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Economic News , Data & Views....June 4 , 2017......Quick Hits For Sunday -1) UK - London Attack Follow Up On What We Know so Far ; General Election Campaign Postponed For Sunday , As Some Call For The General Election To Be Postponed - Note Mayor Of London Says Election Should Proceed As Scheduled ; State Of Investigation ; Statements From PM May , Jeremy Corbyn & The Mayor Of London On The Attacks Last Night ; Met Police Killed The Three Attackers In 8 Minutes - They Should be Applauded Not Criticized Today For Their Swift Response ; Additional Information Of Note. 2) US Political Round Up For Sunday : London Attack Prompts Tweets From POTUS ; Georgia Election In Focus ; Laptop Ban Decision Has Airlines "In The Air " ; "Swampland" News ; Obamacare Item ; Additional News Of Note - As The Day Goes On. 3) MENA / War On Terror : How ISIS & Its Supporters Operate ; Qatar In Focus For Supporting & Financing Terror ; ISIS Continues To See Territory In Iraq & Syria Crumble Away , Thus Attacks In Europe - There Is A Correlation ; Libya Updates For Sunday. ; Additional Odds & ends As Day Develops.

London Attack - The Day After..

Tonight Jeremy Corbyn blamed Theresa May: “You cannot protect the public on the cheap… Theresa May was warned by the Police Federation”.

PM May declares crackdown on online extremism , review of Gov'ts counter-terrorism strategy after attack. Labour says she's campaigning.

The Mayor of London responds to London's latest terror attack....

Jeremy Corbyn Responds To The London terror attack of Saturday night....

Prime Minister May gives a statement Sunday Morning on the attacks in London from Saturday Night...

Not a surprise - ISIS has now officially claimed the London terror attack of Saturday night.

1) Breaking: ' claims attacks in carried out by fighters, according to its sources

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2) Amaq claim on : It was carried out by "a detachment of fighters",ie. likely coordinated with , not ISIS inspired

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3) Translation of the Amaq claim: "A detachment of Islamic State ( ) fighters carried out the yesterday"

Seven of the 12 arrested in Barking today after London Bridge attrack are women:

What we know : 7 dead & 48 wounded ; fake explosive vests worn ; Met Police have not disclosed background, ethnicity or motivation.

This is the 3rd attack in the U.K. in less than 3 months. Here's what we know

Greek leaders condemn London attack

Merkel on : "We are united today across all borders...we stand firmly and resolutely shoulder to shoulder with the UK..."

Safe to say the election campaign is back on. Tories hitting hard on security

London Bridge attack: Sadiq Khan insists election must go on as parties suspend national campaign -

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- Police say 4 police officers were injured last night's attacks, including an off-duty officer who confronted an attacker.

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- is still closed.

- Police operation underway in area.

Trump after London attack: "We must stop being politically correct"

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Amazing bravery of the London public who saw what looked like suicide vests and still ran towards attackers with glasses + bar stools

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WATCH: London police chief commends "extraordinary" courage of officers, victims in attack

This won't be the only example of bravery you will read about I'm sure , but the officer should be commended !

London attack: Police officers pursued & shot dead three attackers within eight minutes of the first emergency call

Prime Minister Theresa May said in her statement that there is too much tolerance of extremism and "enough is enough"

500 active plots currently being investigated- MI5 -500! 😶

The officers involved should take a bow. All three suspects in London attack were dead within eight minutes of first emergency call.

Could the UK election be postponed? Calls for vote to be put back after 2nd terror attack in 2 weeks.

The general election should go ahead as planned -

Good morning from rainy Berlin. London attack days before UK election seems to boost Tories a bit. Odds of winning most seats rises to 92%.

Full statement from Met Police via Sky News

UK, lead of CON (ECR) over LAB (S&D): ComRes: +13 ICM: +11 Panelbase: +8 SurveyM: +6 Opinium: +6 Ipsos: +5 YouGov: +4 Survation: +1

US Politics....

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Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That's because they used knives and a truck!

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At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is "no reason to be alarmed!"

Senate Intelligence Committee has yet to find a smoking gun as it investigates Russia’s meddling in the United States election - Sen Warner

Trump to announce plan to privatize air traffic control system - ABC News - via

NEW: High-stakes Georgia election puts pressure on Dems

Dems to Clinton: Stay out of the spotlight

NEW: Airlines left hanging over laptop ban decision

Sunday shows preview: Pruitt and Gore face off over Trump's decision on Paris deal

Obama unwittingly handed Trump a weapon to cripple ObamaCare

"Time for the intelligence community to crack down on illegal leaking"

Sunday Markets News....

PBoC Fixes USDCNY Reference Rate At 6.7935 (prev fix 6.8070 prev close 6.8085)

PBoC Open Market Ops: -PBoC To Inject CNY 40 Bln Via 7 Day Reverse Repos -PBoC To Inject CNY 30 Bln Via 28 Day Reverse Repos

A very low supply of econ surprises is by itself enough to explain the low level of market across all asset classes, JPM says.

Bond traders enter Fed's blackout period betting a hike won't quash the rally. US 10y yields drop below 200d MA.

Trump gets trade balance wrong, very wrong: Offshore profit shifting artificially boosts US trade deficit by $280bn.

MENA...War On Terror....Odds & Ends....

Understanding How ISIS works....

1. I'm waiting for my flight to take off to London to cover the atrocity there. It's been more than 15 hrs since the attack & no claim yet

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2. Instead of London, ISIS' Nashir channel - one of its official outlets - is posting news about Aleppo:

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3. After every attack ppl assume ISIS "will claim anything." I want you to notice what's happening. Yesterday Theresa May called this terror

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4. So why didn't IS claim it yesterday? They had every reason if their claims r purely opportunistic. Yet Nashir was posting unrelated stuff

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5. We see this after every attack they claim: It often takes up to a day. What's happening? Why wait? We don't know for sure.

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6. But opportunistic is not right term. They are online just as we are - & yet they're waiting*. Why? There is a process we don't understand

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7. What Nashir did do yesterday is publish this poster, specifically calling for truck attacks during Ramadan:

SCREENSHOTS 'Chatter' re attack on pro-Islamic State Telegram channels. Note their interests in Trump's tweets re situation

Jihadists Celebrate Latest Attacks in London, Anticipate ’ Responsibility

Qatar In Focus For Supporting & Financing Terror...

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Qatar catches more flak. In addition to GCC members taking shots at Qatar these days-now prominent Qataris accused of supporting terrorism.1

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Abdulrahman Al-Nuaimi - primarily AQ in Syria & Iraq ; Khalifa Muhammad Turki al-Subaiy - AQ in Afghanistan ; 2

1 hour ago
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Abdul Latif al-Kawari/Issa al-Baker-AQ in Pakistan ; Saad al-Kaabi - AQ in Syria ; and Salim Hassan Khalifa and Rashid al-Kawari - 3

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AQ in Afghanistan. 4


map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control.

IMPORTANT Joint Operations statement on the use of white phosphorus in west .

joint ops declare following villages in West liberated by . Um Hajara Tal Hatem Abu Khadhab Al-Ajoz Maghsal Ali

first images from Baaj region west under control.

joint operations declare following villages in West liberated by Asdira Shamliya Farkho Tal AlKary Tal AlNofaly

joint operations officially announce region west COMPLETLY LIBERATED by .


Syrian Army liberated last stronghold in East countryside. HD:

The is about to roll the in The reinforcements are still arriving to the city.

Syrian Arab Army restores security and stability to Maskaneh city the last IS bastion within the administrative borders of Aleppo Province.


Sounds correct...Jufrah fell quickly and without much of a struggle. .

Militias clash in Al-Zawiya city in Libya, two killed - Libyan Express

Khalifa Haftar meets with high level African delegation on

House of Representatives says Pres. Council decision on 7 military regions in is unconstitutional

Air Force Cmndr Manfour: We concentrated attacks against "terrorists" in Jufrah.. we'll chase them out of the region

- photo purportedly showing first LAF aircraft (MiG-21) arriving at newly captured Airbase

Clashes in between Khedrawi allied with and Hnish who is part of and under AbuObida of

Situation not right in 40km west of . Clashes between armed groups reported.

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Taking of Jufra marks dramatic comeback for LNA after Brak massacre. LNA now controls the south & can bomb anywhere in w/o refueling.

BAM forces in Sirte prevented SDB to entering in Sirte. LNA has returned a vehicle seized Thursday during clashes according to local reports

Major event in today: LNA under Bin Nayel took Jufra airbase. Hafter/LNA now control all military airfields except Misrata & Mitiga.

Ageilah Saleh congratulates Army General Command on the victory over "terrorists" in Jufrah.

Nobody takes seriously unless they pose a threat to the country. Nothing will be done if Fezzan is quiet.

They say that the (from west of to east of ) is 'under administration of special security.'

After made a decision of establishing 7 military zones in ,today they said is not included in decision.

North Korea....

North Korea on Sunday rejected latest sanctions resolution adopted by UNSC over ballistic missile tests, pledges to continue nuke program.

North Korea missiles a 'direct threat' to Russia

N Korea Blasts US over ICBM Intercept Test: Shows Preparation for Nuke War


Residents trapped as gunfire mars truce in Philippines city

Amaq agency has released footage of ISIS fighters destroying contents inside a church in Marawi.

Duterte: 2,000 MNLF fighters to join gov't forces in Marawi City

Following Duterte visit to Cebu, Chinese Anhui Shengyun Env't Grp pledges P5M to help Marawi City | via

1 hour ago
Duterte: Deadly Resorts World incident not work of ISIS - CNN Philippines

Indonesia says 1,200 operatives in Philippines, 40 of them from Indonesia

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