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Economic News , Data & Views....June 2 ,2017.....Quick Hits For Friday -1) Markets : Coming Attractions For Week Of June 5-9 , 2017 ; US Stock Indexes Hit Another Round Of New Record Highs ; Gold & Safer Sovereign Debt Include US Treasuries Shine Today , While US Crude Continues Wallowing In Its Relative Weakness ; NFP Disappoint For May & Prior Two Months Have Negative Restatements ; Fed Still On For June , But That's When Things Get Tricky ; Divergent Bitcoin News From Australia & Russia Could Move Bitcoin Price Depending On What Traders Focus Upon. 2) US Politics : US Withdrawal From Paris Accord Items ; Comey Testimony MAY Be Blocked By POTUS Asserting Executive Privilege ; North Korea Hit With Fresh US Sanctions Over Nuclear Program ; Russia Probe News ; Swampland Round Up. 3) Europe In Focus : France Political Developments - Home & Abroad ; Markets & Economic Data On Friday For Europe ; UK - Six Days Left To General Election 2017 , Political News For Friday ; Europe "Catch-All " For Friday . 4) Odds & Ends : GCC Crisis Between Qatar & UAE/ KSA/Bahrain Explained ; Syria Updates ; Libya State Of Play - Battlefield Update ; Philippines Terror Watch Manila & Marawi City In Focus.


Great overview for coming events for June 5th through June 9th !

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Bonds didn't shrug off the data though...

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More of the same...

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Another record close for the major US indices

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ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Dollar drops after weak jobs report

Fed silence screams that a rate hike is coming June 14

Atlanta Fed GDPNow Q2 forecast cut to 3.4% from 4.0%

US 10-Year and 30-Year yields move down to their lowest levels since the election.

US Aggregate Bonds hitting a 7-month high.

Gold and the Dollar Index crossing paths, with Gold now outperforming since the election & Dollar at a 7-month low.

Full time jobs take a big hit..

Le Boom...!

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Australia has removed taxation on Bitcoin and will allow the currency to be used just as cash.

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Russia looking to regulate bitcoin

US Politics ....

Dems furious at Clinton for blaming election loss on DNC: It's "f--king bullsh-t"

JUST IN: House Intel Committee made unmasking requests before Nunes called them abuse of power

Manafort case part of Special Counsel's portfolio...

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I'm waiting for near junk bond status State of Illinois to repeat this mantra...

China's officials really should be the last to be "wailing" about Trump pulling out the US from Paris Accord...

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White House reviewing whether to use executive privilege, limited right to withhold info, to block Comey's testimony

Trump would be taking a risk asserting Executive Privilege in this instance , but he's a risk taker.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt says “the world applauded when we joined Paris” because knew it was going to put US at economic disadvantage.

. says many worry Pruitt/Trump are "putting their head in the sand" over climate science. Pruitt: "There is no evidence of that."

Der Spiegel takes another shot at POTUS...

Bucking Trump, some cities, states, and companies commit to Paris accord

Keep your eyes on this aspect -I have suspected very fertile field for a probe to plow...

Some in Congress may be unhappy to hear White House saying this is going to happen, no matter what.

We will release tax plan when there's consensus, Gary Cohn on . "Working as hard as we can to get tax reform done this year."



'Make our planet great again': Macron leads Trump trolling after Paris climate deal withdrawal

Canada's Trudeau & France's Macron strengthen bromance & pledge to implement without US 🇨🇦 🇫🇷

Macron is happily shwacking Trump to get a massive majority he needs in the National Assembly. De Gaulle and Mitterrand would approve

hosts : Is it back to realpolitik? Analyst Remi Piet writes:

New poll gives Macron's party 395-425 seats in French National Assembly. Landslide territory, given absolute majority is 289.

Europe Market News &  Economic Data ...

German stocks lead Europe to strong weekly finish

Greece GDP Q/Q Q1 F: 0.40% (est -0.10%; prev -0.10%) -GDP NSA M/M Q1 F: 0.40% (prev -0.50%) -GDP NSA Y/Y Q1 F: 0.80% (prev -0.30%)

Eurozone PPI M/M Apr: 0.00% (est 0.20%; prev -0.30%) -PPI Y/Y Apr: 4.30% (est 4.50%; prev 3.90%)

Spain Unemployment M/M May: -111.9 (est -110K; prev -129.3K)


UK PM May: Good Brexit Trade Deal Would Benefit Other EU Members - RTRS

[RTRS] UK PM May: Confident UK Can Get A Good Deal In Brexit Negotiations -Must Be Prepared To Stand Up For Britain

I'm sure that UK voters can't wait for the campaign to be over..

Jeremy Corbyn approval ratings rise as Theresa May's popularity hits record low

Ashcroft Electoral Model Suggests UK PM May Will Win A Majority 60 Seats UK Election - RTRS

The Ashcroft Model’s central estimate is a 60 Con maj, but it depends who votes. If turnout matches 2015, it’s 78.


PM May denying this as speculation , but....

UK Markit/CIPS UK Construction PMI May: 56.0 (est 52.6; prev 53.1)

Europe Catch-All ....

Union of Greek Shipowners rips Schauble's criticism as a very political attack.


says Greece’s creditors can restore debt sustainability, limiting GFN to 20.9% of GDP in 2060, by employing medium-term debt measures

ZDF Politbarometer Poll: Germany’s Merkel’s Conservatives On 39%, Social Democrats 25%

Odds & Ends....

GCC crisis...

UAE Minister of State Gargash says GCC faces major crisis , due to Qatar seemingly opening up to Iran. 1


Latest estimate says US-led Coalition killed more civilians in Syria in May than either Islamic State, or Russia/Assad regime combined

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bombed Kataeb Imam-Ali and bombed "Usus al-Sharkiya": all around al-Tanaf

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allies r 10s of thousands, manoeuvring on 4 fronts while allies in the steeple & Tanaf r few thousands

"The US does not want ISIS in Deir Ezzor to be defeated by anyone but themselves—certainly not by Tehran’s allies."


Acc to Jufra airbase is currently under siege by LNA Zawiyah martyrs brigade

Devil in the details of what the terms are...

LNA not buying into 7 military zone plan of PC. What a shocker ! Sarcasm off...

Replying to 
With fall of Jufrah region, LNA will secure control over vast majority of oil and gas fields that compose of cca 90 prc of Libya revenue.

Reportedly, after Waddan, LNA takes control of both Sukhna and Hun towns as well. Jufra airbase still in SDB hands

LNA forces are surrounding airbase where BDB & their allies are stationed. Development follows intense air strikes campaign.

Civilians in keep away from locations or Vehicles ,Our Air Force will target any Location that we confirm terrorists presence

Chadian forces involved in clash vs LNA at Waddan..

10 strikes in Al Jufrah region TH night. Local forces aligned w/ Al Bonyan Al Marsoos targeted in Hun & Sawkna.

residents denounce Egyptian airstrikes on their city


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- Death toll rises to 38 (37 + attacker). Police now say they have no 2nd person of interest, because the car they

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- identified did not belong to the attacker in the end. Police still claim the attack on Resorts World was no terrorism

- Gun battle between army and earlier today. 1 soldier of the 41st Infantry Battalion killed.

ISIS formally claims Resorts World Manila attack...thread in progress from Rukmini.....

8. The Nashir claim names the alleged attacker as having the kunya Abu al-Khair al-Arkhabili

10. 's Scott Stewart explains the meaning of the nom de guerre cited in the ISIS claim:

1) Breaking: ISIS' Amaq claimed attack @ Resort World , was carried out by fighters according to its source

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2) Amaq claim not surprising: Since shooting began yesterday operative in claimed ISIS fighter was behind attack

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3) 2nd claim, 8h ago, named attacker "AbuKhair alLuzonee"who aimed to burn the casino inside, as it's the"main cause of HARAM in the region"

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4)Breaking: published official claim on casino attack, stated: attacker Abu'l Kheir Al Arkhebieli killied/wounded about 100

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- The statement comes from the same guy reporting from . His info there proved to be true.

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