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Economic News , Data & Views....June 25 , 2017...Quick Hits For Sunday -1) Japan - Items from Worlds of Business , Politics , General Society. 2) North Korea - News & Updates Touching On The Hermit Kingdom. 3) Qatar - Sunday Updates On State Of Play For Gulf Rift , Erdogan Comes Out Strong today In Support Of Qatar's Rejection of Arab Quartet's 13 Demands. 4) UK - Political News Of the Day - Domestic Politics & EU-UK Exit Talks In Primary focus. 5) US Politics - Sunday Morning Round Up Of News & Views. 6) Odds & Ends To Consider : Veneto Banks Bailout Approved Today : MENA Updates -Syria , Iraq & Libya In Focus !

Bonus Items.... Global Markets Preview For The Week.....

Global stocks on track for yet another monthly gain. Would be the very first time we've had monthly gains this deep into a calendar year

People’s Bank of China sets yuan reference rate at 6.8220 (vs. yesterday at 6.8238)

People's Bank of China to skip open market operations today

willing to open its pockets, but not borders, to Middle East refugees

Coming up from Japan this week - focus on inflation

Global economy - what's coming up this week?

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ICYMI - The agenda for Asia today & which Asian centres are on holiday

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Weekend BIS report: "One of its most upbeat ... for years"

The day & week ahead in Australia - bank view (3) on what to watch for the AUD

Economic data due from Asia today - BOJ, and then Federal Reserve speech later!


Japan Bond market basically frozen. No reason to believe what's going on with Japan's bond market , won't head to other bond markets soon.

Japan data - services PPI (May) 0.7% y/y (vs. expected 0.7%)

Honda: Takata Decision Has Limited Impact On FY17 Earnings Honda Admits Will Be Very Hard To Recover Most Takata-Related Costs

Takata files for bankruptcy protection

Takata files for BK...

Takata To Sell Business To Key Safety Systems For JPY175Bln

BOJ: Increasing number of firms raising wages, significant for higher inflation

Fukushima nuclear debacle update...

Japanese led Consortium ( including Innovation Network Corporation , Bain Capital and Development Bank of Japan ) , seem to carry the day.

Under pressure, Western tech firms bow to Russian demands to share cybersecrets

DNA data from missing in 2011 tsunami will enter database:The Asahi Shimbun:

Robots to tend to visitors at latest branch of ‘weird hotel’ chain:The Asahi Shimbun:

Watch what you do and say: Broader ramifications of the new conspiracy law cause concern

Maekawa calls on Abe to explain scandal, seeks 3rd-party probe:The Asahi Shimbun

North Korea.....

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Is it time for South Korea to develop nukes?

North Korean soldier defects to South Korea across MDL: JCS

N.Korea holds anti-US rally

What a North Korean drone crash reveals about the country’s UAVs

President Moon’s decision to delay full THAAD deployment: a closer look

What do North Korean defectors think of South Korea’s new government?

6400 kHz Radio Pyongyang coded message


Kentaro Sonoura met with the UAE's foreign minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan on Sunday in the UAE.

Basically , we know at this point , Qatar has rejected the demands related to both Iran and Turkey.

Iran seeks to bolster ties with Qatar , joins Turkey in rejecting Arab Quartet demands.

US Sec. Tillerson statement on demands: •Some difficult to meet •Others can be discussed •Calls for direct negotiations

Erdogan note offer to set up turkish base in KSA ( as well as base in Qatar ) , to which Saudis didn't respond to at all.

Turkey supports ejection by Qatar of Quartet list of 13 demands.

All the latest Qatar-Gulf crisis updates

Foreigners and nationals in Qatar told permission to leave is cancelled to keep 'essential services' running

Qatar's emir meets Exxon Mobil Corp CEO: agency

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Erdogan described Saudi-UAE demands to close Turkish base in Qatar as disrespectful, "I'm sorry but Turkey is not an ordinary country"

Qatar rift centers around $1 billion ransom paid to al-Qaeda, Iranian security officials


'We're in a hell of a mess': Tory grandees lament mistakes of Cameron and May

David Davis tells Tory MPs to get to work , focus on day job ( and not back-stabbing PM May.)

Not so good report on state of cladding....

Sunday view ....

Options being kept open...

Devil in the details that Labor frontbencher doesn't know...

Thinking seems to be wring concessions from May in her perceived weakened state...

US Politics....

Interesting - it appears CNN is actually cracking down on dubious reporting on Russia. Note "network's new rules." 1

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As per CNNMoney Exec Editor Rich Barbieri -"No one should publish any content involving Russia without coming to me and Jason [Farkas]."2

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"This applies to social, video, editorial, and MoneyStream. No exceptions." 3

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The new restrictions come after Friday's retraction by CNN of a story that tied Anthony Scaramucci to Russian Direct Investment Fund.4

"These guys had a vested personal and ideological interest in smearing Trump and boosting Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.”

Kasich's website hacked to show ISIS propaganda

House Dem: We need to figure out our leadership before 2018 elections

Red-state Dem: Senate GOP healthcare bill is "even worse" than House bill

Schumer: Senate Republicans only have 50/50 shot of passing healthcare bill

Inevitable shift of blame from Trump to Obama Administration - that allegedly saw so called Russian Hacking and did nothing to stop it.

Conway: Trump is confident Senate Republicans will pass ObamaCare repeal despite opposition

Trump in statement says US "strongly condemns the terrorist attacks in Parachinar and Quetta on Friday."

But, Conway said, WH is paying close attention to these last Supreme Court decisions, and hopes Ds will vote for next Supreme Court nominee.

Price claims GOP ObamaCare repeal bill will "absolutely bring premiums down"

GOP ObamaCare repeal bill could send insurance markets into "death spiral"

Right. Trump admits he called GOP health care bill "mean." (Spicer had declined to confirm news reports on what Trump had said privately.)

Trump redirects collusion finger-pointing, says Clinton colluded against "crazy" Sanders in 2016 race.

Russia is reportedly recalling its ambassador at the center of collusion allegations against the Trump campaign

California single payer is dead….for the time being

Sen. Schumer referred to the Senate health bill as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” following its unveiling Thursday

OPINION | Campaigning for president, it turns out, is more fun than being president

“My decision to stay is not up to them,” House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said of her critics

Dems to leadership: Our voters don't care about Russia investigation

Odds & Ends...

Veneto Banks ....

2 Italian banks fail but bail-in rules changed to protect sen bondholders from losses. Who are the sen bondholders?

EU bank rules not worth paper. EU allows 's use of taxpayer cash to wind down banks as debt already at record.

EUC approves aid for market exit..

Just WOW ! How the heck can the ECB and/ or EU just bless this crap ?

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The government and the Bank of Italy have relentlessly opposed 'bail in'. This is the price Italians pay for their preference for bail outs.

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I hope it will be abundantly clear this is no Santander/Popular. Santander will raise €7bn in new capital, Italians may pay up to €17bn.

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There are questions for the EU too: what's left of the banking union/BRRD? What credibility does the SRB have? How is this State aid lawful?

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For the centre-left Italian govt: bondholders are much wealthier than the average citizen - is it worth spending up to €17bn to help them?

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I also have doubts about the political calculations.Italians have been against bail in but are we sure they want a €5.2bn subsidy to Intesa?


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1- North of Raqqa, I met Lebanese wife of Tunisian ISIS fighter. Tried to flee Raqqa to Turkey. Caught by Kurds. Now in refugee camp.

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2- Give me a sec and I'll explain in English in couple of tweets what the Lebanese wife of the Tunisian ISIS fighter told me.

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New on MoA: Syria - The U.S. Concedes Defeat Of Its South-East Syria Plans

Al-Sukhna & the T2 expected 2be the next biggest defeat in the coming days (this coming week). 2000 fresh men injected on this front.

Syria's more confident Assad gives Eid prayers in Hama

has repelled latest insurgent offensive in Gov. despite /i CAS and recaptured areas lost yesterday.

NEW MAP: + allies took control of 85 km of - border, entered province and almost reached T2 Pumping Station.


"If Baghdadi is dead, next IS leader likely to be Saddam-era officer". There's like a trend here ...

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Food delivery in old for soldiers on the frontline

June 24, forces conducted 37 strikes consisting of 79 engagements against in & . MORE:

Releases Pictures Showing Its Snipers Near & Oilfields In .

BREAKING: A suicide bomber detonated himself in the middle of a meeting between high-ranking Da'ish commanders in Al-Qa'im, western .

Map update of Old city, forces have been evacuating thousands of civilians and defusing booby-traps the last 2 days.


UAE deputy Chief of Staff and accompanying military delegation visit E & meet with Haftar & LNA commanders.

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وصول نائب رئيس أركان القوات المسلحة الإماراتية الفريق ركن عيسى سيف المزروعي إلى مقر القيادة العامة للجيش الليبي بالرجمة شرقي ليبيا
Translated from Arabic by 
Arrival of the Deputy armed forces Chief Lieutenant corner Essa Saif Al mazrouei to Libyan army headquarters in Eastern Libya heap

Ageilah Saleh congratulates Libyans on , says determined to reach national consensus

Fayez Serraj congratulates Libyans on occasion of , wishes for peace & stability in the country.

Pres. Council: 3 day holiday on the occasion of

denies LNA Spox accusations that it supports terrorism in

The Times: Employee at the Embassy in London is a know terrorist and leader in Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

Revenge suspected in Tripoli murder of colonel and daughter in Tripoli -

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