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Economic News , Data & Views......August 26 , 2017......Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Hurricane Harvey : Harvey Has weakened From A Cat 4 Storm At Landfall , Down To A Cat 1 Storm - But This Is Going To Be A Long Drawn Out Affair And The Danger Is Far From Over. 2) Global Markets Overview - Doug Noland's Weekly Missive & Items Touching On Global Markets. 3) US Political Round Up - Seb Gorka Fired By White House , Mueller Probe Updates Involving Manafort & Flynn , POTUS Signs Transgender Ban Order , North Korea Still Acting Out - Fires 3 More Missiles Last Might , Sheriff Arpaio Pardoned By Potus , Additional Items Of Note. 4) Europe In Focus - News From Germany , Italy , France & Greece. 5) UK Political Round Up For Saturday. 6) Odds & Ends To Consider !

Hurricane Harvey......

Stationary until Wednesday/ Thursday....

Residents may return to Corpus Christi, however more than 100,000 customers without power:

Do not focus on the fact that is now a tropical storm- a catastrophic flooding event is still unfolding!

Galveston seeing strong swells and rain is pouring down...

Corpus Christi damage .......first light.

Devastation - really hope folks heeded those evacuations calls....

Roads in Rockport flooded, covered with downed power lines. Smell of gas fills the air.

Barometric pressure still low , movement at 6mph very slow....

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LATEST: Hurricane Harvey remains a Category 1 storm with winds now at 75 mph, down from 130 mph at landfall

Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane, packing 130 m.p.h. winds. Follow the latest updates:

Rainfall forecasts still off the hook....


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National Weather Service: We don't use terms like 'catastrophic and life-threatening' often, but that is the threat with flooding.

Photo shows police officer trying to save American flag during Hurricane Harvey (via Aransas Pass Police Department)

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JUST IN: NASA satellite imagery shows Hurricane Harvey lingering over the coast of Texas

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JUST IN: Coast Guard urges Texas residents to "stay safe and not to venture out while storm damage is assessed"

24 hour rainfall totals in Texas show amounts as high as 9 inches in some localities.

Jason Chaffetz on : "It does appear that is way ahead of this, way more than ."

1 hour ago
Closely monitoring from Camp David. We are leaving nothing to chance. City, State and Federal Govs. working great together!

First light in Rockport Texas. A lot of damage.

Early images from Lockport , showing damage from direct hit...

Hurricane is steadily weakening over land, but excessive rainfall and storm surge threats remain

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Hurricane Harvey updates: • Now Category 1 • Potentially "catastrophic" flooding • More than 211,000 without power

. - got your message loud and clear. We have fantastic people on the ground, got there long before . So far, so good!

Hurricane Harvey is now a Category 2 storm with sustained winds dropping to 110 mph

NEW: expected to meander over the region, with life-threatening, catastrophic flooding expected through Tuesday, says NWS

Hurricane Harvey's wallop on U.S. oil refiners is just beginning

Harvey's maximum sustained winds have dropped from 130 to 125 mph, making the storm a Category 3 hurricane.

JUST IN: Hurricane Harvey makes landfall as category 4 storm

JUST IN: "Non-criminal immigration enforcement operations will not be conducted at evacuation sites" during Harvey, ICE & Border Patrol say

Global Market News...

Doug Noland's analysis of the Jackson Hole speech from Fed Chief Yellen & his usual fine review of the week that was.

Draghi's JH message shows it's easy to buy things (QE) BUT is harder to find someone to buy what you already bought.

Bond bubble keeps inflating. Value of global bonds hit fresh all-time high of $49.3tn on expectations uber-dove Cohn to succeed Fed's Yellen

US Politics...

Special counsel investigating whether Flynn tried to obtain Clinton emails from Russia: report

White House official: Gorka didn't resign

Worth recalling that Jane Sanders appeared w Arpaio once and toured his tent jail

Special counsel subpoenas PR firms tied to former Trump campaign manager: report

Menendez pleads with judge to recess corruption trial for major Senate votes

Trump signs order officially banning transgender troops

White House yielding to Congress on tax details

White House: Trump not surprised by Cohn's criticism of his Charlottesville response

NBC: Trump likely to end DACA

Seb Gorka was fired ? If he didn't resign , then he was fired......

Seb Gorka resigns.....

Report: Kelly revoked Gorka's security clearance while he was on vacation

Called it! pardons Joe Arpaio

Arpaio was to be sentence for his federal misdemeanor on October 5. The presidential pardon pre-empts all that.

Tillerson, Wednesday: Look, North Korea hasnt tested since the latest sanctions Trump, also Wed: KJU is respecting us! NorKor: 3-2-1...

JUST IN: US Pacific Command says North Korea launched THREE ballistic missiles today in a span of 30 minutes. Full statement:



Former VW engineer gets 40 months in 'dieselgate' scandal

Germans’ biggest concern still immigration, but poverty is catching up


Prestigious athletics event in quake-struck region is cancelled

Forced eviction of migrants by police in Rome draws widespread condemnation


French ministers visit Iraq in support of Isis fight

Make-up bill causes blushes for France's Macron


'Not afraid': defiant Barcelona to march against terror

Rajoy urges Spain to show its 'love' in anti-terror march


Schaeuble defends tough line on Greek reforms

EU states to start return of migrants to Greece


Most popular articles...

UK Politics beat - Item 1

UK Politics beat - item 2

UK Politics beat - item 3

UK Politics beat - item 4

Odds & Ends....


Syrian Arab Army took full control over the eastern pocket in Homs governorate Map:

Syrian Arab Army in cooperation with allies liberate mountainous area north of Palmyra which extends from west of Sukhnah until Sha'er field

Army intelligence arrested "Hassan Hamad al-Hassan" in north Lebanon who is part of IS sleeper cell, was planning assassination of a General

Military situation in the Lebanese–Syrian border.

1 hour ago
SAA recaptured all the hills overlooking Al Sabkha to Ghanem Ali which were recently taken by ISIS at Euphrates

| Coalition warplanes conducted several airstrikes on Mayadin

| attacks Huwayjat Shinan village and Russian warplanes hit targets in Ghanim Al-Ali village and in Ma'adan town

North Korea...

North Korean official to me just now: "This is the most tense I've ever seen. The situation could escalate at any moment."

North Korea explained in graphics

North Korea used multiple-rocket launchers to fire missiles that could hit U.S. military bases deep in South Korea

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North Korea fire several missiles

2 out the 3 North Korean missiles did not fail and flew about 155miles.

Increased activity spotted at North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear research site.

Updated assessment of latest missile launches.

Statement on latest violation of Security Council resolutions: 3 SRBM launches; no threat to U.S. territory including


UPDATES: Weapons storage in Erbil exploded causing a big sound heard in parts of Erbil, reports say it belongs to Zeravani force

Deputy PM and Foreign Minister welcome 's Defence and Foreign ministers in Erbil city, .

: France to give €430 million loan to .

Islamic State's stronghold Tal Afar about to fall: Iraqi military

Iraqi Forces captured 90% of Tal Afar from Islamic State Map:

Iraqi forces seize 70 percent of Islamic State stronghold Tal Afar: minister

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Two mass graves found in Tal Afar, Badoush area, containing the bodies of 500 prisoners killed by

| آخر مستجدات معركة تحرير مركز قضاء تلعفر السبت 2017/8/26 الساعة 1:00 ظهرا last updated map of situation in
Translated from Arabic by 
Latest edit battle | Center Tal Afar Saturday 2017/8/26 at 1:00 pm last updated map of situation in


Italy Bribes Libyan Militias to Stop Migrants Eeaching Europe: Reportrn

New power station being installed in Tarhuna, replacing unit downed due to overload.

Boris Johnson: Haftar has a role to play in the political process.. on Libyans to determine an acceptable settlement

Additional items...

The man who stabbed a soldier in Brussels before being shot dead was a Belgian of Somali origin: prosecutors

U.S. service member missing after Black Hawk crashes near Yemen

Evacuation plan for in is developed in case the crisis aggravates. | via

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