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Economic News , Data & Views......July 27 , 2017...... Quick Hits For Thursday-1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar , Market Moving Data & News For Friday ; US - US Stock Indexes Mixed And Have Quite The Roller Coaster Ride Today - Dow Powers Higher / Nasdaq Slumps Considerably Lower / S&P Slightly Lower , US Crude Settles Over 49 Bucks. 2) US Politics : Russia Related News ; Senate Healthcare Bill Votes On Deck Tonight ; Foreign Policy Updates ; House Budget Passes ; Swampland News. 3) Europe In Focus - Twenty Key Items From Across Europe Today. 4) Odds & Ends - Iran , Gulf Rift , Syria & Libya In Focus.



BoJ Summary Of Opinions Of July 19-20 Meeting: Repeated Delays In Price Target Could Undermine BoJ's Credibility

BoJ: Should Set New JGB Target Of JPY45tln, Then Cut Says 10-Yr Yield Target Range Should Not Be Read Strictly

BoJ: Additional Monetary Easing Not Needed As Upward Momentum In Prices Is Intact

One BoJ Member: Need For In-Depth Discussion About ETF Purchases

Japan June Retail Sales 0.2 pct m/m (est 0.4pct prev -1.5pct) Japan June Retail Trade 2.1 pct y/y (est 2.4pct prev 2.1pct)

Japan June Overall Household Spending 2.3pct y/y (est 0.5pct, prev -0.1pct)

Japan June Jobs-Applicants Ratio Rises To 1.51 From 1.49 In May - Govt (Reuters Poll: 1.50)

1 hour ago
Japan June Nationwide Core CPI +0.4 Pct Yr/Yr - Govt (Reuters Poll: +0.4 Pct) Japan June Nationwide Overall CPI +0.4 Pct Yr/Yr

Japan Planning Sanctions Against N Korea Reports Japan Times

Japan inflation data day - 3 banks with 3 different views

A big day on the economic data calendar in Asia - buckle up!


Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: Dollar moves higher. Better data raises GDP expectations

US stocks mixed but off lows at the close

US crude oil futures settle at $49.04/BBL

US Politics....

( Much more "Blow-By-Blow" At Twitter T.L )

Russia Probes / Russia Sanctions / Russia Grab Bag

Senate approves combined Russia/North Korea/Iran sanctions bill, 98-2. Sens. Sanders & Paul voted no.

Royce on combined Iran/Russia/North Korea sanctions bill: I urge the president to sign it into law.”

1 hour ago
Trump hasn't said he would sign Russia/NKorea/Iran sanctions bill. Schumer notes Hse/Senate have votes to override Trump

1 hour ago
Graham writing bill to block Trump from firing special counsel

Healthcare - Senate Bill Vote-A-Rama

The end of another wild day on Capitol Hill

Trump threatens to let Obamacare implode , but what about the rest of the Trump agenda ?

Senate GOP HC Bill collapses , not even the skinny repeal bill could be passed.

McConnell on failing to repeal/replace Obamacare: I regret our efforts were simply not enough this time

Senate adjourns until 4 pm July 31. Will work on nominations. No clearance to do defense bill

Senate defeats "skinny repeal" amendment. Didn't defeat bill. Yet. Collins, Murkowski, McCain voted no. Vote was 51 to 49

The text of the skinny bill is out. And they got medical device tax repealed but just for a few years

GOPers say updated health care bill repeals individual/employer mandate, medical device tax, funds community health centers

GOPers say their updated health care bill gives states flexibility to allow consumers to buy health care plan they want

1) House Rules Committee just passed something they call Martial Law, which gives them total control, enabling them to enact Senate bill.

2) This is no longer hypothetical. They are doing it in plain sight. This will be law by Sunday unless one more Republican stands up.

Vocabulary: "Vote-a-rama is an extended block of back-to-back-to-back Senate votes related to the budget (used this yr for health care)"

, AFL-CIO, Public Citizen, People for the American Way, SEIU plan health care protest at Capitol tonight.

1 hour ago
GOP WI Sen Johnson: The skinny bill doesn't come close to repealing Obamacare

1 hour ago
McCain on health care bill. Says the bill is being rammed through. Says he's a no unless there's a path to a conf cmte

Graham: We need assurance from the Spkr & his team (the skinny repeal) will not be the final product

Sen Graham: I'm not going to vote for a bill that is terrible policy & horrible politics just because we have to get something done.

1 hour ago
Just a tad overstated , just a tad....

Key House conservative: "Skinny repeal" is "ugly to the bone," we shouldn't pass it

JUST IN: Top healthcare groups come out against GOP's "skinny" ObamaCare repeal plan

JUST IN: Four GOP senators threaten to break with party, block "skinny" ObamaCare repeal



House ok’s combined Pentagon/VA/energy water/Congressional operations bill with $1.6 billion for border wall, 235-192

House now voting on combined spending bill for Pentagon/VA/Congressional operations/energy water programs. Includes $1.6b for border wall


Goodlatte/Judiciary Cmte GOPers call for 2nd special counsel to probe Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, et al.

Mouth agape. Struggling to grasp thinking here.

Sessions: Trump's attacks are "hurtful"

Well deserved for all of them.

Scalise on USCP officers: I would not be here today without the bravery of Crystal and David. They saved my life, and are my heroes.

This story is finally getting some traction !

Foreign Policy....


Important: one of major groups (Shohada al-Quartayn) at the base in SE will no longer get support.

. confirms to pentagon press that Shohad al Quartyan will no longer receive coalition support

Harvey out. 1 of Petraeus proteges.Rprtdly advocated for more aggressive US posture in Syria that Trump/DoD rejected



Rajoy's teflon coating may tested..

Big breach in Spain , Justice Ministry forced to shutdown Spain's Court intranet.

LexNET like "an e-mail inbox between lawyers and the courts". Notifications, trial docs, evidence photos, banks, addresses, social security.


Poland’s Kaczynski says sticking to judicial reform plans

Poland responds to EUC actions today...


PM eyes shift to growth, saying sovereignty can be regained

No questions asked for tax rebates up to 10,000 euros

Flexible labor boosts job market’s growth potential


Newspapers more influential than social media during general election - poll

ICYMI: Michael Gove sparks Brexit split with Liam Fox by ruling out importing of chlorine-washed US chicken

Tory minister says free movement will end on the day Britain quits the EU

U.K. May Walk Out of Brexit Negotiations With EU: Daily Express

EU threatens to hold brexit talks hostage until it's satisfied "sufficient progress" is made on the financial settlement aspect....


Opposition pushes ahead with no-confidence motion against defence minister

Swedish Transport Agency outsourced its IT operations to IBM in 2015 , ignored warnings from Swedish Security Service , sidestepped rules.

EUC confrontation with Poland continues to heat up w/ this rule of law recommendation and infringement procedure on the basis of EU law.

Europe Grab Bag....

Slovak PM Robert Fico says EU decision making at 27 doesn't work & calls for more regional meetings. Brussels centralists won't like that.

In case one has wondered why the German Election this Fall have garner so little attention...

France to nationalise STX shipyard instead of letting Italy's Fincantieri own a majority.So much for Macron's France being open for business

Here we go...

Italy has been seeking help from its EU brethren from some time and has been ignored and this may have political consequences.

Odds & Ends....


JW filed lawsuit w/ State & Treasury Dept for details on the $400 million payment made by the Obama admin to Iran.💸🔎

UPDATE: slams ‘provocative’ satellite-launch rocket test

Must-read analysis on by - Three strikes against claims that is violating the nuclear accord.

Sources: U.S. seeks to test Iran deal with more inspections

BREAKING: Iranian media say that Iran has successfully launched a rocket carrying a satellite into space.

Gulf Rift....

Foreign Minister Met today with U.N. President of the General Assembly

UAE asks banks to freeze accounts of those named on Qatar-linked blacklist Latest updates on Qatar-Gulf crisis

Boycotting countries will not back down on demands

Replying to 
💥 Congress members mull moving Udeid airbase if doesn't change its behavior.


18 months later , check out the difference !

Before Russia intervention - Syria Gov't clearly on the ropes.....

HTS fighters from Arsal to be sent to Idlib. Lebanese Army to focus next on ISIS in Ras Ba’albak & Qa’a Barrens areas of NE Lebanon.

Replying to 
HQ in was under direct attack when AQ accepted 2lay down their weapons &accept 2leave w/ light weapons only (& accumulated money)

Replying to 
Cease-fire btwn & al-Qaeda in for 3 days, allowing militants 2abandon the Lebanese territory with their families 2


1 hour ago

Haftar reveals upcoming meeting with Libyan army officers in Cairo.

Fayez Serraj denies granting Italian naval forces access to 's territorial waters

Mustafa Sanalla meets w/ Jeffrey Feltman in New York, discuss stimulating economy in 's oil producing region

Electricity engineers attacked in Shatti power station burglary -

Haftar rules out being a member in any presidential council in the future.

Haftar says to all state institutions must be united under one authority in .

It appears foreign supporters of Field Marshall Hafter may include Egypt , UAE , Israel and France.....

In key interview to al Hayat, Haftar says Saif Gaddafi is free, safe & welcome. Unity btw LNA & Misrata shown by recent meetings in Cairo

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