Thursday, July 6, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views....July 6 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Thursday -1) Markets : Asia Calendar For Friday , Market Moving Data & News ; US - Stock Indexes Deeply In The Red But Off Their Lows , Bond Yields Rise Sharply , Oil Finishes Well Off Highs Of Day , Gold Has A Muddle through Day ; South Korea's Largest Bitcoin Exchange Suffered Massive Hack With 1BN Won Worth of Cryptocurrencies Stolen From Users ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) US Politics - Illinois Assembly Overrides Governor's Veto - Illinois finally Has A Budget ; Repeal & Replace Updates ; North Korea Situation Updates ; US-China Items ; G-20 ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Gulf Rift Updates ; 4) Libya In Focus . 5) Iraq Updates For Mosul Campaign. 6) Europe Highlights - UKPolitical Updates ; G-20 & Poland ; Banks Of Europe Items. 7) Odds & Ends !



Economic data due from Asia today (plus a Federal Reserve speaker)

Banzai !!!!!!!!!

Hmmmmmm.... BOJ in the market.. 10-year yield falls back below 0.1% after BOJ fixed-rate operations; bank offers to buy unlimited amount

Spread just rose to the highest in over 2 years

PBOC sets USD/CNY mid-rate today at 6.7914 (vs. yesterday at 6.7953)

PBoC Drains A Net CNY 250 Bln Via Open Market Ops This Week Against A Net CNY 335 Bln Drain Last Week

PBOC skips open market operations for 11th day, drains CNY 20BN in liquidity, and CNY 750BN in past 11 days

1 hour ago
Japan - Labour Cash Earnings for May: +0.7% y/y (expected 0.4%)

1 hour ago
Japanese Official Reserve Assets (USD) Jun: 1249.8B (exp 1257.2B; prev 1251.9B

US Defense Sec. Mattis - reaffirms US 'ironclad' commitment to Sth Korea

Unconventional Scheme Gives Toshiba Access To New Credit – Nikkei

Japan - European Union free trade deal - where we at?

Iron ore just had its largest fall in close to a month


US stock indices slide to the downside. Close nearer the lows.

Forexlive Americas FX wrap: EUR the strongest currency as traders think QE taper

Trend is certainly not your friend , if looking to see supplies diminish...


Red but not as red as earlier..

Additional Items....

4th largest bitcoin exchange globally & largest in S.K. In S.K , has 75 % of bitcoin & 44% of ether markets. 1

US Politics...


House moving quickly. House votes to override veto of spending bill, 74-37.

House overrides veto of budget implementation bill, 71-41.

House votes 71-42 to override revenue bill override.

Madigan: "Thank you to all of you for persevering through this unbelievable struggle. Thank you very, very much." Dems applauded.

1 hour ago
House now taking up Gov. Rauner's override of the tax bill.

The woman who was arrested was coming from the third floor, being led out by Capitol Police near House offices.

Hearing unconfirmed reports from lawmakers that the person who threw the substance threw it in multiple places, not just gov's office.

Totally surreal...

Hazmat crew checking the building

Domestic Politics....

Considering the DNC has been alleged to be the subject of Russian hacking-why has the DNC refused to cooperate with FBI , DHS and Mueller ?

1 hour ago
JUST IN: Russians are said to be suspected in hacks on U.S. power plants

TRUMP FRIDAY: --G20 leaders retreat --Mexico's Peña Nieto --leaders lunch, mtgs --Russia's Vladimir Putin --G20 reception, concert, dinner.

One of the protesters arrested at 's office made this threat, according to an aide:

GOP activists put Congress on notice: Repeal Obamacare or get voted out

MCCONNELL: "If my side is unable to agree on an adequate replacement...." (1/2)

MCCONNELL: "...then some kind of action with regard to private health insurance markets must occur." (2/2)


In additional comments, Mattis said US analyzing missile re-entry vehicle & mods, incl. booster - was a new development

Mattis said diplomacy will remain the primary way U.S. works to de-escalate situation with

"We don't set red lines, we deal with reality," Mattis said, U.S. will cont. to work w/ allies to deal post-launch

Mattis just stopped by briefing room, talked on the record "I do not believe this capability brings us closer to war."

What a shock-Russia ties of Joule are deeper and 》significant than Podesta claimed when interviewed by "Bullet."

Russian Deputy FM Igor Morgulov holds talks with US Special Representative for North Korea Policy Joseph Yun at

House Democrats very unconcerned about some obvious concerns and apparent criminal conduct.

Not really in a position to do them...

Steve Scalise back in ICU. Keep Scalise and his family in your thoughts.

Top Chinese official warns US not to use North Korea as excuse for sanctions against China:

Gulf Rift...

DoD readout of US SecDef Mattis call with Qatar counterpart:

: Tillerson to on Monday, 35 days after crisis...

How Qatar is beating the Blockade so far...

BREAKING: Statement by 4 Arab States on slams Doha for its response, promises further steps "at appropriate time" . Statement here AR

Doha tried to foil all diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis.

Qatar Airways has no plans to cancel Airbus order, says CEO Akbar al-Baker

Impasse has been apparent for awhile now....

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has blamed Qatar for "human suffering" in Syria and Libya

1 hour ago
WH says Pres Trump and Chancellor Merkel today discussed Russia intervention in Ukraine, Qatar, and North Korean nuclear threat. (WH photo)

Four Arab states leading Qatar boycott say initial demands void, vow more measures

Oil - New measures against Qatar

UAE Foreign Minister on crisis. More here:

Qatar Airways is set to start buying shares in American Airlines despite 'categorical' opposition:

Exclusive: Energy giants court Qatar for gas expansion role despite crisis

ICYMI - MoA: The Saudi-Qatar Spat - Qatar And Iran Are Winning - The Clown Princes Lose Face


1 hour ago
and are on standby

1 hour ago
preparing under the brigade to get into might clash with south of

1 hour ago
worried and threats anyone tries to harm

's Benina Int'l Airport says will begin civilian flights on July 15.

What's happening in Counted more than 30 armored cars with 14.5 mm roaming around near hadhba and abu selim. Another war?

congratulates . Big move. Statesman!

Interesting new narrative being adopted by international community now re: Benghazi, now they're using terms like 'liberation' 'terrorism'

1 hour ago
Replying to 
Y-day a battalion from Misrata said 320 armed vehicles. Some other reports stated that other pro-Misrata battalions could join them.

kobra brigade announcing they are moving in to secure

British Ambassador to , Peter Millett, welcomes the liberation of from terrorism


HUGE DAY forces are almost done with Old city. Green= completely liberated. Red= clashes

Good find forces found a list of the fighters in west with picture and names of each member.



CLP tells Luciana Berger to apologise and 'get on board' with Jeremy Corbyn project:

1 hour ago
Sir John Chilcot: Tony Blair was not 'straight with the nation' over Iraq:

EXCL Paddy Ashdown launches fierce attack on Tories over 'bloody stupid' DUP deal -

Michel Barnier shoots barb at Theresa May over 'frictionless' post-Brexit trade plan -

Boris Johnson: I wish I could tweet like Donald Trump

I like PM May but this just isn't correct. UK not under thumb of Troika + 1 , not part of the EZ & has the £ not €.

G-20/ Poland....

G20 demonstrators are back on the streets of Hamburg again after a night of violent protests in Germany

Trump's dinner with Moon and Abe has ended, per . Trump just left US consulate.

Riot police charge protesters..

Water cannon used...sure seems like Turkey dealing with protesters...

Pretty wild scene..

Police say they are using water cannons and tear gas on protesters at the summit in after demonstrators attacked them.

police say on Twitter that protesters were using bottles and planks against them.

Trump was walking in to "Northeast Asia Security Dinner" at US consulate in Hamburg to meet South Korea's Moon Jae-in and Japan's Shinzo Abe

U.S. President Trump & German Chancellor Merkel pose today prior to a bilateral meeting on the eve of the summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Trump also had sharp words Kremlin didn't like. "We're working with Poland in response to Russia's actions and destabilizing behavior.''

BREAKING: President Trump arrives in Germany for G-20 summit on the eve of his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump to talk North Korea strategy at dinner tonight with Abe & Moon. Not included: Xi. On purpose, so China feels heat, per diplo source.

Trump in Poland both condemned Russia for "destabilizing behavior" in Ukraine, and support for "hostile regimes" like Syria, Iran, and...

...pleased Kremlin by widening blame for Dem email hack: "Think it was Russia but I think it was probably other people and/or countries.''

to buy Patriot missile defense systems from U.S.,

It's a safe bet various countries "meddled" in US Election of 2016 - and Brexit referendum , French Election , Greece's "Oxi" vote, etc.


Raiffeisen Bank Postpones Bank Polska IPO Due To Lack Of Interest In Offer Raiffeisen In Talks With Polish Regulator On How To Proceed

Whatever it takes...

Odds & Ends....

Memories apparently are short on this fighting terror and ISIS thing....

Frontrunning: July 6

EU ministers discuss plans to ease pressure on Italy as migrant numbers rise

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