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Economic News , Data & Views.....June 26 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Monday-1) Markets : Asia- Economic Calendar For Tuesday , China & New Zealand In Focus For Tuesday ; US - Mixed Market For Monday With Dow Up Modestly , Nasdaq Down Modestly And S&P Basically Unchanged , Oil Advances , Gold Falls Back Again And Treasury Yields decline Again Today ; Europe Stocks Indexes Advance After The "Italian Job" Rescue Of The Veneto Banks - In This Case , Taxpayer Gold Ripped Off Bigly ; Bitcoin Takes A Big Tumble Today ; List Of Coming Attractions For The Week . 2) US Politics : CBO Scores Senate HC Bill & Nuggets Of Note ; Trump-Modi Meeting At White House ; SCOTUS Partially Backs Trump Travel Ban Today , Hearing Set For The Fall ; Russia Probes Updates ; Senator Corker Tells Secretary Of State Tillerson He Plans To Block GCC Arms Sales ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus : Politics Of Greece , Draghi Pours Cold Water On Greece Accessing QE ; Italy - Wind Down On Veneto Banks Overview ; UK - Tories & DUP Finally Reach Deal For Confidence & Support , Brexit Talks Can Now Proceed In Earnest. 4) MENA - Libya Updates , Gulf Rift State Of Play , Syria/ Iraq Battles & Updates.



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Economic data due from Asia today - NZ & China the focus

New Zealand May Trade Surplus NZD103Mln (est NZD419Mln, prev revised NZD536Mln)

New Zealand - Trade balance for May: 103m NZD (expected surplus 419m)

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Takata Fell Into Default On JPY30Bln (USD268Mln) In Domestic Corporate Bonds With Its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing Monday Reports Nikkei

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We Will Sign Deals On Natural Gas, Try To Push Prices Higher, Says Trump Of Modi Visit

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Trump: Wants Fair Trade Relationship With India, Removal Of Barriers To US Trade

S Korea June Consumer Confidence 111.1 (prev 108.0) Highest Level Since 2011


Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: Dollar recovers after fall on durables stalls.

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US stocks end the session mixed but off highs

US crude oil futures settle at $43.38

US and top 5 total and others production


European stock indices advance to start the week

Rollercoaster Monday..

List of coming attractions for this week.

US Politics....

3 CNN Employees Very Suddenly Resign Over Russia Collusion. Thomas Frank - journalist , Eric Lichtblau-Editor & Exec Editor Lex Haris.

FBI interviews - 5 times , at least ten hours.

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The CIA said publicly & *with high confidence* in Jan. that Putin ordered 2016 meddling. Is Pompeo backing off that?

Trump speaks on relationship with India


White House says CBO can't predict how healthcare legislation will impact

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CBO Says US Senate Healthcare Bill Would Decrease Budget Deficit By USD321Bln In 2017-2026

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CBO says Senate bill "would reduce federal deficits over the 2017-2026 period by $202 billion more than the House-passed version."

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CBO: - average premium in 2018 would be 20% higher than under current law - by 2020 average premium would be 30% lower

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US - CBO says 22 million people would be uninsured in 2026 under Senate health bill

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US Commerce Dept. announces duties on softwood lumber from Canada

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Sessions: Travel ban ruling gives power back to the presidency

Supreme Court allows the enforcement of parts of the travel ban order

BREAKING: Supreme Court allows Trump travel ban to go into effect for some travelers and will hear the case in the fall!

Corker tells Teillerson he intends to block arms sales to Gulf states. State Dept official says move isn't helpful



Exit strategy...

Intesa paid 0 to get: 3.3bn net assets, 3.5bn subsidy, 4bn gtee on assets, 1.25bn subsidy to fire staff & 1.5bn guarantee on litigation. WOW

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Sorry, I forgot: + all the asset management / custody businesses of the two banks + full fungibility of all DTAs. I mean, this is just crazy

Examining tangled Web of Italian politics. ECB and EUC credibility hurt by this inscrutable deal being approved.


leader Gennimata slams door on Tsipras' suggestion for cooperation aft bailout, calls it 'demonstration of political cynicism'

Greek PM calls unionists representing striking garbage collectors for talks Tue in bid to resolve job row as trash mounds grow amid heatwave



5-month budget prim surplus at €1.84bln, €790mln above target. Budget deficit at €1.24bln, €791mln better than target (MoF)


UK Consumer Confidence Falls After Snap Election To Levels Just Above Those Seen Just Before 2016 Brexit Vote Says YouGov/CEBR

May ready to move along with Brexit , with confidence and supply deal in place...

Conservatives - DUP Deal in full....

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Arlene Foster also confirms pensions triple lock, winter fuel allowance will remain in place under DUP-Conservative deal.

"The details of our agreement and future working arrangements will be published in full." - Arlene Foster.

Literally no-one with any sense in Dublin thinks the Anglo-Irish Accord is in danger.



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A mad story which sums up the state of the rule of law in Kidnap of Tunisian to try to free Libyan smuggler

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vows to stand behind Salamรฉ to empower dialogue and the political process in

Benghazi municipality starts in Suq Al-Hout clean-up as more stolen treasure found -

Another Libyan oilfield coming back online after being offline for 8 months..

Gangs in Libya have built a lucrative trade out of packing refugees into rickety boats heading for Italy-more than 65K have arrived in 2016.



Significant on :
Qatar FM & Kuwait senior official in Washington, will meet Tillerson tomorrow •Saudi FM Jubeir still in Washington

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Claims of alleged corruption in Qatar's 2022 World Cup bid have been published in the German media. More ➡️

Gulf blockade violates Qatari students' rights, says human rights body

By demanding the end of Al-Jazeera, Saudi Arabia is trying to turn Qatar into a vassal state

Geopolitics and economics favored Turkey - Qatar becoming closer. Same logic applies to Iran-Qatar.

Bahrain accuses Qatar of military escalation in Gulf row


Two militants open fire on police officer in Al-Jazar district in east , civilians caught both of them & killed them.

intelligence seized a flatbed truck that has over 30 explosive vests and 25 rocket hidden in it in Northeast .

Federal Police Units continue to advance in Old city and seizing many of the locally made " caliphate rocket launchers".

Counter Terrorism units making significant gains in old city.


forces r advancing towards al-Bu Qamal 2meet the Syrian & their allies, regardless US isolated post at alTanaf

In my latest article (and a couple before)

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No time to waste While the Syrian Army+allies continue advancing against Daesh(ISIS) along the Iraqi border, workers are repaving the roads

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