Friday, July 7, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....July 7 , 2017..... Quick Hits For Friday-1) Markets : US Stocks Indexes Have A Strong Day After Non Farm Payrolls Beat Expectations Handily ; Oil & Gold Sell Off Heavily today - Rig Count Shoots Back Up Once Again ; NFP Items Of Note ; Europe Indexes Mixed On Friday , ECB Catching Flack . 2) US Politics : Trump- Putin First Meeting At G-20 Today : Additional Political Related Items Of Note. 3) G-20 Protests "Welcome To Hell" Continue For A Second Day. 4) Greece Updates - 8.5 BN Euro Tranche Payment To Arrive Monday , Domestic News Focusing On The Economy. 5) UK Political Round Up Ahead Of The Weekend. 6) Odds & Ends - Italy Refugee Situation Linked To EU Budget Payment , Libya , Syria , Bitcoin , Iraq , North Korea & More.



US stocks close with solid gains on the day

Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: US and Canada show decent employment gains.

Crude oil settles at $44.23

Baker Hughes total rigs 952 vs 940 last week

Recap: Nonfarm payrolls beat estimates

Chart: Where US jobs were created in June and how much do they pay

US Change in Private Payrolls Jun: 187K (est 170K; rev prev 159K) -Change in Manufact. Payrolls Jun: 1K (est 5K; rev prev -2K)

US Avg Weekly Hours All Employees Jun: 34.5 (est 34.4; prev 34.4) -Labour Force Participation Rate Jun: 62.80% (est 62.70%; prev 62.70%)

US Average Hourly Earnings (M/M) Jun: 0.20% (est 0.30%; rev prev 0.10%) -Avg Hourly Earnings (Y/Y) Jun: 2.50% (est 2.60%; rev prev 2.40%)


European stocks end the session mixed. Modest changes on the day

The ECB is scared of everything h/t

POTUS-Trump First Meeting On Sidelines At G-20...

Epic meeting. Trump and Putin began their 1st face-to-face encounter about 10:10a eastern and concluded about 12:25p during G-20 in Germany

Reports emerging that Putin says he and Trump talked about cyber security and terrorism.

A "de-escalation agreement" was agreed to by US, Russia and Jordan regarding ceasefire in southwest Syria, Tillerson tells press in Germany.

TRUMP opened Putin meeting by raising concerns about 2016 election interference, Tillerson said. Pressed Putin repeatedly. Putin denied it.

Putin's denial of election interference is a hindrance to moving the US-Russia relationship forward, Tillerson tells press in Germany.

Trump accepted Putin's assurances that Russia didn't do any hacking in US election, Lavrov says, in separate briefing with Russian press.

US and Russia see North Korea "a little differently," Tilllerson says, but Russia official policy is denuclearization.

Putin and Trump "connected very quickly. There was a very clear positive chemistry between the two," Tillerson tells US press.

Putin and Trump had such intense level of engagement neither wanted to stop, Tillerson says. 1st Lady came to interrupt, but went hour more.

Tillerson: Russians asked for proof of election meddling; Trump says he'll leave that to intel community. Trump said let's "move forward."

Tillerson and Mnuchin end briefing to US press on how the Trump Putin meeting went. Lavrov gave his own version of events to Russian press.

Lavrov: Putin, Trump agreed to -secure Syrian ceasefire -open channel on Ukraine -start working group on cybersecurity -name new ambassadors

Lavrov: Trump said "some circles continue to pump up the topic of Russian interference in the American elections though they can’t prove it"

Additional Items -US Politics....

Not sure how anyone in 2017 doesn't grasp jihad-but Dems better understand they need to stamp out this fire pronto.

Briefing reporters in Germany, Treasury Sec Steve Mnuchin kicks off by praising Trump. Says Poland speech was "incredibly well received."

"The North Korea issue has been discussed very substantively," Mnuchin says, referring to Trump's meetings with Merkel, Moon, Abe, etc.

Definitely something people with open minds should read this weekend.

So , Russia-Trump collusion angle dying on the vine at MSNBC ?

Not going to get what they need from the UNSC..

Mexican ForMin: NAFTA Renegotiations Expected To Begin On 16th August – RTRS

We have to wait and see what actually develops , but Lynch might be in some very hot waters...

McConnell concedes GOP may not be able to repeal ObamaCare

"Welcome To Hell"....

Nearly 200 police officers injured in fierce G-20 protests

Hearing reports from colleagues that their cameras are being robbed or destroyed by protesters as riots continue in .

Disgraceful - what does looting supermarkets have to do with protesting the G-20 ?

1) have eyed for months. In November, they described 's “infinite number” of targets “suitable for destruction”

Around 60 arrests, 160 (!) injured at G20 protests in Hamburg

Protesters still trying to raise "Hell in Hamburg."

"Welcome To Hell" greetings from protesters setting tone for terrorism discussions...

Welcome to hell...

German police pepper sprayed young demonstrator who climbed on top of armored van during Hamburg G20 protests


Bailout tranche to arrive on Monday

Reforms have had small impact on specific markets

Exports jump in May, but so does trade deficit

Bankruptcies grew fivefold in last decade

Conditions set for VAT rebate acceleration

Greece's net job hirings reach new 6-month record high of 99,197 in June

UK News De Jour...

It's that time of the week! Test how much you remember with our NEW PoliticsHome Quiz

Alex Salmond savages 'dead wood press' and becomes latest politician to attack BBC -

Jeremy Corbyn ally threatens Labour MPs with deselection to 'keep the party fresh and updated'

Labour chair Ian Lavery backs off on deselection threats

British FInMin Hammond: British People Have Made Up Their Minds On Brexit; We Should Aim For Close Partnership With Eu Like We Have With U.S

Theresa May isn't listening to her negotiators on rights of EU citizens in UK

So we learn Corbyn requested this meeting ! Why am I not surprised ?

Interesting. It wasn't a "No", was it? Indeed it sounded rather Yes-like....

Odds & Ends...

1 hour ago

Italy wants fixed number of refugee arrivals for Italy- threatens to withhold 20 BN from EU if concerns ignored.

Polish President just the latest to smack down fake news...

For two months running, no UN member state has imported coal from North Korea

Isis militants took over Imam Gharbi village close to American Qayyarah west airbase, as they lose control of Mosul city

Presence of Russia would complicate matters.

Bitcoin as a National Currency Could See Economies Collapse, Says China Central Bank Aide

SAA-Russian delegation entered Afrin this morning for talks with YPG leadership. Turkish threat helped push all 3 together

PC warns what it called them " outlaws" from entering the capital as it threatens to ask " friendly countries" to entervene​" Misratan force

In Libya, LNA 103 battalion claims that three of its fighters and two other PAX have been killed in south of Tripoli.

This was a major confrontation- while 40 militants were killed , 26 Egyptian soldiers were killed or wounded.

Petrol crisis in as no more petrol trunks being sent from . Eastern is now sending petrol from Brega instead.

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