Friday, August 25, 2017

August 25 , 2016 - Hurricane Harvey Update At 6:30am - Short And Sweet - Current Advisories & Key Information From Past 12 hours. Read And Act Accordingly. Heed Calls For Evacuation. God Speed !

Hurricane Harvey....

Afternoon / Evening Tweets....

As I thought it might , just hit Cat 4 - as it approaches landfall !

Latest Hurricane Harvey updates:

Harvey continues to intensify according to and is now a category 4 with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph.

Now is the time in these areas to hunker down for

Catastrophic flooding expected in Texas from due to extremely heavy rainfall & life-threatening storm surge

Here are the key messages for about the 4 pm CDT advisory.

Morning tweets....

So it seems I'm in for 8"-10" of rain this afternoon as a result of Hurricane Harvey... in Austin! 200 miles inland!

4am CDT Key Messages for Hurricane . Preparations along the Texas coast should be rushed to completion.

Tropical Storm conditions are likely to reach the coast by this afternoon. More graphical products available here:

has strengthened to a CAT 2 storm. It's expected to make landfall north of Corpus. Watch TWC for live Tropical Coverage.

Looks like an eye is beginning to clear out of the center of

Hurricane Advisory 19A: Dangerous Hurricane Harvey Strengthening. Winds Reach 105 Mph.

HURRICANE HARVEY UPDATE -New mandatory evacuations for 3 Texas counties -Potential surge rises from 10 ft to 12 ft

Hurricane : Latest (00Z) GFS still shows tremendously heavy rainfall for Texas and Louisiana, maxing out the scale. >40" possible.

NWS WPC rainfall update from Hurricane continues to absolutely inundate Texas & Louisiana. Huge area 14-24" 17 Trillion TX, 6T LA

flooding impacts to continue into next week with isolated 30+ inches possible .Turn Around Don’t Drown.

The eye of is now visible on the Brownsville Radar. NHC will begin issuing hourly position updates at 11:00pm CDT.

As of 10 PM CDT, Hurricane still expected to make landfall Fri night/early Sat. Expected to stall near/just inland on mid TX coast.

The latest 7-day WPC QPF forecast. 25+ inches of rain expected with . Stay safe!!

Rapidly deteriorating conditions from will begin along TX coast during the day Friday. Preparations should be rushed to completion

Hurricane expert Dr. Rick Knabb has an important message about

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