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Economic News , Data & Views.....July 26 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Wednesday-1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Thursday , North Korea Set To Test Another ICBM Thursday , Market Moving Data & News ; US - Dow & Nasdaq Set New Record Highs / Treasuries Rally / US Crude Rallies - FOMC Is Wind Under Wings Of US Market With Exception Of US Dollar ; BTC-E In The Midst Of Latest Digital Currency Controversy Today - Alexander Vinnik Arrested For "Bigly" Money Laundering - To The Tune Of 4 BN. 2) Europe In Focus - 17 Key Items To Consider. 3) US Political Round Up : Russia Probe & Russia Related Matters ; Budget Legislation ; Foreign Policy Updates ; Tillerson & Sessions Still Hanging In There ; Repeal & Replace State Of Play ; Additional Items To Consider. 4) Odds & Ends - Global Items !



Kia Motors Q2 Hammered by China economic woes...

PBOC sets USD/CNY mid-point today at 6.7307 (vs. yesterday at 6.7529)

Australia press: China blocks Australian beef exports

Noble Group Shares Plunge 49% in Singapore After Loss Warning

North Korea could test ICBM later today (Asia, Thursday)

(North Korea appears to be preparing for another missile test, according to a US Defense official)

The fall in Australia's terms of trade will be confirmed today

The point is while some have laughed at what NK has been doing in its nuclear & weapons programs , they are making notable strides.

Watch South Korea- earnings & President Moon meeting conglomerates today

Euro clears $1.17 and key resistance hurdle; dollar dumped. Good morning Asia

Economic data calendar due from Asia today (we got a hard act to follow)

27 July - My birthday & highly likely missile launch from North Korea. Currently raining in NK. Expected to clear up very soon

North Korea missile launch is imminent according to US


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Dow leads the way today. Record closes for Dow and Nasdaq

Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: Dollar not impresssed with FOMC statement

So much for that bond selloff

More than 6bps range for 10 year yield on the day..

Really not but different from June...but the difference does seem likely to be viewed as less hawkish.

Citi on the decision

Barclays on the

Bitcoin News...

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Thread - first tweet in string of ten dealing with BTC-E & Alexander Vinnik ! Just a supersonic boom !

9/ IRS rep: “Mr. Vinnik is alleged to have committed ... crimes that go beyond the lack of regulation of the bitcoin exchange he operated."

10/ "The takedown of this large virtual currency exchange should send a strong message to cyber-criminals and other unregulated exchanges.”

BREAKING: . releases new report on Mt Gox-BTC-e connection

BTC-E "hopes" to restore service in 5 to 10 days ! This from alleged unscheduled maintenance ....

Alexander Vinnik Arrested in Greece with Ties to Money Laundering, BTC-e, Mt. Gox Theft

This week in crypto: Parity bug, $30M ICO theft SEC ICO report Alphabay & BTC-E arrests LedgerX Bitcoin Options BIP91 locked Bitcoin Cash

Never heard of BTC-e? CoinDesk's archive tracks the history of the secretive exchange at the center of news today

BREAKING: Russian man arrested in Greece connected to BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange - sources

Greek authorities arrest a Russian man suspected of laundering $4 billion+ in bitcoins. Bitmixer shuts down. Btc-e goes offline.


[RTRS] Monte Dei Paschi Will Not Publish H1 Results On July 28th -New Date To Be ‘Promptly Communicated’ To Market

| French President Macron's popularity ratings drop - poll - Reuters -

U.K. court obliges Ukraine to pay par value on its Eurobond debt to Russia

Libya seeks help against migrant traffickers operating inside Libyan territorial waters -as per Italy.

warns of response 'within days' to sanctions on that may affect energy firms

400,000 clients affected in two separate breaches..

arrests Russian suspected of running $4 billion bitcoin laundering ring /via

Austria and Slovenia not shown red card by ECJ...

Germany AKA Emperor not wearing any clothes...

UK following France , who in turn followed India ...

European Union's top court urged to dismiss refugee relocation case brought by Slovakia and Hungary

EU says it will 'immediately' move to halt Polish voting rights if it fires top judges

Rajoy in cross hairs.....

PSOE leader Sanchez repeats demand for Rajoy to resign...

Rajoy says he "never ever" took off-the-books cash stuffed in envelopes from the PP while he was a minister: "that would be illegal".

Rajoy: - "I don't know" - "I have absolutely no idea" - "No" - "I never knew anything about that" - "I don't remember"

US Politics.....

Russia Probes / Russia Related Matters....

Corker: We have reached an agreement that will allow us to send sanctions legislation to the president’s desk

Corker: The Senate will..approve the Iran/Russia sanctions it originally passed 6 wks gonas well as the NKore sanctions developed by the Hse

Corker: The House has committed to expeditiously consider and pass enhancements to the North Korea language

Warns of ‘Painful’ Response If Backs Sanctions - Bloomberg

The bizarre tweetstorms are finally getting GOP members in Congress vocally perturbed.

AG Sessions to announce several investigations into intelligence leaks shortly..

Budget Legislation...

Hse now debating combo of 4 spending bills for Pentagon, VA, energy/water pgms & Congressional ops. Vote Friday.

Senate onto day 2 of budget reconciliation process for heath care bill. A final vote, pass or fail, expected later this wk

Hse today begins work on "mini-bus" spending bill covering the Pentagon, legislative branch, energy & water programs and money for the VA

Foreign Policy....

| Maduro says won't accept illegal US sanctions (not like u have much choice buddy), says vote will proceed 7/30. State TV.

US sanctions against officials in Venezuela Gov't , Military and State Oil Company announced.

No sanctions against Venezuela Oil Sector imposed-at this time. But those steps remain under consideration.

Let's see if this comes to pass...

Erdogan snubs NATO objections on Russian missile system....

Turkey not inclined to play nice....

MENA : Iran's Rouhani says his country will ‘take its own steps’ over U.S. action


JUST IN: Trump discussing replacing Sessions with recess appointment: report

Senate Majority Whip Cornyn: "I wish the president and the attorney general would sit down and work this out between themselves."

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Sen. Graham: Pres. Trump's public attacks against AG Sessions are a "sign of weakness" -

Corker: don't get any sense the president going to take steps to actually fire sessions..they know that is highly problematic


"I'm not going anywhere," Tillerson tells reporters at the . How long will you stay? "As long as the president let's me."

Tillerson meets with Pence after State Dept denies rumors that he's resigning

Corker says thanked Tillerson in call last night for continuing to be there. don't think he is on verge of resigning.

Corker says Tillerson understands how important triumvirate of him, Mattis, McMaster is, is a patriot,

Taking a few days , appears to be the story for now...

Replace & Repeal....

Bipartisan governors write to McConnell/Schumer. "The Senate should also reject efforts to amend the bill into a "skinny repeal"

Senators voted 55-45 against his amendment that would repeal the Affordable Care Act & give lawmakers two years to come up w/ a replacement.

1 hour ago
Sen Collins on GOP health care bill process: What’s so strange is that there’s no decisions. When do we find out the final bill? At 3 am?

1 hour ago
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) on when vote-a-rama will wrap up: Often they start and then peter out as exhaustion overcomes members.

1 hour ago
Schumer: Once (McConnell) shows his hand, Dems will..try to amend the bill. We have to see it 1st in broad daylight

Schumer on Dems/amdts: We don’t even know what bill to direct our amendments to.

Schumer says Dems won't offer any more amdts to health care bill "until GOPers show us the final bill..Clearly..repeal/replace..has failed"

Schumer on health care & GOP: We don’t know if skinny repeal is going to be their final bill.

Unclear what McConnell's final amdt on health care may be. Also no guidance on if/when Senate may consider "skinny" repeal plan.

Replace & Repeal state of play..

Still no clarity on when vote-a-rama on health care could unfold. Likely tomorrow afternoon evening. Perhaps drifting into Friday am

Unclear what McConnell's final amdt on health care may be. Also no guidance on if/when Senate may consider "skinny" repeal plan.

Mike Pence is breaking ties in the Senate at a record-setting pace via


GOP Sen Johnson to Fox: If it's skinny, it's leaving a lot of Obamacare in place..which is way too much for my standpoint.

Sen Johnson on the "skinny" Obamacare repeal: It's disappointing to me..otherwise we are stuck with this mess that is Obamacare.

Votes generally get postponed , if the vote to pass a Bill isn't there.

Senate expected to vote on a "“straight repeal” of Obamacare soon. This is akin to the 2015 repeal bill.

State of play on replace and repeal..

Senate Republicans vote down BCRA but look poised to pass something

Political Extra Items...

Foxconn says it plans to build factory in Wisconsin, adding 3,000 jobs

Foxconn to announce new U.S. manufacturing plant: source

Odds & Ends...

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ISOF themselves said it publicly, "90 % of the remaining families are IS"

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Reports from the old city say 250 trapped families in the old city, they are unable to leave, they fear they might get executed by ISOF

: Presidential decree to set up National Council to counter

: Israel's Prime Minister says he wants to expel Al-Jazeera from .

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: 29 civilians dead in US-led air strikes on Raqa today, including at least eight children, monitor says - via

- Booby-traps plague north Iraq as targets returning civilians -

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Over 130 hills were recovered by in 4 days, one of the most difficult battle carried out by the Lebanese group in 6 years of war+

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The battle of is over. is slowing w/o stoping its advance, proving that the remaining area under is a piece of cake+

N.Korean government reduces food rations to 300g a day following bad harvest linked to drought, says

Interim Govt Foreign Min calls for closure of Sudanese consulate in Kufra, gives staff 72 hrs to exit country

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs suggests a parting of the ways between the GCC and Qatar and a future for the bloc without Doha.

Syrian army advances against Islamic State southeast of Raqqa city in push to reach Deir e-Zor, SAA source tells us.

Tiger Forces 10km Away From Entering Deir Ezzor Province From Southern Raqqah Countryside

Egypt standing firm despite Erdogan visit, regarding Quartet demands.

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