia today - Australia and China focus


Dow closes at an all-time high for the 6th straight day, 32nd time this year.

Dow closes above the 22K level. S&P and Nasdaq near unchanged.

Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: EURUSD cracks 1.1900 but backs off

1 hour ago
More from Fed's Williams: Sees one more rate hike this year (3 likely the next)

Fed's Rosengren: Tight Labor Markets Justify Fed Plans to Keep Raising Rates

Williams Q&A: Balance sheet unwind 'baked into the cake' for markets

Fed's Williams: We need to gradually reduce monetary stimulus

U.S. crude futures settle at $49.59/bbl. ⬆$0.43. +0.87%. _U7 volume: ~789k


1 hour ago
BoE meet today - a (technical) look at GBP ahead of Carney and Co.

Former BOE deputy Bean warns economic growth could fall off a cliff

European stocks end the session lower

Will the strong currency kill the Eurozone recovery? Euro just hit strongest level since Jan2015. Chart watcher look to 2010, 2012 levels.

US Politics....


Mark Zuckerberg has the ability to fund himself if he chooses to do so , lining up folks from HC's old team...

Purge: McMaster fires two Bannonites on National Security Council

1 hour ago
Between McMaster and Kerry , house-cleaning well underway.

1 hour ago
Molina Healthcare pulling out of two states, raising premiums 55% in remaining states

Christopher Wray has been sworn in as the new director of the FBI

Three Reasons Why the GOP Tax Reform Effort Could End in Tears

Presented without comment , listen & form your own opinion.

Russia wasn’t trying to elect a particular candidate. Putin wanted to delegitimize our elections.

Still have proverbial sharks flying around the White House in the political whirlwind though...

Baltimore Drops Dozens of Cases After Video Casts Doubt on Officers:

: Senate eyeing early end to extended session this week

Trump's job approval sinks to a new low of 33% in new Quinnipiac poll out today.

Responding to rumors Rick Perry being considered as new DHS Secretary to replace Gen. Kelly, who replaced Reince Preibus as Chief of Staff

Foreign Policy- Non Russia...

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister responding to new US sanctions against Iran

New DPRK travel alert issued from U.S State Dept today. Only those w/ special passport validation allowed into North Korea after 9/1/2017.

People's Liberation Army Rocket Force engages in a war game where they appear to test strategy against THAAD.

Wherein I discuss why Lindsey Graham is dangerously wrong on North Korea.

.: don’t see "any indication" that North Koreans are willing to have a "serious discussion" but US goal is to change their mind

Mattis/Tillerson now briefing senators on why the administration doesn't want/need a new AUMF to justify the use of military force overseas

Trump says he's reforming U.S. green card system with new 'Raise Act.' Will restrict immigration 'significantly,' make system 'merit-based.'

Replying to 
US officials looked to Canada, other countries for ideas on reforming system. Moving away from issuing entry cards to 'low-skilled' workers.

Replying to 
US Senate observers give immigration bill little chance of passage. Politico estimates fewer than 30 Republicans will support, no Democrats.


Acting asst sec state Sue Thornton says Tillerson won't meet separately with North Korean FM at ASEAN regional forum.


's reaction to new sanctions on .

Dmitry trying to mindgame Trump on Twitter.

Replying to 
JUST IN: Russian PM Medvedev: Pres. Trump's admin. "has demonstrated full impotence" in signing new Russia sanctions.

Federal judge married to new Mueller appointee steps aside from cases relating to Trump

Signing statement items of note..

Replying to 
Another Trump statement on the bill signing notes in particular that it "encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate":

Time will tell , time will tell...

: Trump quietly signs Russia sanctions bill behind closed doors


Report on feasibility of reparations supposed to be ready August 11th...sums involved could be astronomical.

Lloyd's of London gives range of 53 to 121 billion for a major cyberattack.

EU rubber boat export ban comes into force to counter migrant smugglers (Malta Today)

NGO ship intercepted by Italy , new rules in effect..

An important Brexit note to consider today.

Qatar Navy Buys 7 Ships for 5 Billion Euros From Italy: BBG

's Lower House has voted on plan to send its navy into waters to stop migrants & send them back. 328 in favour, 113 against.

Replying to 
2. Issue now being debated in the Senate. It's not a done deal until Senate votes in favour.

We shall see....

Poland to seek WW 2 reparations from Germany ?

Mena & Odds And Ends...


: directs his forces to bomb any Italian warships requested by Fayez Al-Sarraj

I believe this applies if he is directed to do so by PC Head Serraj..

The internationally recognised Parliamant rejects the internationally recognised government's deal w/ - politics in a nutshell


SAA advance toward Ma'adan underway , 6 key villages captured to clear the way.

Fierce battle in Sukhnah city after SAA advance on Tantour heights overlooking city

1000s of Arabs excluded from upcoming elections in Syria’s Kurdish-majority north. A Self-Admin official explains.

If accurate , SAA has reached first building inside Al Sukhnah. ISIS said to be 48 hours cld be key.

has vetoed regime action against - partly in response2 pressure. This means US will no longer do that in future.

Catch All

So much for that Saudi imports collapse

Unless drastic additional sanctions are imposed , the Gulf Rift can continue for a long , long time.

Turkey continues to expand repression of expression..

BREAKING: foreign ministry: No truth to using Kuwaiti waters to transport weapons to Houthis in


263 representatives voted to reject the corruption charges against Temer. 227 voted to approve the charges

Brazil's President Temer wins votes in lower house to block corruption charge



Only a third ?

An in-country view of the decline of Venezuela since 2014. Very well written and worth taking the time to read.

Venezuela’s Opposition Has No Plans to Set Up Interim Government

poll turnout figures 'manipulated': e-voting firm

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