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Economic News , Data & Views.....June 17 , 2017......Quick Hits For Saturday -1) UK - Grenfell Tower Tragedy Updates Including PM May's Plan , Public Uproar Over Ignored Safety Concerns , Additional News Of Note ; EU-UK Talks Set To Begin Monday ; UK Political State Of Play. 2) US Politics - Russia Not At Retaliatory Sanction Stage Yet Over Recent US Sanctions ; Reactions To New Cuba Policy ; Updates On Russia & Mueller Probes ; Additional News Of Note. 3) Greece - Tsipras Attempts To Spin Eurogroup Deal As Great Success , But We Already Know A Fourth Bailout Is Coming in 2018 ; Additional Greece News Of Note. 4) Odds & Ends - ISIS/AQ , Syria , Iraq & Libya Updates.


Macron and other EU leaders have not given up on UK remaining in the EU...

Article 50 Talks set to begin Monday....

Earlier this morning near .

Plan outlined to address issues brought out into the light from the recent tragedy...

Met Police spokesman clarifies 58 figure: "at least 30 dead", the 58 is "58 missing presumed dead", including the 30 from yesterday.

JUST IN: 58 missing people in London fire are assumed dead, bringing death toll to 88, Met Police say

Queen reflects on ‘sombre national mood’ on official birthday:

PODCAST: We talk DUP, reshuffles and Tim Farron's exit, while gives us an expert's take on polls

Most EU countries would like to leave Customs Union and set their own trade policy; only UK can do so. The least contentious part of Brexit.

Prime Minister breaks promise to keep Grenfell Tower survivors in the area:

May Confirms UK Will Leave Customs Union By Hiring Top Trade Adviser:

Grenfell Tower protest spills over into the streets:


Four American troops killed in Afghan base

Putin: No "retaliatory actions" yet in response to new US sanctions

Trump lawyer hires his own lawyer

Republicans come out against Trump's reversal of Obama's Cuba policy:

Connecticut NBC station won't air Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones

Aides describe Trump yelling at TV sets over Russia probe: report

Ben Carson breaks with Trump: Give Mueller a chance in Russia probe

1 hour ago
NEW: Trump allies hit Mueller on relationship with Comey

Judiciary chair angers fellow Republicans with new Comey probe

Trump and Melania will make first trip to Camp David this weekend

Trump heads to Camp David tomorrow for Father's Day weekend.

Back in DC from Miami.

"My dear friend Steve Scalise took a bullet for all of us," Trump said in Miami.

US Chamber of Commerce on Trump Cuba stance: "Unfortunately today’s moves actually limit the possibility for positive change on the island."



1 hour ago
Tsipras tells Greeks “We got what we wanted, agreement to end supervision”

Government eager to reap dividends from Eurogroup deal

As last-minute Greek bailout deals go,this one wasn't the worst-dream team

Η μιλά αποκλειστικά στο κεντρικό δελτίο της
Translated from Greek by 
The speaks exclusively in central Bull


Nice thread on state of troubled Banks MPS and Veneto Bank , as well as their troubled rescues. 9 tweets in thread.

Wind-down of Veneto banks would cost other lenders 11 billion euros: sources

In which one reads of possible DTA benefits for banks willing to cooperate in the Veneto rescue mission

Economy Ministry working on a “voluntary” alliance to rescue struggling Veneto banks

Gulf Crisis Updates.....

council now condemning interference, plotting with Iran

: 's minister of economy says 71 planes of aid have been sent to since the Gulf diplomatic crisis.

Iranian Trade Official - Iran & Qatar agreement reached. Food, fruit and vegetables shipments have left Bushehr for Qatar.

Highlights - Protest outside UAE embassy in London , Turkey interventions , Qatar comments on current events , KSA grievance list & more !

'We do not trust them': UAE calls for western monitoring of Qatar

Who is this #‘Emir’ from heard against ?

1 hour ago
Qatar has rejected accusations of attempting to undermine security in the neighbouring Arab Gulf state of Bahrain

Qatar's Al Jazeera Twitter account back after suspension due to what the network called "an organised campaign"

Saudi-Qatar crisis puts Syria rebels in tricky position

Interesting podcast | In and Saudi Arabia’s fight, is the real winner

to We have boycotted over its support of terrorism

Saudi Arabia's FM says Gulf nations are drawing up a list of issues with Qatar which they will present to it soon

Exclusive: Recordings show , two-faced, conspiring against 's unified policy in

Crisis in Qatar sends cyber-security warning to rest of the world

Syria/ Iraq/ ISIS Al Qaeda....


Replying to 


Syrian regime declares 48-hour cease-fire in Daraa city

1 hour ago
Replying to 
DETAILS Daesh units were preparing to break through the defenses of the deployed in

SAA Tiger Forces now closer to Deir Ezzor than those at Arak axis

Replying to 
and 35 km(from Bir Jayf) to Mount Bishri which overlooks the western countryside of Deir ezzor

SAA Tiger Forces only 2 km away from Tabqa Airbase after recent advances against ISIS

Syrian Arab Army captured Abo Sanasel and Bir al-Amalah - 7km south of Tabqah Airbase Map:

| 'Tiger' forces captured a new batch of villages from in Raqqa province

| Fierce clashes between and rebels on the axis of ar-Rayhan and Hazrama

1 hour ago

| and allies captured Bi'r Hafnah, Sadd Arak and Tadmuriyah mountains

| SyAAF conducted airstrikes on in Salba, Qulayb al-Thawr, Abu Hubaylat, al-Tanahej, Jana al-Elbawi, Marina & Tabbaret al-Dibeh

| Syrian helicopters hit al-Abbasiyah district in Daraa


1 hour ago
Extremely fierce urban warfare in AlShafaa district west , forces will liberate it soon then an all out assault on the old city

White phosphorus used in Mosul and Raqqa - just might be the case ! Fwiw

1 hour ago
Iran's long game coming together, bit by bit

Counter-Terrorism Units commanders reviewing the battle plan for Old City which is due to start SOON.

MILESTONE joint operation announce Al Waleed crossing completely liberated & full control of the --Iraqi borderline.

This comes directly from a Coalition general. Iraq Forces said earlier that an investigation proved White Phosphorus was not used.

Iraq Displacement Min claimed 95% of east Mosul displaced returned but many actually displaced from WMosul

Protest in southern Iraq city of Basra. Building up over weeks, people want reliable electricity & water in summer. (Via various fb posts.)


EU Parliament President urges for building refugee camps in Libya

According to this, border crossing with Tunis being inspected for a possible return by US embassy staff (And a quick future escape?)

Libya: Once an Opportunity, Now Hell for Migrants - Asharq Al-awsat English

Replying to 
-first photos of the device in action (in ) applied more as (or in addition) a breaching tool rather than counter-explosives

's FM meets with , says no military solution to crisis.

Coast Guard intercepted 900 illegal migrants off the western coast on Friday

A driver was killed on Thursday when his fuel tanker overturned and exploded in Misrata

Bodies of illegal immigrants washed ashore in Al-Matrad town, western , on Friday.

Turkish Ambassador Announces the End of Libya's Electricity Crisis

The EU is getting more illegal migrants every year despite attempts at cutting flows to zero

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